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24º 30.012' S160º 44.85' EStealawaySE trade winds finally arrive. Crossed halfway mark. Woohoo. about 6 hours  agoShow

25º 17.85' S158º 30.3' EStealawayEn route. Promise of some wind today 1 day  agoShow

26º 4.38' S156º 11.352' EStealawayNo wind. Motoring. Glad I bought those 2 extra diesel jerry cans now. 2 days  agoShow

26º 42.33' S154º 11.43' EStealawayDeparting Brisbane for Noumea. 3 days  agoShow

27º 26.682' S153º 6.318' EStealawayWaiting for Australian Border Force at Rivergate Marina. Last port of call before sailing out.4 days  agoShow

27º 34.05' S153º 19.332' EStealawayMorton Bay. Last leg before Customs. Gusty winds last night have gone.5 days  agoShow

27º 46.722' S153º 22.05' EStealawayJacobs Well. A nice pitt stop on Gold Coast Seaway to Brisbane6 days  agoShow

27º 56.802' S153º 25.428' EStealawayDespite wind warnings it was perfect sailing. Now at Southport, safely anchored.7 days  agoShow

28º 54.882' S153º 37.62' EStealawayStrong and gale force warnings. Staying close to coastline.8 days  agoShow

30º 18.174' S153º 8.736' EStealawayStrong wind storm last night at anchor in Coffs Harbour9 days  agoShow

30º 18.174' N153º 8.736' EStealawayStrong winds last night at anchor in Coffs Harbour. Fueling then North.9 days  agoShow

30º 41.19' S153º 8.298' EStealawaySaw breaching whales heading South10 days  agoShow

32º 22.008' S152º 37.116' EStealawayPushing North fast. Expecting bad weather Friday11 days  agoShow

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