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35º 11.184' N25º 43.056' EPAOMIAWaiting for a weather window to start sailing north.about 6 years  agoShow

38º 42.798' N20º 42.558' EPAOMIANydri Marine Pontoon, Nidri, Lefkas. Depart today for Lefkada town quay.over 6 years  agoShow

38º 49.824' N20º 42.804' EPAOMIA16:30 Arrived in Lefkas Marina, traveled down from Aktio after launching WHUATI for the 2017 season. Thunderstorms, rain and 30-40 knot winds from the south.about 7 years  agoShow

38º 37.38' N20º 40.932' EPAOMIA04/10/2016 16:00 Arrived in Sivota from Nidri. Went via the fuel dock in Perigiali where we had to wait quite a while for the fuel guy to come down. We were side on to the arm but better to go stern to to the quay. Miss Molly had fun as all the chain dropped from their anchor as came off the windless. More stern to in front of the Family Cafe where Banjo moved over to create us a space.over 7 years  agoShow

38º 41.004' N20º 42.138' EPAOMIA03/10/2016 09:15 arrived in Vliho Bay, Lefkada from Gaios, Paxos 50.3nm. Had a good night sail down and really appreciated the new boys marking the channel from Lefkada. Anchored close to Miss Molly to transfer Josh and Carmel to their boat. POB: Jay, Hannah, Áine, Josh, Carmel, Colin, Angela.over 7 years  agoShow

38º 54.06' N20º 39.798' EPAOMIA03/10/2016 05:50 En route to Lefkada canal. Had some impressive thunderstorms and lightning with squalls, hail and rain.over 7 years  agoShow

39º 11.88' N20º 11.16' EPAOMIA2/10/2016 19:15 Arrived at Gaios, Paxos. Left Laka at 18:00 foe a meal in Gaios before night crossing to Nidri via the Lefkada canal. Aim was to make the 07:00 bridge. POB: Jay, Hannah, Áine, Josh, Carmel, Colin, Angela.over 7 years  agoShow

39º 14.316' N20º 7.896' EPAOMIA15:00 29/09/2016 Arrived at Lakka, Paxos and anchored in 3m of crystal clear blue water with long lines ashore to the rocks on the beach. Very beautiful location and a lovely village with shops and many tavernas.over 7 years  agoShow

39º 37.47' N19º 55.674' EPAOMIA13:33 27/09/2016 Arrived at Mandraki port, Corfu at sailing club. They wanted us to go Bowes to but got stern to on the pontoon opposite entrance. €32 euro per night, shower ok but poor internet. Plan to spend a couple of days on Corfu to look around, charming old town. Motor sailed as light following winds of around 4 knots.over 7 years  agoShow

39º 11.88' N20º 11.16' EPAOMIA16:00 26/09/2016 Arrived at Gaieos, Paxi. Moored stern to with anchor in 3.5m on the town quay. Lovely place and well sheltered but shallow in parts of the channel. Had a nice sail up in the morning from Preveza in 10-12 knots on the beam. Wind dropped so motor sailed last couple of hours.over 7 years  agoShow

38º 57.384' N20º 45.306' EPAOMIA21/09/2016 16:00 Arroved a Preveza and tied up on the town quay. Anchor did not bite first time so had to go out and reset, then it held well. An interesting trip up through the Lefkada cannal. Plan to spend a few days in the gulf. Preveza is a lively, pretty town, we really like the place. Weather a mixture of hot sunshine, overcast and thunderstorms.over 7 years  agoShow

38º 37.356' N20º 40.992' EPAOMIA15/09/2016 18:47. Had a long day racing in the Southern Ionian Regatta. Good start in light winds, then drifting in no wind for 2 hours. We had a clutch fail for the Genoa halyard and then when the wind did fill in at 16 knots we had to retire as our main sail tore! Sivota was packed with over 200 boats so anchored out in the bay. POB: Jay, Hannah, Áineover 7 years  agoShow

