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38º 19.032' N76º 27.018' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSolomon's Island, Maryland - October 2020 - After a few days of reconnecting with some favorite kid boats (s/v Sophie, s/v Gaia & s/v Mrs. Chippy) we made the tough decision to catch a weather window to head south to the Chesapeake instead of following our friends through Long Island Sound. The crossing took 2 1/2 days and was a mixed bag. One night was relatively calm but the other was rough. Our daughters, Ahava (15) and Ziva (13) were amazing as they did their first solo night watches. We were happy when we finally landed, first in Worton Creek, MD and then Chestertown where our friends, Amy & Brian Ferguson brought us our car (and helped me, Rosa Linda, celebrate my birthday)! The crew then split up as Samuel and I drove and Nathan and the girls sailed south to Solomon's. We are now securely at a marina, where the s/v Dawn Treader will remain for at least a month.5 months  agoShow

41º 38.016' N70º 54.048' Ws/v Dawn TreaderNew Bedford, Massachusetts - September 22, 2020 - Wowza that was a WILD ride! First let me say that we NEVER wanted to leave Maine. It was MAGNIFICENT! But Mother Nature always gets the last word and she said it was time to head south. We left Southwest Harbor, Maine at 9:15am Saturday morning for a 27 hour crossing to Cape Cod. It began smoothly, but turned into a tumultuous crossing overnight with 10+ foot waves that gave the Dawn Treader and her crew a beating. The bad news is that poor Ziva, Captain Nathan and our German Shepherd, Nala were all seasick. The good news is that our daughters, Ahava (15) and Ziva (13) had their first nightwatch ever. They did an amazing job and we couldn't be prouder! Now we have settled in to a protected mooring field for a few days to ride out the remnants of Hurricane Teddy. Next we will reunite with some of our favorite kid boats! Can't wait! 6 months  agoShow

44º 18.036' N68º 18.06' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSeptember 4 - 13, 2020 - Valley Cove, Somes Sound, Maine - This is one of our absolutely favorite spots. So many great memories here. During our unexpected summer in Maine, this has been our gathering place with many boats we love. s/v Serendipity, s/v Gaia, s/v Ventus, s/v Sophie, m/v Stella Luna, s/v Avanti, s/v Delos, s/v Jeleana, s/v Mrs. Chippy, s/v Mermaid Monster. So many great kid boats, so much fun! The hiking and holding are both excellent here. Plus we get great cell signals. Sadly, the weather is turning cold now and we will soon be heading south. But we will never forget the time we spent in Valley Cove with some of our favorite people.6 months  agoShow

43º 39.75' N70º 14.49' Ws/v Dawn TreaderJune 26 - 30, 2020 - Portland, Maine - Fore Points Marina: This is our first time in Maine by boat and our journey up from Isles of Shoals was mostly just dodging lobster and crab pots. It seems everyone that is from here thinks this is a totally normal thing, but we were surprised to find that they are EVERYWHERE! In the channels, way out in 200+ feet of water. Just everywhere. By the time we finally landed at Fore Points Marina we were wiped. But it proved to be a good spot for us to spend several days. Ahava, Nala and I (Rosa Linda) did a lot of jogging, Nathan bought a cool folding bike to get around town a little. Ultimately, when the head (toilet) broke, we rented a car to get supplies for Nathan to fix that and mail off our new spinnaker that sadly tore on one of our recent sails. Overall, Portland was a good place to re-provision and get some projects done around the Dawn Treader. 8 months  agoShow

42º 59.28' N70º 36.81' Ws/v Dawn TreaderJune 22 - 24, 2020 - Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire/Maine border. The s/v Dawn Treader left Gloucester, Massachusetts mid-day on the 22nd and had a mostly nice, but occasionally queasy, motor-sail (mostly motor) to Isles of Shoals. After the Gloucester mooring field beside a large, cold storage facility (and its constant compressor humming), it is blissfully quiet here. Next up, hoping to connect with some other kid boats in Maine.9 months  agoShow

38º 56.928' N74º 54.51' Ws/v Dawn TreaderMay 3 - 7, 2020 - Cape May, New Jersey10 months  agoShow

38º 56.946' N76º 33.264' Ws/v Dawn TreaderEdgewater, Maryland - March 1, 2020 - It has been a whirlwind lately but we are settled in for the next few weeks and trying to stay warm. After Europe we spent time in Puerto Rico, Chicago, Austin, Houston, Destin, Miami, West Palm Beach and Orlando (among other places). Ziva had her Bat Mitzvah in Rincon, Puerto Rico, surrounded by about 75 of our closest family and friends. It was incredibly special and we are grateful to all those that went out of their way to celebrate with us. Now the New Mexi-Castaways crew is back on the mainland, figuring out what our next chapter will bring. After visiting the Miami Boat Show, and enjoying some quick visits with loved ones in Florida, we gathered our scattered belongings in a little U-Haul and hit the road heading north. Now in the Annapolis area, we are awaiting word about the next chapter.about 1 year  agoShow

45º 26.706' N12º 20.004' Es/v Dawn TreaderVenice, Italy - October 21-25, 2019 - The whole New Mexi-Castaways Crew (minus Nala) flew from Glasgow, Scotland to Venice, Italy on Monday for a 5 day trip. The trip was planned by Ahava and Nathan and was a big surprise for Ziva and Samuel. When the destination was revealed at the Glasgow airport, you should've seen Ziva's face! She was so excited. (Actually you can see her reaction if you go to our Instagram page where I posted the video: @NewMexicast ) So far the trip has been quite an adventure. The setting (Venice) is beyond words; the colors, the sounds (the lack of traffic noise!), the colorful characters, the FOOD! But truth be told, the reality of full-time world traveling with a family of 5 is VERY different than traveling by a boat that also happens to be your home. This trip has felt like a proving ground of sorts for us as we learn to get along not only in close quarters, but while also on the move AND while dragging our very heavy luggage through not-so-accessible-but-lovely European cities (KonMari anyone?!). We are learning, together. Some days are better than others. But even on the bad days, we can't complain too much, because at least we always have gelato!over 1 year  agoShow

