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17º 4.476' N61º 53.736' WSV MermaidWe motored from Deep Bay to Jolly Harbour to prep for haul out. We move into a villa tomorrow. May 8over 1 year  agoShow

17º 7.452' N61º 53.31' WSV MermaidNice sail... Anchored now in Deep Bay, Antigua. Sunday May 3over 1 year  agoShow

17º 1.11' N61º 46.41' WSV MermaidAs of midnight tonight Antigua goes into a 24/7 lockdown. Also with a swell predicted we decided to move to Falmouth Harbour to sit out the quarantine aboard Mermaid. It is protected, calm and we are provisioned and we'll... This will be our home for at least a week. Austin is aboard and his help and company is much appreciated.over 1 year  agoShow

17º 4.47' N61º 53.754' WSV MermaidWe spent March 18-28 in a lovely Airbnb with a dock for Mermaid. Today we moved out to the he anchorage in Jolly Harbor. Austin is with us for the foreseeable future. This pandemic is changing everything...over 1 year  agoShow

17º 1.11' N61º 46.416' WSV MermaidWe arrived Falmouth Harbor, Antigua after motorsailing and sailing. We dodged lots of fish pots along Guadeloupe and decided that the game of Dodge pots isn't so fun... almost 2 years  agoShow

15º 52.014' N61º 36.0' WSV MermaidLong day of sailing... We left St Pierre early and made it to The Saintes off Guadeloupe by late afternoon.almost 2 years  agoShow

14º 44.232' N61º 10.656' WSV MermaidWe had a flukey but mostly quite comfortable sail to St Pierre on the northern side of Martinique. We will spend the night under Mt Pelee and sail north in the morning.almost 2 years  agoShow

14º 36.156' N61º 4.164' WSV MermaidWe had a beautiful and fast Christmas day sail and even needed to slow down to arrive after sun rise. Mermaid performed perfectlyalmost 2 years  agoShow

12º 5.94' N61º 45.0' WSV MermaidWe Left Woburn and stopped for the night in a beautiful little bay we like that also has good snorkeling. All is well and we are happy to be heading north.almost 2 years  agoShow

12º 0.618' N61º 44.022' WSV MermaidFinally we are off the dock and on a mooring for the night!almost 2 years  agoShow

12º 0.612' N61º 44.022' WSV MermaidWe arrived Grenada and took a ball outside Whisper Cove Marina before moving into our slip Thursday the 30th. This will be Mermaid's home for the hurricane season. We still have quite a bit to get her ready. We had a fantastic season this year!over 2 years  agoShow

13º 0.222' N61º 14.634' WSV MermaidBack in Carriacou after a short sweet sail.over 2 years  agoShow

13º 0.222' N61º 14.634' WSV MermaidLovely fast sail today from Bequi to Chatham Bay, Union Island.over 2 years  agoShow

13º 0.216' N61º 14.688' WSV MermaidBequiaover 2 years  agoShow

14º 4.788' N60º 57.6' WSV Mermaidover 2 years  agoShow

15º 35.028' N61º 27.726' WSV MermaidWe had a lovely and fast sail from le Saintes to Portsmouth, Dominica.over 2 years  agoShow

15º 52.11' N61º 35.022' WSV MermaidWe experienced a blustery, salty motorsail to the Saintes today. On mooring 39 and found out that it's a holiday and customer was closed...over 2 years  agoShow

17º 4.434' N61º 53.844' WSV MermaidDownwind motoring today inside the reef.over 2 years  agoShow

17º 1.116' N61º 46.482' WSV MermaidNice, smooth motor sail to Falmouth today.almost 3 years  agoShow

17º 4.524' N61º 53.91' WSV MermaidBack in Antigua!almost 3 years  agoShow

15º 34.896' N61º 27.786' WSV MermaidGlorious sail between Martinique and Dominica. Motorsailed up the Lee of Dominica. On one of Alexis' moorings.almost 3 years  agoShow

14º 25.896' N60º 53.196' WSV MermaidWe had a good sail from St Lucia to Sainte Anne's, Martinique today and anchored twice to find the right spot for the coming winds.almost 3 years  agoShow