38º 39.72' N20º 47.946' EPAOMIA13:30. 15/09/2016. Overnight in Port Atheni ready for the Southern Ionian Regatta tomorrow. Race from south end of Meganissi straight south around Arkoudhion island and then north to Sivota bay. Course around 12nm. Winds NW 8knts gusting 15knts. Should have a good race but may need a reef if winds gain strength. POB: Jay, Hannah, Áineover 7 years  agoShow

38º 41.01' N20º 41.934' EPAOMIA04/09/2016 Back on the quay in Vliho after a month back in Ireland. Fitting yet more new electronics to the boat and sail repairs. Hope to be off sailing again by Monday over 7 years  agoShow

38º 34.104' N20º 54.66' EPAOMIA19/07/2016 Long sail today. Left Trizonia at 06:30 and arrived in Kastos at 20:30 and trip log of 76.3 nm. Looking good day especially the last 5 hours beating and taking upwind in 20 to 30 knot winds. Would have liked to have made Vliho but strong headwinds destroyed our VMG. Time for a cold beer.almost 8 years  agoShow

38º 22.11' N22º 4.608' EPAOMIA18/07/20169 Left Galaxidi and headed for Nafpaktos. Wind picked up to F7 so diverted to Trizonia. Lovely beach area with restaurants, bars and cafes in the bay. Really quite beautiful. We should have looked that side of the island last time we were here. Planning a 55 mile day tomorrow so off at 6:30am. POB: Jay, HAnnah and Áinealmost 8 years  agoShow

38º 22.608' N22º 23.268' EPAOMIA14/07/2016 Arrived Galaxidi what a beautiful little town quay. Nice new quay with water and power for low cost €5 per 3 days. €6 per night to use the quay. Went to Delphi well worth a visit, stunning views and interesting archeological site. Plan to stay for 2 nights but f7 winds so staying an extra night. Had to spring off when we left Trizonia as pinned to the wall bu 16-20 knts westerly. Great sail under Genoa with one reef to Galaxidi with running at 6-7 knts.almost 8 years  agoShow

38º 22.14' N22º 4.626' EPAOMIA13/07/2016 18:30 Arrived Trizonia harbour. Strong wind from the west and the harbour was quite full with all boats moored side to. We got on the quay but were blown on quite badly and Cest Ma Via got quite a bit of damage to the gel coat on the port side. Not enough fenders and they went in too fast. We got in ok but it was not easy. POB: Jay, Hannah, Áinealmost 8 years  agoShow

38º 23.556' N21º 49.74' EPAOMIA12/07/2016 Sailing through the Rio Bridge and onto Nafpaktos in a strong westerly. Not a once sail as wind on the bow and lumpy short waves, but interesting to go under the bridge. Nafpaktos is a very small but beautiful Venetian harbour. The city is wonderful and we had a good walk up to the castle and took the guided tour. Well worth doing! Still sailing with Cest Ma Via Jay, Hannah, Ainealmost 8 years  agoShow

38º 21.684' N21º 25.044' EPAOMIA11/07/2016. 16:45 Arrived at Mesolongi from Petalas Bay. Light winds motor sailing. Stopped for a swim and lunch. POB: Jay, Hannah and Ainealmost 8 years  agoShow

38º 24.006' N21º 6.516' EPAOMIA10/07/2016 15:45 Anchored in Petalas Bay. Had a good 32nm trip from Vliho. Light winds so on motor and some motor sailing. Traveling with Danny and Talia on Cest Ma Vie almost 8 years  agoShow

38º 40.974' N20º 41.928' EPAOMIA23/05/2016 11:00 Moved from out in the bay to Vliho quay to get fridge repaired. Plan to spend several days here to work on the boat as a few small jobs to do.almost 8 years  agoShow