37º 38.586' N76º 34.272' Ws/v Dawn TreaderUrbanna Town Marina, Urbanna, Virginia - September 23, 2019 - After a whirlwind trip around the Northeastern US in our minivan, the kids and I (Rosa Linda) returned to the s/v Dawn Treader for one last night. It was a beautiful night with a wicked orange moon hanging low on the horizon across the quiet anchorage in front of the marina. Although I held out hope that it would not be our last night aboard, I had a constant, deep sadness that night with the feeling that it probably was. Later, as we traveled to my 30th High School Reunion in Miami we got the email from the new owner confirming my fears; they wanted the boat to be sailed up to Annapolis for the boat show a few weeks later. We felt bad that we couldn't help them move the boat, as we were about to fly to London for a month-long European tour. The owners seemed okay with our inability to help and eventually hired a captain to move her. The night we got that email, I cried over the news that we would not be returning to the boat upon our return from Europe. Over the past few months, there were a few, fleeting moments where it seemed like we might consider buying back the boat, but our finances just wouldn't allow for that at this time. So I am heartbroken to think that she will go on to a new home, but I also know that we will be okay as we move on to the next chapter. We will continue to be a full-time traveling family, just without a boat this time.over 1 year  agoShow

37º 14.178' N76º 30.228' Ws/v Dawn TreaderYorktown, Virginia - September 3, 2019 - After an emotionally draining weekend watching our beloved island of Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas and the rest of the exceptional Abacos get devastated by Hurricane Dorian, we moved the Dawn Treader from Salt Pond Marina in Hampton, Virginia to the Riverwalk Landing Marina in Yorktown, Virginia. We rented bikes and spent the day at the American Revolution Museum. We are super grateful to the Dawn Treader's new owners, Doug & Susan, for giving us the opportunity to give our kids this unique homeschooling (okay, boatschooling) experience of studying American History in the place where it happened. Next, we will move her further north and a bit more inland for some extra protection in this busy hurricane season.over 1 year  agoShow

35º 7.284' N76º 28.752' Ws/v Dawn TreaderNew Bern, North Carolina - The Dawn Treader's new owners sailed her from Lauderdale Marine Center in Ft. Lauderdale to New Bern, North Carolina. Sadly, shortly after they arrived the area got hit by Hurricane Florence. The Dawn Treader survived with minimal damage but the couple's land-based home was seriously damaged. This has prevented them from doing much sailing so far. Hopefully the Dawn Treader will sail again when things settle down sometime soon.almost 3 years  agoShow

25º 59.19' N80º 0.42' Ws/v Dawn TreaderAtlantic Ocean - April 9, 2018 - Both the Dawn Treader and her crew are on the move but, unfortunately, separately. After 4 months in the Bahamas the s/v Dawn Treader is about 10 miles from Florida thanks to Captains Verena Kellner and Mike Castle. They report an early morning calm crossing from Bimini. Meanwhile, her crew (at least the kids, Nala and Rosa Linda) got a fresh snowfall as we start our drive from Chicago to Austin this morning. Missing our boat life more than ever but glad to connect with family and friends. Sending love, fair winds and following seas to you all!almost 3 years  agoShow

23º 30.894' N75º 45.204' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGeorge Town, Exuma, Bahamas - Chat N Chil anchorage - March 12, 2018 - The Dawn Treader is off the Kevalli House mooring in Hole 3 for the first time in 2 months. Captains Verena Kellner & Mike Castle had their first time at the helm and did a great job getting us out of that tight spot. We are now anchored between Chat N Chil and Sand Dollar beach where I have been sorting stuff and prepping to leave the boat. Not sure if this will be the last time or not. For now I know I will leave her in their very capable hands, as Nala and I fly out today. Thanks for following our floating adventures!almost 3 years  agoShow

23º 31.524' N75º 45.51' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGeorge Town, Exuma, Bahamas - Hurricane Hole 3 (Kevalli House Mooring) - March 8, 2018 - Two months ago we were preparing to leave the Dawn Treader and our beloved dog Nala here in George Town while the crew flew to Puerto Rico for a family event. While we were gone Nala managed to run away from the family that was watching her and went on to a wild, well-loved adventure where she pretty much became the ambassador of Stocking Island. Now this First Mate (Rosa Linda) and Nala are back on board but only for a few more days as we prepare to move off the boat. I am sad about this, but grateful that she will be in the very capable hands of Captain Verena Kellner and her husband (who I met through WWS - Women Who Sail group). I will ask them to keep this ship's log updated on the Dawn Treader's position until they deliver her to Florida (where she will be sold). Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to say, "Hi!" I will be here until Sunday if anyone else wants to say goodbye to Nala or to me. Fair winds & following seas to you all! almost 3 years  agoShow

23º 31.23' N75º 45.252' Ws/v Dawn Treader(near) Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas - January 7, 2018 - The s/v Dawn Treader has moved onto a mooring near Kevalli House (in "Hole 3") in preparation for our crew's upcoming departure on flights to Puerto Rico. Super grateful for the amazing protection this spot offers as the weather has been quite nasty for the past few days.about 3 years  agoShow

23º 37.848' N75º 55.062' Ws/v Dawn TreaderEmerald Bay Marina - Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas - December 30, 2017 - And just like that everything changes. As we were exiting Elizabeth Harbor and heading out to sea in the direction of Puerto Rico we got an urgent call from our insurance company. They wanted to let us know they would NOT cover us in Turks & Caicos, the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico without further approval and because their offices are in London where it was already 5pm, and because it is a holiday weekend, the soonest they can do that would be Tuesday. By then we will have missed the weather window. So we pulled in to Emerald Bay Marina for the night to refuel and regroup. It is a very nice place with friendly people and FREE laundry. Miss Lauren and I stayed up until 3am washing EVERYTHING in the house. Thinking we might still set sail today we made a run to the grocery store to stock up a bit more, but it was 3 1/2 miles away so our plan to roller skate didn't get us very far. Eventually we paid a local guy to drive us there in the back of a pickup truck. With clean laundry, full cupboards and full fuel tanks we were all still hoping to go; hoping this was just a temporary detour. But after Nathan and I spent 8 hours exploring every possible option we finally came to accept the fact that we won't be able to sail to Puerto Rico this time around. Plane tickets have been purchased and arrangements have been made for the Dawn Treader to remain at Emerald Bay Marina for the month. We are still hopeful that we will get to make that crossing in the near future, but for now we will head to the Isla del Encanto by air. That's the liveaboard life... make plans and then learn to adjust when everything changes at the last minute.about 3 years  agoShow

