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25º 25.8' N76º 36.0' WPurrfectGlass Window, Eleuthera - Another great sale. Watching the waves crash under the bridge is mesmerizing. Only here for one night, then on to Meeks and Spanish Wells! almost 5 years  agoShow

24º 52.302' N76º 9.9' WPurrfectRock Sound, Eleuthera - Great sale and we caught a ginormous Mahi. We'll be eating this fish for days! Hanging here for a few days until the wind fills in again.almost 5 years  agoShow

24º 6.102' N76º 24.102' WPurrfectBlack Point, Exumas - No coconut bread for us this time. Just an overnight then heading back to Eleuthera. almost 5 years  agoShow

23º 31.998' N75º 46.398' WPurrfectGeorge Town, Exumas - We're baaaaaack...again. :) We could have stayed in the Raggeds much longer, but Eric's parents are coming for a visit and don't's almost Family Island Regatta time! about 5 years  agoShow

22º 52.8' N75º 52.2' WPurrfectFlamingo Cay, Ragged Islands - Had a jarring swell at Water Cay, so we moved on down the island chain a bit and found this gem. This is one of our favorite spots in the Bahamas now! Soon much life in the water. It's what the Bahamas were meant to be.about 5 years  agoShow

23º 0.402' N75º 43.8' WPurrfectWater Cay, Ragged Islands -'s gorgeous here and we have the place to ourselves!about 5 years  agoShow

23º 21.498' N75º 8.022' WPurrfectThompson Bay, Exumas - Another place we love. Quite a few more boats here than last year. We plan to head to the Ragged Islands when we get a good weather window. It's pretty uninhabited down there and we don't want to be caught there in back weather.about 5 years  agoShow

23º 31.998' N75º 46.398' WPurrfectGeorge Town, Exumas - We're baaaaaack! Finally met up with the Mariposa crew and met some new kid boats. Eric called this place a 'black hole'. It sucks you in making it hard to leave. lol!about 5 years  agoShow

23º 45.702' N76º 5.202' WPurrfectLee Stocking, Exumas - The anchorage by the abandoned research center was pretty full, but we continued to the southern anchorage and enjoyed the tranquility. Gorgeous here. Notable - Eric finally made it back to the boat kite surfing!!!about 5 years  agoShow

23º 52.5' N76º 14.502' WPurrfectRudder Cay, Exumas - Boy's a bit shallow getting here, but we made it and we finally got to see the underwater mermaid/piano statue! So happy.about 5 years  agoShow

24º 11.298' N76º 27.702' WPurrfectBig Majors, Exumas - Ahhh...the beloved pig beach. Wasn't actually planning a stop here, but the wind shifted, and not in our we pulled in here and enjoyed seeing the pigs again.about 5 years  agoShow

24º 16.098' N76º 31.602' WPurrfectCompass Cay, Exumas - Made it through the park. Very small anchorage here, but we've got it to ourselves.about 5 years  agoShow

24º 28.998' N76º 46.302' WPurrfectHawksbill, Exumas - We were trying to jump over the park, but were beating into the waves again so made an unplanned stop in the park. Glad we did though! It's really nice here. Great body surfing on the ocean side. Lots of trails to hike. Only downside is you have to pay to anchor here, so as soon as the weather turns, we'll head further south.about 5 years  agoShow

24º 36.6' N76º 49.2' WPurrfectNorman's Cay, Exumas - Anchored just north of the Land and Sea Park. Gorgeous here too. Blowing a bit, so not able to snorkel the airplane around the corner. Maybe next time.about 5 years  agoShow

24º 43.5' N76º 49.5' WPurrfectHighborne Cay, Exumas - Great crossing. We love this hidden spot on the north side of the island. A few nurse sharks are our neighbors.about 5 years  agoShow

24º 52.302' N76º 10.002' WPurrfectRock Sound, Eleuthera - We finally made it! Great place to anchor. Protection almost from all directions. We'll get a good sleep tonight...until all the roosters wake us up in the a.m. about 5 years  agoShow

25º 19.902' N76º 25.998' WPurrfectRainbow Cay, Eleuthera - We tried going to Rock Sound, but ducked in here shortly after we left again because we were beating that darn uncomfortable southern swell. Turns out, when it blows hard from the East, there's a Southern swell around the entire island. Now we know. We'll try again soon.about 5 years  agoShow

25º 23.4' N76º 33.498' WPurrfectPitman Cove, Eleuthera - We were trying to go to Rock Sound, but ducked in here shortly after we left because we were beating into an uncomfortable southern swell. We'll try again another day.about 5 years  agoShow

25º 25.8' N76º 36.0' WPurrfectGlass Window, Eleuthera - So glad we were able to experience this awesome beach again, and for a longer amount of time this year! Visited the Queens Baths and the bridge again. A handful of cruisers here. Enjoyed a few beach BBQs. about 5 years  agoShow

25º 30.798' N76º 46.902' WPurrfectMeeks Patch, Eleuthera - One of our favorite spots in the Bahamas! They've added turkeys & ducks to their animal collection. Of course, they still have pigs too. A few kids boats here too!about 5 years  agoShow

25º 32.298' N76º 45.498' WPurrfectSpanish Wells, Eleuthera - Back to this great town! Came in on the north side and through the town, which was new. Love it here.about 5 years  agoShow

26º 21.3' N76º 58.998' WPurrfectLynyard Cay, Abacos - Back to this great spot. Lots of company. Everyone is prepping to cross to Eleuthera tomorrow.about 5 years  agoShow