38º 40.992' N20º 42.348' EPAOMIA22/05/2016 12:15 Arrived in Vliho, no space on the quay so out at anchor in the bay. Departed Sivota 10:15 with light winds NW so motored up the Meganisi straight. Calm sunny weather so tied alongside Miss Molly on her mooring. Hot and sunny weather improved greatly. Trip 9.8nm POB: Jay, Hannah and Àine almost 8 years  agoShow

38º 37.362' N20º 40.938' EPAOMIA19/05/2016 13:45 Arrived at Sivota, Lefkas. Weather overcast with rain showers and light winds. Motored up from Agia Efimia, Kefalonia until past north end of Ithaka Straits then motor and Genoa 6.8/7.2kts. Nice to be back in Sivota, moored stern too in front of Bakery cafe.about 8 years  agoShow

38º 18.18' N20º 36.054' EPAOMIA18/05/2016 13:30 Arrived at Agia Efimia, Kefalonia in strong winds. Moored stern to the quay with 40m of chain. 10:15 departed Vathi, Ithaka. Had a Neilson floatilla boat drop their anchor over our chain. We did a textbook release of their anchor. Sailed around the south end of Ithaka then WNW to Agia Efimia. Trip log: 17.5nm, STD log: 185.0nm, Total engine hours: 5071.5 Weather F3 NW becoming F5 WNW POB: Jay, Hannah & Áineabout 8 years  agoShow

38º 21.912' N20º 42.936' EPAOMIA16/5/2016 13:00 Arrived Vathi, I thaka. Moored stern to on far end SW quay. Holding good 30m chain out. 10:10 Departed Frikes wind WSW F0-F3, pressure 1002mb blown onto quay hard to get off. 10:40 full sails up and engine off. Great sail to Vathi in variable winds. 12:15 engine on and sails down. Motored into harbour. POB: Jay, Hannah & Áine Trip log: 8.3nm, STD log: 168.4, Total engine hours: 5067 about 8 years  agoShow

38º 27.558' N20º 39.888' EPAOMIA14/05/2016 15:00 Arrived Frikes, Ithaka, alongside on the harbour wall. Went from Nidri to Vliho to look at another boat. Departed Nidri 11:30 weather sunny but a little cooler. Winds light and variable from the south and southwest. Motored ll the way as winds light and when did fill in it was on the bow. Down the Lefkas strait then 180 degrees mag. Trip log: 15.5nm, STD log: 159.9nm, Total engine hours: 5065 POB: Jay, Hannah & Áineabout 8 years  agoShow

38º 42.078' N20º 42.552' EPAOMIA11/05/2016 12:40 Arrived in Nidri. Moored stern to on Nidri Marine pontoon. Electric & water. Departed Kalamos 09:30 round the north west end of Kalamos island then 280 degrees magnetic to Nidri, Tranquil Bay. Weather overcast with light westerly winds increasing and moving to south westerly. Trip log: 15.2nm, SDT log: 142.1nm, Total engine hours: 5061 POB: Jay, Hannah & Áine about 8 years  agoShow

38º 37.35' N20º 55.938' EPAOMIA10/05/2016 13:10 Arrived Kalamos harbour. Stern to on east wall on anchor with 35m chain out holding well. George took our lines and directed us onto the quay. Engine on at 12:00, departed Kastos 12:10. Motored over as short trip, total trip time 1 hour. Weather sunny with F3 to F4 southerly winds. Trip log: 4.2nm, STD log: 126.9nm, Total engine hours: 5058, Trip engine hours: 1 POB: Jay, Hannah & Áine about 8 years  agoShow

38º 34.104' N20º 54.75' EPAOMIA09/05/2016 13:15 Arrived at Kastos harbour. A beautiful little harbour but limited space. Moored stern to on the East mole with 28m chain out. Sailing most of the way on full sails in light NW winds. Fine sunny weather. Departed Kioni 09:20 Trip log: 14.4nm, STD log:122.7nm, Total engine hours:5057 POB: Jay, Hannah & Áineabout 8 years  agoShow

