s/v Dawn Treader

Our family of 5 moved from New Mexico onto the Dawn Treader (a Lagoon 450 sailing catamaran) in June 2016. Along with our German Shepherd, Nala, we explored amazing places in Florida and the Bahamas on this beautiful boat. She was sold in May 2018 to a lovely couple out of North Carolina. After their inaugural sail from Ft. Lauderdale to New Bern, North Carolina she was hit by Hurricane Florence. In June 2019, our family returned to the boat to crew for the new owners and get her sailing again. As a family we loved being back aboard the Dawn Treader (temporarily renamed s/v Colibri, but always "Dawn Treader" to us...) and were happy we could help. * For the next 8 months we shifted to full-time, family travel and worldschooling, enjoying trips to Europe, Puerto Rico and many US states (by land). Meanwhile, the new owners announced plans to sell s/v Colibri. So it was, in April 2020, as the world turned upside down due to Coronavirus, we bought back this beloved vessel and moved back onboard. She is once again called, s/v Dawn Treader. * Since we started in New Mexico we like to call ourselves, "New Mexi-Castaways." Follow along here, or consider joining the New Mexi-Castaways Crew on our website. That is where we share all the photos and videos from our adventures. * Thanks for checking out our boat page! May you all have fair winds and following seas in your own adventures, wherever they may take you!

s/v Dawn Treader's Blog

Hailing Port:  Tijeras, New Mexico

Captain: Rosa Linda Román

Destination:  Unknown

Distance to Destination:  1013 nm

s/v Dawn Treader traveled:  0nm in  20 days