23º 31.062' N75º 45.492' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGeorgetown, Exuma, Bahamas - December 29, 2017 - 11:00am - Well, it looks like the weather window has opened, so we are departing Georgetown. It was a great trip where we connected with great friends old and new. Ziva and Nathan played some serious volleyball at Chat N Chill everyday and we all loved our visits with s/v Rondo and other kid boats. A highlight was when Ahava surprised her favorite island friend, Samala, for Christmas. Next up we are going toward Long Island and then out to sea where we will be out of touch for at least 2 days, maybe more. If all goes as planned our next stop will be the Dominican Republic. Love and light to you all!about 3 years  agoShow

23º 31.068' N75º 45.498' Ws/v Dawn TreaderElizabeth Harbour, Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas - December 25, 2017 - We made it to Georgetown! After we anchored in this familiar spot the kids and I promptly paddled to Chat 'n' Chill to look around. Ziva was so excited to see the tree swing and volleyball courts. The daily "Cruiser's Net" alerted us of a Christmas potluck today and another kid boat (Rondo) has invited us to join the kids' table. Should be a great way to connect with other families with kids. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! We are sending lots of love and Holiday Greetings to all of our friends and family around the world from this lovely spot in paradise! Next up, big family discussions about Puerto Rico and "What's next?" (which was the Dawn Treader's former name).about 3 years  agoShow

23º 57.822' N76º 19.23' Ws/v Dawn TreaderFarmer's Cay, Exumas, Bahamas - December 24, 2017 - What a lovely anchorage we had last night. Ours was the only boat in sight and it was a clear, quiet night. What a difference from the drama we had the night before in Staniel Cay. We ate dinner at Ocean Cafe where the owner, Terry and his wife opened just for us. That was the best meal we have had so far this trip. If you go, they have a trading library, bring two to get one. Be sure to sign the guest book. It was fun to see when Miss Lauren had been here before with another boat she worked on. Now we are heading out to sea again, on our way to Georgetown. The winds have kicked up considerably, so we will see what kind of sail it will be for the 40 or so miles we have yet to go. Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who celebrates! about 3 years  agoShow

24º 10.548' N76º 26.688' Ws/v Dawn TreaderStaniel Cay, Exumas, Bahamas - December 23, 2017 - On a stress scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest, last night was at least an 8 or 9 in my book. We arrived Staniel Cay after a lovely sail from Highbourne Cay. First we stopped at Warderick Wells for a quick visit to the Exuma Land and Sea Park. There we were all delighted to meet another kid boat (s/v MarVyn) and most of the crew got a little time to snorkel. Then we headed to Staniel Cay without incident. Once here we tried to anchor to the west of Thunderbolt Grotto, which we knew didn't have the greatest holding as we anchored there last year. But after two attempts and too much anchor dragging we decided to abort that plan. We headed to the northeast side of the Grotto to one of the four moorings there. That is when we made the mistake that made for the most awful night. The mooring that was available was the one closest to the cut leading out to sea. When we landed it was lovely and we were able to pick it up without incident. But around 11:00 at night the tides shifted and we were alerted to a problem as Nala started barking like crazy because the boat behind us had swung within about 5 feet of our boat. That's when we inspected the lines attached to the morning ball and discovered that it was terribly twisted and it was wrenching the wire bridle down toward the water. What followed was 2 hours of the 3 adults wrestling with lines and hooks and the mooring ball to try to release the pressure without hurting ourselves or the boat any further. Long story short is that we were able to rig it enough to accomplish that mission, but it was definitely a restless night after that. Gratefully we ended our Staniel Cay experience with a delightful Christmas party for the kids at Staniel Cay Yacht Club complete with presents and a visit from Santa. Now we just fueled up and are heading out to sea. Our next stop will likely be Farmer's Cay and then on to Musha Cay (for the Mermaid Piano) and then Georgetown tomorrow. We will check in when we can. Happy Holidays to you all!about 3 years  agoShow

24º 42.972' N76º 49.872' Ws/v Dawn TreaderHighbourne Cay, Exumas, Bahamas - December 21, 2017 - Yesterday we had another full-day crossing, this time from Rock Sound, Eleuthera to Highbourne Cay, Exuma. The conditions made it a lovely crossing, but we are going on day 4 with an injured back for Captain Nathan so it wasn't so pleasant for him. He thought it was a pulled muscle from starting the dinghy (it is quite stubborn) back in Hope Town Harbor, but seems to have gotten progressively worse. The only time he finds any relief is when he is swimming. Because he has had total reconstructive back surgery, I am very concerned. If things don't improve we will have to alter our plans and find an airport to get him to a doctor. As for the rest of us, we are enjoying being back on the water. I have used two crossings, while we are able to make water, to 1. completely scrub the deck and 2. hose out the belly of the boat in an effort to get rid of a yucky sewage smell. I bet you thought it was all sunsets and margaritas out here, didn't you? Complaints aside, it really is so wonderful at this anchorage here in Highbourne Cay. We were here this time last year and we LOVE it! Pristine beach, lovely views in every angle and a BTC tower that allows for solid internet. Ahava has been getting her schoolwork done and everyone else has been downloading books and checking email this morning. Plans are to spend the afternoon kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling and searching for sand dollars. Maybe there will even be a bonfire on the beach tonight. We will stay here in Highbourne Cay one more night and then continue heading south. Sending Holiday cheer and sunshine to you all!about 3 years  agoShow

24º 51.528' N76º 9.42' Ws/v Dawn TreaderRock Sound, Eleuthera, Bahamas - December 20, 2017 - Over the past three days the s/v Dawn Treader went from Hope Town to a gorgeous remote anchorage at Iron Cay in the Abacos for one night (where I slept on deck under the stars). After that we made the crossing from the Abacos to Egg Island, Eleuthera and anchored off of Royale Island for a night. Yesterday we headed south for an all day sail to Rock Sound. As we approached the inlet another sailboat, "Soulshine" called on the radio, hoping to connect as they also have a kid on board. Unfortunately, as happens so often while cruising, our plans did not match and we weren't able to connect. Half our crew wanted to stay and go to the Ocean Hole - a delightful place where you jump off a cliff into the water - but there just wasn't enough time to do that and make the crossing to the Exumas and Highborne Cay before sunfall. So we spent the last night of Hanukkah in that beautiful harbor that was so familiar from this time last year, and the kids put their big Haunkkah presents to good use this morning (standup paddle boards for the girls, a computer for Samuel). We also got visits from the Hanukkah Mice and the Tooth Fairy (for Samuel) and we are all wondering how they found us and how they got to us away from land. But it's just a reminder that magic can happen wherever we are! Now we are back on the water, heading out to sea and on to the Exumas. about 3 years  agoShow

