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25º 54.09' S153º 1.596' ETomcatAnchored Tin Can Bay while we put ropes on our mooring and wait for a higher tide. All well.over 3 years  agoShow

25º 37.692' S152º 58.452' ETomcatBelated report. Rainy and wind on nose all the way. Staying for a few days to catch up with friends.over 3 years  agoShow

25º 23.502' S153º 1.452' ETomcatKingfisher Bay likely for a couple of days till SE winds lighten. All well.over 3 years  agoShow

25º 11.946' S153º 0.048' ETomcatFraser Island near Coongul Ck. Slow day, no winds. Saw a whale.over 3 years  agoShow

24º 46.704' S152º 23.106' ETomcatBundaberg. Heading home for repairs. Only port motor working and no reverse. Winds 0 to 30kn and big swells. Long day.over 3 years  agoShow

24º 0.672' S151º 44.238' ETomcatPancake Creek. Moved to outer anchorage for early morning start. Having motor trouble.over 3 years  agoShow

24º 2.13' S151º 44.34' ETomcatPancake Creek for a couple of days. Forecast 10-15 kn did not happen, so motored most of the way. All is well.over 3 years  agoShow

24º 9.09' S151º 52.794' ETomcatHad a lovely smooth sail along the coast and now in 1770. Quiet and beautiful here. Staying a few days till winds abate again. over 3 years  agoShow

24º 46.704' S152º 23.106' ETomcatGreat sail today along coast. Now in Bundaberg near sugar wharf. All well.over 3 years  agoShow

25º 10.854' S152º 36.732' ETomcatBurrum Heads. Winds on the nose so detoured. Lovely spot.over 3 years  agoShow

25º 10.854' S152º 36.732' ETomcatSafely anchored in Burrum Heads. Rough trip from bottom of Woody Is. with wind on the nose and rising. Most boats turned back before reaching fairway buoy, but with our shallow draft we headed for Burrum and had 1.6m over shallowest point 1 hour before low spring tide. Spending the next day or two here while waiting for favourable winds to go to Bundaberg.over 3 years  agoShow

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