14º 4.464' N60º 57.468' WSV MermaidMother Nature gave us a spectacular Christmas present today... As we were having coffee this morning and looking at the weather for ast for our departure tomorrow, we saw that today looked perfect. So, we got Mermaid ready in record time and left Bequia. We were treated to 10.5 kts boat speed between Bequia and St Vincent, then 8s and 7s the rest of the day. Even in the Lee of the islands! We managed to drop the anchor in St Lucia just as dark arrived. What a great day!almost 3 years  agoShow

13º 0.534' N61º 14.328' WSV MermaidWe had a lovely reach from Carriacou to Bequia almost 3 years  agoShow

12º 27.66' N61º 29.184' WSV MermaidWe had a nice sail to Carriacoualmost 3 years  agoShow

12º 6.57' N61º 44.94' WSV MermaidWe finally left Clarke's Court Bay and are anchored off Black Bay Point where it's beautiful!almost 3 years  agoShow

12º 0.612' N61º 44.04' WSV MermaidWe left the dock and went right back... No water was coming out of the exhaust. A hose clamp had broken, the hose came off and the water was going in the bilge. Good thing we caught it! New hose clamp, hose back on and we are on a mooring at Whisper Cove. Plan B for Thanksgiving dinner... TBD.about 3 years  agoShow

12º 0.654' N61º 44.322' WSV MermaidWe are finally out of the yard and floating at the dock. Hopefully we will be ready to leave the dock in a few days but still much prep to do. about 3 years  agoShow

12º 0.612' N61º 44.418' WSV MermaidThis will be Mermaids home out of the water for the next six months. We will do some traveling before launching Compagnon for more adventures in Holland.over 3 years  agoShow

12º 0.66' N61º 44.37' WSV MermaidSummer is coming... we moved into a med-moor slip in Clarke’s Court Marina and haul out Wednesday. We have lots to do!over 3 years  agoShow

12º 0.378' N61º 44.052' WSV MermaidAfter a good sail from Carriacou, we are anchored in Clarke’s Court, Grenada. It took three attempts and two squalls before we were securely anchored...over 3 years  agoShow

12º 27.414' N61º 29.394' WSV MermaidWe had a lovely sail today from Canoan to Tyrell, Carriacou!over 3 years  agoShow

12º 42.534' N61º 19.74' WSV MermaidPlan B... we departed Bequi heading to Tobago Cays to do some snorkeling. The weather was squally and the sky gray. The seas were sloppy as well as the wind so we decided to check out Canoan and spend the night here.over 3 years  agoShow

13º 0.198' N61º 14.586' WSV MermaidWe left St Lucia this morning, motor sailed along the Lee of the island and then had a great sail to Bequia...over 3 years  agoShow

14º 5.16' N60º 57.69' WSV MermaidWe left Ste Anne after lunch and had a good sail to Rodney Bay, St Lucia.over 3 years  agoShow

14º 25.932' N60º 53.244' WSV MermaidWe saw two whales today... found Grande Anse too crowded and ended up in St Anne.over 3 years  agoShow

14º 44.004' N61º 10.824' WSV MermaidNice, salty sail. It is a holiday (Labor Day) in Martinique... everything is closed including customs.over 3 years  agoShow

15º 34.722' N61º 27.648' WSV MermaidSalty sail! On Alexis mooring in Portsmouth, Dominica.over 3 years  agoShow

17º 1.044' N61º 46.458' WSV MermaidWe had a salty but great sail today from Guadeloupe to Falmouth Antigua. The apparent wind was about 18kts with a 75 degree angle we averaged over 8kts of boat speed and caught a dorado for dinner. Now this is what Caribbean sailing is supposed to be like!over 3 years  agoShow

16º 9.762' N61º 46.668' WSV MermaidLovely sail this morning! We had light winds, flat seas and rode along over 7kts. We lost all wind as we got in the Lee of the island and motored the rest of the way to the anchorage. We are anchored in front of the grocery which will make stocking up on French wine, yogurt and cheese quite convenient.over 3 years  agoShow

15º 52.428' N61º 35.088' WSV MermaidNice sail today!over 3 years  agoShow

16º 13.296' N61º 32.352' WSV MermaidBack in France! We sailed from Portsmouth, Dominica to Pointe A Pitre, Guadalupe today.over 3 years  agoShow

15º 34.722' N61º 27.648' WSV MermaidWe had a great sail today and are on a mooring in Prince Rupert Bay Dominica where we look forward to some land touring with old and new friends!almost 4 years  agoShow