38º 26.976' N20º 41.466' EPAOMIA08/05/2016 14:57 Arrived at Kioni, Ithaka. Moored stern to on the east quay. Weather sunny with SW winds dropping and going to Easterlies. Departed Frikes 13:45 an motored round as only a short trip and wind on bow when left. Kioni is a delightful little village, quiet and beautiful. Trip log: 2.8nm / STD log: 108.2 Total engine hours: 5054 POB: Jay, Hannah & Áineabout 8 years  agoShow

38º 27.552' N20º 39.888' EPAOMIA07/05/2016 14:10 Arrived at Frikes harbour, tied up alongside the east mole. 2 sailing holidays flotilla boats rated to us. Departed Sivota at 11:38 light winds from the south so motored all the way as winds on the bow. Trip log: 10.5nm, STD log: 105.5nm Weather bright and sunny with light southerly winds, building to gusts of 12 plus knts in the late afternoon. POB: Jay, Hannah & Áine about 8 years  agoShow

38º 37.368' N20º 40.932' EPAOMIA04/05/2016 14:27 Arrived Sivota. Departed Porto Spilia 12:10 heading for Kioni. Thunderstorm came in with strong wind F5 to F6 and heavy rain. Wind instruments stopped working and lost depth for a while. Depth sounder may have lost data as +200m depth. Diverted to Sivota. Stern moored on town quay with anchor. 8m anchor depth put out 38m chain. POB: Jay, Hannah& Áineabout 8 years  agoShow

38º 39.708' N20º 45.564' EPAOMIA02/05/2016 14:05. Arrived Porto Spilia. Left Vliho Bay quay 11:45 en route to Kalamos. Winds built up to 12knts gusting up to18knts. Decided to divert to Porot Spilia, Spartochori. Arrived Ports Spilia 14:05 moored stern to on harbour with lazy-line. Nice sail on full sail but put in a ref later as wind got up. POB: Jay, Hannah & Áineabout 8 years  agoShow

38º 40.974' N20º 41.922' EPAOMIA27/04/2016 12:32 Arrived at Vliho Quay left Porto Spilia 10:45. Weather some cloud with light easterly winds 0 to 5 knots. Wind Southery on arrival 11knts. POB: Jay, Hannah and Áine about 8 years  agoShow

38º 39.714' N20º 45.576' EPAOMIA22/04/2016 13:33 Arrived in Porto Spilia, Spartochori, Meganisi. Left Nidri at 12.42 after delayed start due to repair on NMEA2000 cable to instruments. Beautiful bay, moored up alongside harbour wall on the outside. Some evening swell and quite a rocky night. POB: Jay, Hannah & Áine about 8 years  agoShow

38º 42.09' N20º 42.558' EPAOMIA19/04/2016 15:12 Arrived back on Nydri Marine pontoon. Left Palairos 12:30 to Nidri via a look in on Varko BayPOB: Jay, Hannah and Áine. about 8 years  agoShow

38º 46.86' N20º 52.71' EPAOMIA17/04/2016 12:42 Left Nidri Marine pontoon 11am arrived 12:42 Palairos. POB: Jay, Hannah, Áine about 8 years  agoShow

38º 42.09' N20º 42.558' EPAOMIA14/4/2016 19:02 Returned to the Nydri Marine pontoon.about 8 years  agoShow

38º 39.852' N20º 46.962' EPAOMIA13/4/2016 11.30 Stern moored in Little Vathi, Meganisi, Greece. Good practice stern mooring. Jay, Hannah, Áine and Chrisabout 8 years  agoShow

38º 41.01' N20º 41.922' EPAOMIA11am launched WHUATI for the first time. Motored down to Vliho quay and rafted alongside Miss Molly. All seacocks ok engineer enjoy ran well.about 8 years  agoShow

38º 41.472' N20º 41.964' EPAOMIA12/03/2016 On the hard in Vliho Boatyardabout 8 years  agoShow

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