26º 32.262' N76º 57.6' Ws/v Dawn TreaderHope Town Harbor, Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas - December 15, 2017 - It always warms my heart to spend time in Hope Town. So nice to see friends we met back in 2009 when we first sailed here on our first boat (Hakuna Matata) and also reconnect with friends we met when we were here this time last year. Our timing for kid connections isn't ideal as everyone is still in school during the day and very busy with the annual Christmas play at night. (We went to the play last night and it was fantastic!) The family is already ready to move on and head toward the Exumas. I'm not sure if we will go today or later this weekend. For now I will just savor the sunrise over Hope Town Harbor and enjoy the silence as everyone else (except Nala) is still sleeping.about 3 years  agoShow

26º 46.932' N77º 20.202' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGreen Turtle Cay, Bahamas - December 10, 2017 - The s/v Dawn Treader remains at Green Turtle Club Marina as we await a weather window to make our way through the Whale Cay Cut. Knowing a friend lost her boat going through this cut year ago, we won't take any chances on this one. Right now it looks like Monday (tomorrow) may be an opportunity. Once through the Whale we will head to Hope Town where we intend to spend at least a few days reconnecting with beloved friends. Meanwhile, here in Green Turtle we have been making the most of our stay. Samuel reconnected with Danika, a little girl we met here last year who epitomizes an island child. She is joyous and runs free around here. For Samuel, after so many months of containment in a brick and mortar school, she is just what his spirit needed. Ziva has been delighted to put the free paddle boards to good use, paddling around the marina with Miss Lauren for hours each day. Ahava has used the time to work on Hanukkah presents and practice her readings for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah (in January in Puerto Rico). While we waited for the customs official to arrive Nathan was like the pied piper, throwing the football and hitting the volleyball with all the little kids that come through here. As for me (Rosa Linda) I was so glad to be able to do a little work both on the boat and on my various blog/vlog/audio journals as the wifi is pretty reliable here. After clearing customs in the afternoon (it took a while for the customs official to arrive) we got hit by a big rainstorm during which Nathan, Lauren and the kids drove to town in a golf cart and I took advantage of the free (freezing!) water to scrub the very dirty deck. Yes, we are crazy, but I love our particular brand of crazy! about 3 years  agoShow

26º 46.932' N77º 20.202' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGreen Turtle Cay - December 8, 2017 - We made it to Green Turtle Cay and got securely tucked into the marina even earlier than expected. Customs won't check us in until tomorrow morning. The wind allowed for a nice sail on the way here. We will stay put for the next few days at least as a blow moves through. Not interested in taking any chances with the Whale Cay cut even if I am eager to get to Hope Town and see some of my favorite people! Samuel wasted no time in making a friend and they ran around the docks. Ziva and Miss Lauren already enjoyed paddle boarding around the harbor. Dinner was at a roadside BBQ restaurant in New Plymouth thanks to the golf cart we rented. Now time to get some sleep!about 3 years  agoShow

27º 3.27' N78º 10.8' Ws/v Dawn TreaderLittle Sale Cay, Bahamas - December 7, 2017 - After leaving Riviera Beach Marina around 4:15am we made a lovely night crossing to Memory Rock, Bahamas. Captain Nathan did most of the night watch on the crossing so I could try to get a handle on the chaos inside the boat (last minute groceries, Costco supplies, etc. still needed to be put away). Eventually I took the helm and watched a majestic sunrise over the ocean while he caught a cat nap. By the time we arrived at Little Sale Cay around 6:30pm he and I were totally spent. Gratefully, Miss Lauren, our new Nanny got enough sleep to be functional and she handled the kids after we collapsed with exhaustion. It was such a lovely evening at that anchorage that Lauren and the girls spent the night on the trampoline under the stars. What a great start to this excellent adventure!about 3 years  agoShow

26º 47.052' N79º 57.75' Ws/v Dawn TreaderDecember 7, 2017, 5:53am - s/v Dawn Treader and her crew launched from Riviera Beach Marina around 415 this morning, heading toward Memory Rock in the Bahamas as our first stop. Our crew includes Captain (& Doctor) Nathan, our 3 kids and Lauren our new nanny. I (Rosa Linda) will do my best to share updates with everyone here on Farkwar and on my Facebook Page, New Mexicast. Excited to start this new adventure!about 3 years  agoShow

26º 48.552' N79º 59.61' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWest Palm Beach, Florida - September 1, 2017 - The Dawn Treader is back to her home base, likely for the next several months at least, as the captain is taking on new responsibilities with his job. Knowing we were staying in one place for a while, 2 of the 3 kids started in a brick and mortar school. Meanwhile, the 3rd kid started intensive gymnastics training and a new curriculum through the Florida Virtual School. While everyone settles into regular, land-based routines, the first mate (Rosa Linda) and salty dog (Nala) are both feeling a bit restless. Of course there are always boat projects to keep us busy!over 3 years  agoShow

27º 6.894' N80º 8.604' Ws/v Dawn TreaderPeck Lake (Stuart area) - August 19, 2017 - After a nice day on the water we made our way into the Saint Lucie inlet which was crazy-busy with fast moving fishing boats on the water. We stopped at Sailfish Marina for some fuel where we learned that there is a fishing tournament here this weekend. After refueling we made our way down through a beautiful, mangrove-lined, well-marked channel to this much quieter anchorage in Peck Lake. We are about to take the dinghy over to the Jupiter Inlet and then walk over to the Atlantic Ocean and the beach. So far the anchorage seems like a good choice. We won't know for sure until night falls and tides shift. You can hear audio of our trip on my anchor channel: over 3 years  agoShow

