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54º 19.152' N130º 19.206' WQismatMade it to Prince Rupert! Last reprovisioning in Canada, we cross to alaska on Friday! 3 days  agoShow

53º 52.212' N130º 4.344' WQismatAlmost at Prince Rupert! Motoring, as usual3 days  agoShow

53º 26.832' N129º 27.354' WQismatSaw an adult humpback! Thought it was a log, but it moved. It was as big as a school bus. Saw its back, then it's fluke as it dove. 4 days  agoShow

53º 25.512' N129º 14.952' WQismatSafe and sound! Spent 5 days out of cell service. 4 days  agoShow

53º 28.152' N128º 50.172' WQismatWe've arrived at bishop bay hot springs! This place has been on my bucket list since we first started planning the trip. Spent 3 days here enjoying the hot water pools. 7 days  agoShow

53º 23.082' N128º 54.414' WQismat1132 hrs. This might be one of the coolest things we've seen so far. A baby humpback breached out of the water probably 30 times, without exaggeration. I took a bunch of photos you can see on my Instagram. Today has been wild. 7 days  agoShow

53º 20.202' N128º 53.964' WQismat1105 hrs. Yet more dolphins! 7 days  agoShow

53º 10.956' N128º 42.348' WQismat0856 hrs. Not long after the last ones, we had dolphins riding our bow wave! This is always an unreal experience. 7 days  agoShow

53º 9.672' N128º 38.646' WQismat0824 hrs. There were dolphins close enough for us to touch them! They didn't ride the bow but they were spitting distance. 7 days  agoShow

53º 5.442' N128º 31.218' WQismatAnchorage for the night. Leah caught the first fish of the trip. Disgusting little rock fish that looked like it shouldn't be put in your mouth8 days  agoShow

52º 31.182' N128º 27.936' WQismatOur first humpback spotting! 8 days  agoShow

52º 7.854' N128º 7.734' WQismatLeft Calvert island this morning at 0700. Spent a nice day on west beach, now motoring into shearwater near Bella Bella for a beer at the pub and a shower! Heading out tomorrow am to make for klemtu area. 9 days  agoShow

51º 39.264' N128º 7.836' WQismatAt hakai institute on Calvert island Eco research institute. No cell service. Sailed here from fury Island where we stayed last night. 12 degrees and rainy. Likely out of reception for a few days 12 days  agoShow

50º 52.122' N127º 29.952' WQismat0522 hrs. On the way again. Crossing over to fury Islands. Should take about 8 hrs. 6.6 kts sog. Light wind from west. 13 days  agoShow

50º 52.662' N127º 28.686' WQismatCoolest anchorage we've ever been. Had to cut through a 30 foot wide channel that was 300m long to get in here. It's blowing 39 knots outside the anchorsge and it's dead calm without the slightest breeze inside. Check Kyle's Instagram for pictures/video! Long day today, and we had a hell of a sail! Ricky absolutely hated it, the most panicked he'd been yet as we took 5 foot rollers on the beam. 16 days  agoShow

50º 50.34' N127º 27.144' WQismat1702 hrs. 35 kts wind SE. Headsil only. Sog 8.2 kts. Cog 348. Broad reach. Rolly as hell, but an awesome sail. 16 days  agoShow

50º 43.674' N127º 29.4' WQismatFueled up, filled the water tanks, got provisions and we're out! Heading out of Port Hardy in 30 kts of wind. Down winding it to wishart island for the night16 days  agoShow

50º 44.694' N127º 22.608' WQismatRicky peed on the boat for the first time! 1210 hrs 16 days  agoShow

50º 33.918' N126º 51.51' WQismat0908 hrs. Making some serious distance. Was planning on port McNeil but we will continue to port ahrdy today as we have 12 kts of wind behind us. Making 7.5 kts avg speed. Motor sailing. 16 days  agoShow

50º 31.59' N126º 18.654' WQismatAnchor up at 0540. Motoring heading west to Port McNeill for a repro vision and refueling. Apparently winds out of the SE today which would make for a good sail to our destination. Time will tell! Water is smooth like glass. Motoring at 6.2kts out of Port Harvey 16 days  agoShow

50º 33.39' N126º 16.212' WQismat1857 hrs, just dropped anchor in port Harvey. Pretty nice little harbour. Anchored in 52 of water, starting to rain. Can tell we're heading north! 17 days  agoShow

50º 28.962' N126º 9.342' WQismatLeaving port Neville to go with the currents to port Harvey. 2 hr trip. Will stay the night then leave at 0530 tomorrow morning to pearse islands or port McNeil17 days  agoShow

50º 33.516' N126º 14.904' WQismatStopped In port Neville. Westerly coming though Johnstone straight at 18-20 kts and the current was switching against us. Waiting it out for a nicer pass up the straight. In no hurry at all! 17 days  agoShow

50º 28.674' N125º 47.622' WQismatEarly morning today. Anchor up at 0455. En route to catch advantage of the tides Speed is 6.6 kts, Into 12 kts of wind. Sun's just coming out. 17 days  agoShow

50º 24.804' N125º 30.144' WQismatAnchored in the cordero Islands near blind channel. On the patio at blind channel resort enjoying a bottle of wine! 18 days  agoShow

50º 12.342' N125º 22.248' WQismatMade it through Seymour narrows. Racing the tide north before it switches, to our next anchorage. Sunny, 15 degrees, 10 kts of wind at 0 degrees. Speed 6.8kts. Cog 344.18 days  agoShow

50º 3.024' N125º 13.512' WQismatAnchor down. 0300 hrs. Bedtime. 18 days  agoShow

49º 48.714' N124º 57.504' WQismatJust got absolutely rocked by wash from a cruise ship heading to Juneau. Ricky panicked so hard. 19 days  agoShow

49º 38.982' N124º 44.556' WQismatEn route to Campbell River. A southeasterly blew I to tribune Bay so we hauled anchor and left. Should arrive approx 0130 tonight19 days  agoShow

49º 30.942' N124º 37.668' WQismatArrived at tribune Bay on Hornby Island. We anchored in little tribune Bay as dogs aren't allowed on the beach in big tribune bay21 days  agoShow

49º 21.516' N124º 28.656' WQismatEn route to Hornby Island, 6kts, motoring, no wind21 days  agoShow

49º 11.322' N123º 57.012' WQismat25 days  agoShow

48º 47.556' N123º 22.374' WQismatEn route to Wallace Island. Motoring, 9kts of wind at 30 degrees on the bow. Cog 33530 days  agoShow

48º 38.004' N123º 24.72' WQismatAnd we're off! Heading to Wallace island30 days  agoShow

48º 25.578' N123º 24.588' WQismat30 days  agoShow

48º 45.054' N123º 13.878' WQismatabout 1 month  agoShow

48º 41.16' N122º 57.024' WQismatJust arrived! about 1 month  agoShow

48º 38.094' N123º 5.958' WQismatChecked into the US of a, en route to suciaabout 1 month  agoShow

48º 38.556' N123º 20.106' WQismatArrived at Sidney spit, time for an anchor down beer and supperabout 1 month  agoShow

48º 24.39' N123º 18.924' WQismatabout 1 month  agoShow

48º 27.33' N123º 17.478' WQismatabout 1 month  agoShow

48º 25.302' N123º 22.182' WQismatVictoria Harbour3 months  agoShow

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