14º 43.806' N61º 10.932' WSV MermaidWe finally got a weather window to depart Sainte Anne, Martinique. We are anchored for the night back in St Pierre and intend to hop to Dominica in the morning.almost 4 years  agoShow

14º 26.118' N60º 53.322' WSV MermaidWe have a bit of icky weather heading our way and this spot looks like a great anchorage to spend a few days!almost 4 years  agoShow

14º 43.83' N61º 10.902' WSV MermaidGood day... long day... lots of squalls... big seas and we are finally anchored in St Pierre, Martinique. It’s very dark so we don’t know what it looks like yet.almost 4 years  agoShow

15º 51.72' N61º 36.042' WSV MermaidIt wasn’t easy getting here... two attempts due to squalls but we are in the beautiful Isle de Saintes!almost 4 years  agoShow

15º 58.722' N61º 42.918' WSV MermaidSqually with big winds and big waves off the point. We anchored in calm to wait.almost 4 years  agoShow

16º 18.48' N61º 47.892' ESV MermaidAnchored in Pidgeon, Guadalupe. Looking forward to snorkelingalmost 4 years  agoShow

16º 18.432' N61º 47.7' WSV MermaidWe left Falmouth Harbour, Antigua this morning and had a great sail to Deshaies, Guadalupe. We made good time making about 8+kts all the way. We set the sails, turned on the auto pilot and watched the scenery until time to drop the sails and Anchor.almost 4 years  agoShow

17º 0.612' N61º 50.148' WSV MermaidA lovely day sail with good friends... Anchored in Carlisle with the turtles, sun and blue seas. Oh and Richies curry and pina coladas... life is good!almost 4 years  agoShow

17º 0.99' N61º 46.758' WSV MermaidWe motorsailed to Falmouth this morning and anchored under our friends house. Tomorrow is an American gathering at Antigua Yacht Club for Thanksgiving and American football!about 4 years  agoShow

17º 4.602' N61º 53.142' WSV MermaidAfter working on Mermaid for two weeks on the hard, a week and a half in a slip we are finally out in the anchorage! The water is perfect. Swimming great and no boat work tomorrow (other than making water)...about 4 years  agoShow

17º 4.11' N61º 53.142' WSV MermaidAfter two weeks of hard, hot work we launched this afternoon and are in a slip in Jolly Harbor Marina where Mermaid will get new non skid... She seems happy to be floating again!about 4 years  agoShow

17º 5.268' N61º 53.712' WSV MermaidVery calm, beautiful bay...over 4 years  agoShow

17º 3.894' N61º 53.502' WSV MermaidAntigua!over 4 years  agoShow

17º 9.408' N62º 37.728' WSV MermaidNevis...over 4 years  agoShow

17º 15.114' N62º 39.57' WSV MermaidBassaterre was quite rolly but here in White House Bay it's lovely.over 4 years  agoShow

18º 11.82' N63º 5.358' WSV MermaidAnguilla is beautiful!almost 5 years  agoShow

18º 2.118' N63º 6.24' WSV MermaidAnchor down St Martinalmost 5 years  agoShow

18º 30.138' N64º 21.912' WSV MermaidBeautiful sail today!almost 5 years  agoShow

18º 19.344' N64º 36.366' WSV Mermaidalmost 5 years  agoShow

18º 19.068' N64º 57.648' WSV Mermaidalmost 5 years  agoShow

18º 18.27' N65º 18.06' WSV Mermaidalmost 5 years  agoShow

18º 5.43' N65º 27.414' WSV Mermaidalmost 5 years  agoShow

17º 57.882' N66º 37.05' WSV MermaidBack in the USAabout 5 years  agoShow

17º 57.876' N66º 36.978' WSV MermaidBack in the USAabout 5 years  agoShow

11º 14.46' N74º 13.014' WSV MermaidSanta Marta, Colombiaabout 5 years  agoShow

12º 34.788' N81º 41.832' WSV MermaidSan Andres, Colombiaabout 5 years  agoShow

12º 34.746' N81º 41.868' WSV Mermaidabout 5 years  agoShow

9º 20.088' N82º 14.562' WSV MermaidWe had a few amazing days at Escudo Varaguas on the way to Bocas!about 5 years  agoShow

9º 22.65' N79º 56.406' WSV Mermaidover 5 years  agoShow

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