26º 48.552' N79º 59.61' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWest Palm Beach, Florida - August 19, 2017 - Heading out for a longer weekend sail up to Stuart, FL after the kids' new school gave them an unexpected day off Monday for the upcoming Eclipse. Feels great to be back on the water after lots of land-based travel this summer (mostly in a travel trailer through Arizona, California, Oregon & Washington). Started keeping an audio journal of our adventures. If anyone wants to listen that is at: over 3 years  agoShow

26º 46.356' N80º 2.04' Ws/v Dawn TreaderJuly 4, 2017 - Happy Independence Day everyone! A quick trip out on the water, now heading back through the Lake Worth Inlet to find a good anchorage for the amazing 4th on Flagler fireworks show tonight. If it is anything like last year it should be pretty spectacular!over 3 years  agoShow

26º 42.582' N80º 1.794' Ws/v Dawn TreaderMooring Ball - West of Breakers Hotel - West Palm Beach, Florida - May 11, 2017 - Fun day on the water. Still can't exactly call ourselves fishermen and women. We caught 3 trigger fish and one pregnant snapper. All were released and swam happily away. No fish for dinner tonight. We did have a successful day of Man Overboard Drills (well, really kid and dog overboard drills). Snorkeling was fun with colorful fish and a moray eel sighting. Mooring ball was well maintained.almost 4 years  agoShow

26º 45.954' N79º 59.694' Ws/v Dawn TreaderOffshore West Palm Beach, Florida - May 11, 2017 - It may be a cruise to nowhere, but I am so happy that the Dawn Treader is back on the water again this morning. We are trying desperately to catch a fish. Any fish. Our track record is awful, but we refuse to give up. Mostly it is our excuse to leave the marina for a few hours. Still in discussions about what we will do in the coming months, but it looks like we will probably be in West Palm Beach for at least a month while we do repairs and upgrades (new trampolines ordered, new head, jib repair, adding solar panels, installing Wirie Pro wifi booster, etc.). Staying in one place is good for our daughter's gymnastics training, but hard for this gypsy momma's restless spirit.almost 4 years  agoShow

26º 45.9' N80º 2.646' Ws/v Dawn TreaderLake Worth Inlet - Across from Peanut Island: April 9, 2017 - Arrived to the Lake Worth Inlet just before sunset and we are so happy to be at anchor in this protected harbor. What a harrowing crossing from Bimini to Florida! The waves were breaking over the bow like we were a tiny toy boat. We were grateful for the wind in our sails which allowed us to travel at 10-11 knots and get here a little faster. We chose to land here because we know it well. This is the same place we started from before we embarked on our Bahamian adventure 4 months ago. Honestly, the kids and I were a bit sad because it feels like we are giving up on this big dream before we really fully began. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the next wonderful chapter for the Dawn Treader. After we take some time to breathe and regroup we will probably start heading up the East Coast for the summer. Lots to ponder. But first a bit of stomach settling and chilling out.almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 43.56' N79º 17.712' Ws/v Dawn TreaderBimini, Bahamas - April 9, 2017 - Quick stop in Bimini for fuel after an all-nighter to get here. We were greeted by a pod of dolphins at the entrance to Bimini Harbor. Unfortunately the one fuel dock (Bimini Blue Water Resort) was getting refueled when we arrived and we couldn't risk waiting the 2 hours it would've taken for them to finish since the winds are currently pushing us westward. So we enjoyed some breakfast at Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina and handed in our immigration documents. Sad to leave our beloved Bahamas but I know we will be back soon. Now we are crossing our fingers that we have enough wind in the sails (plus the fuel we already have) to push us all the way to Florida. We'll check in when we arrive. Should take about 10 hours. Fingers crossed for fair winds and following seas!almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 37.368' N78º 35.646' Ws/v Dawn TreaderJust East of Mackie Shoal - April 8, 2017 - Between Chub Cay and Bimini. After a full day of motor-sailing from Nassau we tried to anchor at this location where we found four other sailboats already at anchor. The girls and I were excited to sleep on deck under a near-full moon and bright stars. Sadly, within about an hour of falling asleep the current shifted dramatically and things got seriously uncomfortable. Since Captain Nathan and I weren't sleeping anyway, we decided to just sail on in the middle of the night. I stayed on watch all the way to Bimini, he only caught about 4 hours total sleep. We are both bleary-eyed, but safely to Bimini. almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 21.672' N77º 55.02' Ws/v Dawn TreaderPassing Chub Cay: April 8, 2017 - So far the sail from Nassau has been a pleasant one most of the time. We got a little bit of wind to help us along for a few hours but now we are mostly motoring along at 6.5 knots. I am sad to miss the Berry Islands, but Captain Nathan is keen on making the most of these calm seas to get as far west as possible today. We will likely anchor out in the middle of nowhere tonight and then on to Bimini tomorrow.almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 4.644' N77º 19.71' Ws/v Dawn TreaderBay Street Marina, Nassau, Bahamas: April 8, 2017 - After a week here at Bay Street Marina the Dawn Treader is heading west today (in the general direction of Florida). This marina has been a great place for the kids and me (Rosa Linda) to use as a home base while our captain (Nathan) was back in the states for work. Here are a few thoughts from our stay here. The good: It has a free shuttle to Solomon's Fresh Market, which is a well-stocked grocery store. You can walk to Bay Street (the main Cruise Ship area shops) but it was a bit of a haul for the little ones and I wouldn't attempt it in the evening as you have to pass some questionable areas to get there. But there are plenty of cabs waiting to take you around town (but it wasn't cheap: a ride to the airport from here cost $50). Our favorite cab driver is Howard, who works out of Bay Street most days. He was gracious enough to drive us to and from my daughter's gymnastics training gym every night, and he always made sure we made it safely back to our boat. The kids also loved the little community room where wifi was free (albeit slow) and they have two computers and a TV available for their enjoyment. This was also a nice place to dinghy over to Atlantis from. It is also nice that there are two restaurants right at the marina: Green Parrot & Lucianos. The bad: Prepare to clean your boat! The soot from the nearby cruise ships and container ships left a constant layer of black residue all over our deck. Overall we were very happy here (but definitely ready to move on now). almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 5.244' N77º 13.308' Ws/v Dawn TreaderRose Island, Bahamas: March 30, 2017 - Not actually a trip on the Dawn Treader, but on a power boat owned by the wonderful Captain who helped me move the Dawn Treader from Atlantis Marina to Bay Street Marina. Captain Andy graciously took my family and my sister, Sara's family, to this pristine Bahamian island and a few nearby islands where we got to swim with Sea Turtles and see a stunning coral reef. If you are going to be in the Nassau area you should definitely take a side trip to Rose Island. It is just 3 miles east of Paradise Island.almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 4.644' N77º 19.71' Ws/v Dawn TreaderBay Street Marina, Nassau, Bahamas: March 30, 2017 - After 4 nights at Atlantis we got a captain to help move the Dawn Treader over to Bay Street Marina across Nassau Harbor. While Atlantis was fun with the waterslides and other activities with the kids, this is sooooo much better for us! Quieter, friendlier and just so much more liveaboard and kid friendly. Plus free wifi! almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 31.254' N75º 46.974' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSouth of Goat Cay - March 23, 2017: After 2 weeks at the same spot in Kidd's Cove we moved the Dawn Treader yesterday afternoon to the area just south of Goat Cay. We did this partially to receive our guests (a wonderful family of 5 that will be with us for 5 days) and partially to position ourselves for an early morning departure toward Musha Cay. It was a tearful goodbye for the kids at George Town Primary school where we made lots of friends.almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 30.312' N75º 45.786' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGeorge Town, Exumas, Bahamas: 3-7-2017 - Enough was enough! After three nights of taking a serious beating from the winds and waves at our anchorage off south Sand Dollar Beach we moved the Dawn Treader to a new spot in Kidd's Cove. We are still getting the howling winds, but now we are much closer to the entrance to Lake Victoria where the dinghy dock is. This is especially important because, in an unexpected (and delightful!) development, our 3 kids started school at the George Town Primary School last week. A nicer bunch of people you will never meet. They have been welcomed with open arms and I am full of gratitude at the amazing cultural exchange that we are all receiving. Granted, we arrive at school soaking wet from the dinghy ride, but the kids seem to think that is no big deal. The only downside is being farther away and not having as much time to spend with our favorite cruising families. Update: 3-14-2017 - Still in the same spot a week later. This proved to be a good move for us as everyone has to pass this way on the way into town. Many of our favorite kid boats have left now (s/v Baila, s/v Mariposa, s/v Robin, s/v Allegro... just to name a few!) but the nice thing about George Town is that there are always new boats coming through and we have already made some new friends to ease the heartache of saying goodbye. This is also my first serious stretch at anchor by myself as my sweetheart flew back to the US for work. Learning a ton (like, dinghy motors break when you need them most...) and filled with immense gratitude for this community (both Cruising and Land-based Bahamians) who are always willing to lend a hand. If you are reading this, wondering if you should stop in George Town while cruising the answer is a resounding YES!almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 16.428' N76º 32.268' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 194almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 16.608' N76º 32.106' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 193almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 5.466' N77º 21.372' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 158almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 5.73' N77º 19.062' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 157almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 4.434' N77º 16.926' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 156almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 5.694' N77º 17.862' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 155almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 5.4' N77º 17.49' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 154almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 5.082' N77º 17.37' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 153almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 4.83' N77º 17.292' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 152almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 4.728' N77º 17.268' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 151almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 4.608' N77º 17.19' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 150almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 3.588' N77º 15.702' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 148almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 2.958' N77º 14.628' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 147almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 1.872' N77º 14.742' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 146almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 45.534' N76º 55.266' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 145almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 44.67' N76º 51.69' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 142almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 44.598' N76º 50.748' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 141almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 44.334' N76º 50.73' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 140almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 44.136' N76º 50.742' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 139almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 42.426' N76º 49.5' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 122almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 42.42' N76º 49.428' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 121almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 42.384' N76º 49.35' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 120almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 42.276' N76º 49.266' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 119almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 42.18' N76º 49.176' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 118almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 42.042' N76º 49.002' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 117almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 42.03' N76º 48.834' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 116almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 42.012' N76º 48.492' Ws/v Dawn TreaderHIBORNEalmost 4 years  agoShow

