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28º 21.252' N80º 43.266' WWind DancerAnchored tonight just south of Cocoa, Florida. A good run today down the ICW past Cape Canaveral. We will stay here for a day or two before continuing south. It's been cold for the past few days, but tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 70;s. Yay!1 day  agoShow

29º 45.15' N81º 15.0' WWind Dancer2 days  agoShow

29º 0.702' N80º 54.066' WWind DancerCurrently anchored for the night just off of the ICW in 8 feet of water. Nice and calm. Left St. Augustine this morning at 7:00 AM and got here at 5:00 PM. We went under several 65' clearance bridges ( we are 64' to the top of our radio antenna atop the mast ) and had to radio ahead to several shorter clearance draw bridges for the bridge to open as we approached. A nice sunny day, but cold in the cockpit. High temp was around 60 degrees.3 days  agoShow

29º 53.052' N81º 18.054' WWind DancerSailed south from Fernandina Beach and we are now at the Municipal Marina in St Augustine, Florida. We'll spend a few days here waiting for the next good weather window to continue south. Very nice city, great historic district with lots of museums and restaurants. Tricky tidal currents here in the marina. It took us two tries to get into our slip, but everything was OK in the end.8 days  agoShow

30º 35.1' N81º 21.9' WWind Dancer8 days  agoShow

30º 40.314' N81º 27.948' WWind DancerOops! Obvious error in the lat/lon or that last waypoint. When post a manual waypoint I can add notes, but putting in the Lat/Lon the way they want it is tricky!13 days  agoShow

32º 1.518' N81º 2.832' WWind Dancer2024-02-10 00:00:00 UTC: New Yanmar engine was successfully installed at Thunderbolt Marine, near Savannah, Georgia. Runs great! We have resumed making our way south along the Florida coast. No hurry, watching the weather fronts cycle through about weekly and picking the one or two days in the cycle when the wind is out of the north to continue our trip. Next stop Cape Canaveral, Florida. When we reach Fort Lauderdale we hope to have our wind indicator repaired and a few other modifications to our electronics done. From there we'll hop over to the Bahamas.13 days  agoShow

30º 40.314' N81º 27.948' WWind Dancer13 days  agoShow

30º 42.018' N81º 27.948' WWind Dancer13 days  agoShow

31º 48.648' N80º 55.302' WWind Dancer2023-12-09 00:00:00 UTC: Engine overheated off of the coast of Georgia. Spent two nights anchored on the continental shelf offshore. Today SeaTow pulled us in to Thunderbird Marina here near Savannah. On Monday a mechanic is coming to tell us how bad the engine problem is.3 months  agoShow

32º 1.524' N81º 2.85' WWind DancerTypo in That last position report! Hopefully this one looks better!3 months  agoShow

32º 10.734' N80º 44.586' WWind DancerThe boat was hauled today for bottom painting here at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. If all goes well, and the weather cooperates, we will depart next week - headed south for the Bahamas.3 months  agoShow

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