S.E. Asia 2015

Admirals: M Tucker Bradford

Boat NameCurrent PositionLast Report
Tortuguita4º 12.672' N,100º 36.108' Ewww.sailtortuguita.com - Returned to Pangkor Marina 3 days ago but slow getting the position reports done. Busy getting ready to haul out and put Tortuguita in storage until September. Heading to the US for the holidays the back here in January to work on things. Feb/Mar we will be backpackers and tour around. April will be at Pangkor and the summer in NJ for a September return to here. That's the plan anyway. Ya' never know. <BR/>
Peregrine39º 18.09' N,76º 11.196' Wat anchor. (preset message - sent from inReach)
Indra7º 11.832' N,125º 42.66' E At Holiday Ocean View Marina, Samal Island, Davao, Philippines for bottom work and upgrades.
Tiki5º 58.026' N,116º 3.492' E03/07/2016 Sutera Harbour Marina, Kota Kinabalu, BORNEO. Checked in to 5* luxury marina, first marina in many, many months and this one comes with at least 3 pools and a gym! Diving booked for tomorrow and a few repairs to the bowsprit need arranging. Have had some Farkwar update issues for a few months, hope this posts ok...