24º 50.25' N76º 21.096' Ws/v Dawn TreaderPOWELL PTalmost 4 years  agoShow

24º 51.606' N76º 20.496' Ws/v Dawn TreaderDAVIS CHANalmost 4 years  agoShow

24º 52.8' N76º 15.996' Ws/v Dawn TreaderKEMPS POINTalmost 4 years  agoShow

24º 50.4' N76º 11.496' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSOUND POINTalmost 4 years  agoShow

24º 54.354' N76º 14.55' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 105almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 20.694' N76º 29.844' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 103almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 22.638' N76º 32.616' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 102almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 23.634' N76º 34.182' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 101almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 24.186' N76º 34.962' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 100almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 24.528' N76º 35.598' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 99almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 25.992' N76º 36.576' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 98almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 26.04' N76º 38.022' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 97almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 26.094' N76º 40.128' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 96almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 20.376' N76º 30.162' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 94almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 23.376' N76º 45.81' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 93almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 23.73' N76º 46.164' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 92almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 23.628' N76º 45.906' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 91almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 23.832' N76º 46.356' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 90almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 29.298' N76º 53.268' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 89almost 4 years  agoShow

26º 23.208' N76º 57.618' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 50almost 4 years  agoShow

26º 23.352' N76º 58.2' Ws/v Dawn TreaderNBAR ATLANTICalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 20.22' N76º 59.64' Ws/v Dawn TreaderTOM CURRYalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 22.65' N76º 59.64' Ws/v Dawn TreaderLYNYARD CAYalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 23.622' N76º 59.19' Ws/v Dawn TreaderN BAR RNGalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 25.002' N76º 59.19' Ws/v Dawn TreaderPELCAYalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 25.44' N77º 0.21' Ws/v Dawn TreaderPELHBRalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 25.05' N77º 1.398' Ws/v Dawn TreaderIRNCAYalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 25.842' N77º 1.17' Ws/v Dawn TreaderTILLOOBNKalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 29.448' N76º 59.52' Ws/v Dawn TreaderTVRNalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 29.952' N76º 59.478' Ws/v Dawn TreaderLBRQTRalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 30.36' N76º 59.07' Ws/v Dawn TreaderBKRCKalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 32.682' N76º 57.762' Ws/v Dawn TreaderHOPETNalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 50.664' N77º 27.666' Ws/v Dawn TreaderBANKalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 45.954' N77º 20.88' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGTCalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 53.202' N77º 30.198' Ws/v Dawn TreaderCOOPERalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 55.812' N77º 34.86' Ws/v Dawn TreaderAFISHalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 56.274' N77º 37.002' Ws/v Dawn TreaderCRABCYalmost 4 years  agoShow

