Pacific Puddle Jump 2017


Boat NameCurrent PositionLast Report
Begonia38º 57.486' N,76º 29.058' WFootprint Historic Report: Leave From PCI Dock (Annapolis) with our new boat!. At: 18:00(EST) 23-Mar-2007
Tumbleweed55º 20.64' N,131º 39.186' WWe are anchored off Port McNeill for the next couple of days before heading to the Broughton Islands.
SV Coastal Drifter27º 56.82' N,111º 5.52' W
Me Too20º 41.886' N,105º 17.67' WBanderas bay ,
Pino24º 9.36' N,110º 19.428' W
All Day37º 48.966' N,122º 25.458' W
Pakia tea11º 31.368' S,47º 22.2' E02.10.2015, 17:00 UTC: at anchor, Ile du Lys, Glorioso Islands
SV Slow Flight20º 44.832' N,105º 21.954' WAnchored out in La Cruz preparing to do the Pacific Puddle Jump 2017
Mysticeti20º 44.892' N,105º 22.722' WLa Cruz Marina. Planned departure April 5.
Aiki38º 6.978' N,121º 37.488' WOwl Harbor Marina Finalizing projects and getting ready to head to the Marquesas
Shindig19º 11.736' N,104º 40.956' WIn the Grand Bay Marina - Barra de Navidad
Pangaea19º 6.906' N,104º 23.628' W
SV Bella Sirena24º 9.354' N,110º 19.608' WMarina de La Paz MX, planning an early April depature date to the Marquesas Islands
Alo Alo6º 44.244' S,147º 0.432' EAt the Lae Yacht Club. Nice place, one of only three sailing yachts and the only one that can actually sail right now. Mostly a game fishing place!
Magic24º 18.042' N,110º 20.166' W
WIZ20º 44.898' N,105º 22.722' WAt La Cruz Marina, Preparing for Puddle Jump on window after mid-March!
Coco De Mer0º 57.492' S,90º 58.572' WWe are in Galapagos now, on our favorite island of Isabella, heading west toward Marquesas mid March 2017.
Bulbo Matto24º 10.968' N,110º 18.198' W
Ashika32º 43.5' N,117º 11.1' WAnchored in San Diego Bay.