26º 19.602' N77º 0.0' WPurrfectLittle Harbor, Abacos - Another weather event coming our way so we're tucked in here for a few days. Lots to explore! An old bronze foundry, an abandoned dilapidated lighthouse, a spooky cave, and LOTS of turtles! about 5 years  agoShow

26º 21.198' N76º 59.1' WPurrfectLynyrd Cay, Abacos - Loved the little cruisers beach. Walked to the other side (ocean looked angry) and found lots of sea glass and shells on the beach. Great spot!about 5 years  agoShow

26º 33.024' N77º 3.198' WPurrfectMarsh Harbour, Abacos - Expecting some more windy weather. Anchored in a great spot with great holding. Lots of boats anchored here. Hoping to explore the island during one of the lulls.over 5 years  agoShow

26º 46.806' N77º 20.244' WPurrfectGreen Turtle, Abacos - Finally checked in. On a mooring in White Sound. Expecting blowy gusty conditions for a few days. Friendly people here.over 5 years  agoShow

26º 59.202' N77º 41.082' WPurrfectAllen's Cay, Abacos - Beautiful here. Some great beaches and island trails. We've missed this. A bit of cell service too.over 5 years  agoShow

26º 59.046' N78º 12.96' WPurrfectGreat Sale Cay, Abacos - Great protected anchorage. Zero cell phone service. Glad we can check weather via SSB receiver.over 5 years  agoShow

26º 54.816' N78º 34.854' WPurrfectWe're in the Bahamas! We crossed to the Abacos this year. This anchorage feels like we're in the middle of nowhere...cause we are.over 5 years  agoShow

26º 45.516' N80º 2.742' WPurrfectPalm Beach, FL - We made it! We're here for a few weeks until we head to the Bahamas!over 5 years  agoShow

29º 54.06' N81º 18.384' WPurrfectSt. Augustine, FL - Enjoying the warmer weather here and the Christmas lights!over 5 years  agoShow

32º 46.476' N79º 57.186' WPurrfectCharleston, SC - Here celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with extended family.over 5 years  agoShow

36º 57.534' N76º 17.028' WPurrfectNorfolk, VA - We're here until we get a good weather window to go around Cape Hatteras. Looks like we might be here awhile.over 5 years  agoShow

37º 32.754' N76º 20.232' WPurrfectDeltaville, VA - Stopping 1/2 way between Solomons and Norfolk. Continuing on tomorrow!over 5 years  agoShow

38º 19.98' N76º 26.976' WPurrfectSolomons, MD - It's rained a lot, so we haven't been able to explore like planned, but warm weather is calling and we're continuing south as quick as conditions allow.over 5 years  agoShow

38º 58.554' N76º 28.326' WPurrfectAnnapolis, MD - reminds us a lot of Newport, fleets of boats leaving every morning heading south, moving to a mooring later and will enjoy some time with extended familyover 5 years  agoShow

39º 28.836' N75º 53.964' WPurrfectBohemia River, MD - Great sail up Delaware Bay and through the C & D canal. We had planned to anchor in Chesapeake City, but the anchorage was too crowded so we passed. Continued through the canal and found this amazing anchorage only ~1 hour away. Had to nose our way in but found enough depth to make camp for some wind events happening this week.over 5 years  agoShow

38º 47.778' N75º 6.192' WPurrfectCape Henlopen, DE - Nice lil' motor over from Cape May. (We had zero wind.) Good anchorage with two breakwaters. Lots of room to anchor. Explored the state park. Gorgeous here. Highly recommend.over 5 years  agoShow

38º 57.018' N74º 52.95' WPurrfectCape May, NJ - We were shooting for Cape Henlopen, DE, but the wind came up something fierce & it wasn't fun, so turned around and headed back 3 miles to the Cape May inlet. It was a nice place to catch to catch our breath and get a good night sleep.over 5 years  agoShow

39º 23.202' N74º 24.498' WPurrfectAtlantic City, NJ - We weathered the remnants of Hurricane Michael here. Excellent holding and minimal fetch. When entering, stick to the reed side for max depth. over 5 years  agoShow

40º 27.084' N74º 0.48' WPurrfectSany Point, NJ - Made it through New York City! What a trip. Awaiting some wind for the gargantuan sail to Atlantic City.over 5 years  agoShow

40º 49.644' N73º 42.69' WPurrfectPort Washington, NY - positioning ourselves to head down the river and through New York City!over 5 years  agoShow

40º 58.02' N73º 6.162' WPurrfectPort Jefferson, NY - Nice to be on the move again after so much rain last week.over 5 years  agoShow

41º 3.198' N71º 54.702' WPurrfectHeading south. 1st stop = Lake Montauk, NYover 5 years  agoShow

41º 29.802' N71º 19.398' WPurrfectFinal Newport stop. Heading south soon!over 5 years  agoShow

41º 30.756' N71º 21.78' WPurrfectPotter's Cove - Jamestown, RIover 5 years  agoShow

41º 29.802' N71º 19.398' WPurrfectBack in Newportover 5 years  agoShow

41º 42.024' N70º 43.14' WPurrfectWings Cove - On our way back from Boston!over 5 years  agoShow

42º 21.408' N71º 2.874' WPurrfectBoston! What a view.over 5 years  agoShow

41º 42.024' N70º 43.14' WPurrfectWings Cove - On our way to Boston!over 5 years  agoShow

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