27º 0.996' N78º 1.05' Ws/v Dawn TreaderCRTBSWalmost 4 years  agoShow

27º 3.228' N78º 6.552' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSALRCKalmost 4 years  agoShow

27º 3.276' N78º 10.812' Ws/v Dawn TreaderLTLSALalmost 4 years  agoShow

23º 33.438' N75º 48.378' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 256almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 33.246' N75º 48.132' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 252almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 33.66' N75º 48.66' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGTAW2almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 34.302' N75º 48.498' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGTAW1almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 51.936' N76º 13.86' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 248almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 52.152' N76º 13.398' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 247almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 51.81' N76º 13.62' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 246almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 52.236' N76º 13.344' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 245almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 55.458' N76º 16.518' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 244almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 58.338' N76º 18.528' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 242almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 6.366' N76º 23.286' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 241almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 2.364' N76º 21.384' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 240almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 8.646' N76º 24.564' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 239almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 11.22' N76º 26.13' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 237almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 11.328' N76º 26.568' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 236almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 11.238' N76º 26.79' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 235almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 11.226' N76º 26.904' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 234almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 11.832' N76º 27.606' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 233almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 52.128' N76º 14.19' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 232almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 52.248' N76º 14.334' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 231almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 52.488' N76º 14.892' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 230almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 52.836' N76º 15.168' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 228almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 52.938' N76º 15.456' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 227almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 53.118' N76º 15.672' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 226almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 53.376' N76º 15.858' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 225almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 53.592' N76º 15.99' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 224almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 53.796' N76º 16.026' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 223almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 54.15' N76º 16.56' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 222almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 53.85' N76º 16.098' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 221almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 54.438' N76º 16.944' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 220almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 55.38' N76º 17.58' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 219almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 54.834' N76º 16.986' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 218almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 55.494' N76º 18.06' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 217almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 55.512' N76º 17.742' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 216almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 55.548' N76º 19.464' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 215almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 55.44' N76º 18.936' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 214almost 4 years  agoShow

23º 59.016' N76º 22.638' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 211almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 9.228' N76º 30.228' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 209almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 10.386' N76º 27.33' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSTAN SOUTHalmost 4 years  agoShow

23º 52.158' N76º 14.154' Ws/v Dawn TreaderMERMAIDalmost 4 years  agoShow

24º 31.716' N76º 47.982' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 206almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 11.028' N76º 27.978' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSTANLEY CAYalmost 4 years  agoShow

24º 10.818' N76º 29.244' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 202almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 14.016' N76º 33.276' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 200almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 15.714' N76º 33.936' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 199almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 16.458' N76º 32.64' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 198almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 16.56' N76º 32.304' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 197almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 16.596' N76º 32.202' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 196almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 16.548' N76º 32.172' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 195almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 16.8' N76º 32.196' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 192almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 17.04' N76º 32.592' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 191almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 16.962' N76º 32.376' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 186almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 17.016' N76º 32.904' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 185almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 20.298' N76º 40.566' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 184almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 16.674' N76º 35.838' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 183almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 22.878' N76º 43.968' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 182almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 25.782' N76º 46.944' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 181almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 30.06' N76º 49.236' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 180almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 30.978' N76º 49.374' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 179almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 31.824' N76º 48.87' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 178almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 32.892' N76º 47.424' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 174almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 32.856' N76º 47.556' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 173almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 32.886' N76º 47.778' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 172almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 32.814' N76º 47.922' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 171almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 32.592' N76º 47.958' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 170almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 32.442' N76º 48.084' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 169almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 32.256' N76º 48.246' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 168almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 39.738' N76º 52.974' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 167almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 45.912' N76º 57.894' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 166almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 48.738' N76º 59.976' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 165almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 53.982' N77º 4.23' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 164almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 32.838' N76º 47.88' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSHROUD CAYalmost 4 years  agoShow

24º 32.238' N76º 50.016' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 162almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 35.694' N76º 51.972' Ws/v Dawn TreaderNORMANS STKalmost 4 years  agoShow

24º 56.07' N77º 8.484' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 160almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 0.636' N77º 15.78' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 159almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 60.0' N77º 15.396' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 137almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 0.498' N77º 15.846' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 136almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 0.234' N77º 15.552' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 135almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 59.004' N77º 14.976' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 134almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 58.5' N77º 12.594' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 133almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 55.758' N77º 6.09' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 131almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 48.396' N76º 58.986' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 130almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 45.222' N76º 54.846' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 129almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 58.08' N77º 8.916' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 125almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 42.414' N76º 52.02' Ws/v Dawn TreaderHIGHBORN CAYalmost 4 years  agoShow

24º 52.626' N76º 15.72' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 114almost 4 years  agoShow

24º 51.294' N76º 9.9' Ws/v Dawn TreaderROCK SOUNDalmost 4 years  agoShow

25º 1.164' N76º 14.28' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWaypoint 104almost 4 years  agoShow

25º 24.324' N76º 48.006' Ws/v Dawn TreaderCRNT CUT SAFEalmost 4 years  agoShow

25º 27.39' N76º 51.738' Ws/v Dawn TreaderTO CURNT CUTalmost 4 years  agoShow

25º 27.648' N76º 53.4' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSW REEFalmost 4 years  agoShow

25º 30.0' N76º 54.498' Ws/v Dawn TreaderEGG ISLND ELUTHalmost 4 years  agoShow

25º 35.502' N76º 44.202' Ws/v Dawn TreaderELUTHRA NRTHalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 19.302' N76º 58.8' Ws/v Dawn TreaderLTL HBR OUTLETalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 29.598' N77º 1.398' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWITCH PTalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 30.702' N77º 2.748' Ws/v Dawn TreaderPEPPER CAYalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 32.352' N77º 2.502' Ws/v Dawn TreaderBOAT HBRalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 33.0' N76º 59.502' Ws/v Dawn TreaderPARROT CAYalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 32.592' N76º 57.852' Ws/v Dawn TreaderHOPETN DEEP 3almost 4 years  agoShow

26º 32.508' N76º 58.002' Ws/v Dawn TreaderHOPETN DEEP 2almost 4 years  agoShow

26º 32.802' N76º 58.392' Ws/v Dawn TreaderHOPETN DEEP 1almost 4 years  agoShow

26º 31.152' N76º 58.932' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWHTSDalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 38.802' N77º 8.352' Ws/v Dawn TreaderFOOTCYalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 41.1' N77º 10.002' Ws/v Dawn TreaderBKRBYalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 41.4' N77º 10.302' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSHPBNalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 41.838' N77º 11.742' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSHPRGalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 42.3' N77º 12.198' Ws/v Dawn TreaderLOGNWalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 43.35' N77º 14.298' Ws/v Dawn TreaderWHLCNalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 42.6' N77º 17.7' Ws/v Dawn TreaderCRSBAYalmost 4 years  agoShow

26º 43.098' N77º 19.2' Ws/v Dawn TreaderNNSHLalmost 4 years  agoShow

23º 30.498' N75º 44.382' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGeorgetown, Exumas, Bahamas: 3/6/2017 - We have been at what we hoped would be a calmer anchorage for 2 nights now as the area is hit by a pretty serious system of high winds and some torrential rains. According to a report on the "Cruiser's Net" (news and community announcements daily on VHF channel 72 at 8:00am), there have been sustained winds in the 40+ knot range. The accompanying waves have made things quite interesting around here. There have been several people calling out on VHF both nights to report boats dragging anchor. Before the Dawn Treader ended up in this spot we had to move 4 times to avoid ending up on top of other boats. Apparently this system will last for at least two more days. Gratefully there are 4 other boats with kids nearby and we have managed some trips to nearby Sand Dollar Beach and other social get-togethers to help everyone avoid the "cabin fever" that might otherwise set in.about 4 years  agoShow

23º 30.906' N75º 45.384' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGeorgetown, Exuma, Bahamas: 2/28/2017 - This will be our 4th day in Elizabeth Harbor. Just by happenstance we arrived in Georgetown at the start of the Annual Georgetown Cruising Regatta. This means there are lots of planned activities around town and hundreds of boats here right now (the official count was 307 yesterday). The bad news: We have not found many boats with kids (which, with 3 kids of our own is our top priority) and many of the activities are not kid-inclusive (as we learned during beach volleyball tryouts where poor Z was excluded due to age, despite the fact that she is a much better player than many people on the court), but we are still making the most of it. The good news: most people here are exceptionally friendly and helpful. Example, we announced our engine trouble on the "Cruiser's Net" (daily at 8:00am on VHF channel 72) and within moments we had several offers of help. So far we have spent most of our time at the "Chat & Chill" where there are tree swings and Volleyball courts.about 4 years  agoShow

23º 31.908' N75º 46.5' Ws/v Dawn TreaderGeorgetown, Exuma, Bahamas: We made it! Despite having lost an engine on the sail from Staniel Cay to Georgetown we managed to arrive safely at an anchorage just before sunset. The highlight as we approached the harbor was hearing the voices of two of our favorite fellow boats with kids respond to us on the radio. The kids are ready to see their friends. We are grateful to be safely to our destination. Now to slow down and take a breath before making any other decisions! about 4 years  agoShow

23º 43.602' N75º 59.652' Ws/v Dawn TreaderSquare Rock Cay: Uh oh! After a delightful, relaxed sail for the whole morning, an alarm suddenly started sounding. We had never heard this one before. It turned out to be an engine failing. Not sure what the cause is and there are no good anchorages we can tuck into easily from here. With a good wind in our sails we are going to try to make it as close to our destination (Georgetown, Bahamas) as possible. Nervous about navigating into a new location with just one engine late in the day.about 4 years  agoShow

23º 56.142' N76º 15.12' Ws/v Dawn TreaderBig Galliot Cay: Despite an on and off drizzle throughout the day, we are making great progress on our southward sail. We originally planned to go from Staniel Cay to Georgetown (Elizabeth Harbor) in two days but with the wind and the waves giving us a nice assist, solid cell service and the kids happily engaged in their schoolwork we decided to just push through toward our destination. about 4 years  agoShow

24º 10.734' N76º 25.812' Ws/v Dawn TreaderStaniel Cay: We just left our anchorage near North Gaulin Cay where we spent the last two nights riding out a storm. The anchorage held well despite crazy rain and wind. The Dawn Treader just left the Staniel Cay inlet and we are now out to sea, heading south. The goal is to get to Georgetown this weekend to meet up with other boats with kids! It has been a long stretch with just siblings to play with so the kids are ready! So far the seas are pretty calm and the winds are favorable.about 4 years  agoShow

24º 31.716' N76º 47.982' Ws/v Dawn TreaderShroud Cay (1st anchorage beside mooring field):about 4 years  agoShow

24º 32.892' N76º 47.424' Ws/v Dawn TreaderShroud Cay (2nd anchorage):about 4 years  agoShow

24º 16.428' N76º 32.268' Ws/v Dawn TreaderFowl Cay (aka Chicken Cay): While this anchorage was a bit rocky, and we were a little intimidated by all the warnings to not land on the private island (with an airplane visible right there beside the beach!) we were very glad we stopped here. Just a short dinghy ride from the anchorage is a spectacular coral reef and cave entrance called Rocky Dundas. Our 10 and 6 year olds snorkeled into the cave with us without a problem. It was so wonderful!about 4 years  agoShow

24º 10.548' N76º 26.91' Ws/v Dawn TreaderThe Dawn Treader arrived at Staniel Cay, Exuma, Bahamas on Monday, February 20, 2017. The sail from Rocky Dundas was pretty calm with favorable winds. This spot is unbelievable! We are anchored right in front of the Thunderball Grotto, which is an underwater cave that even our 6 year old can snorkel into. Today we go explore the island.about 4 years  agoShow

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