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51º 57.426' S57º 59.604' WSpailpinWind stayed NE till late yesterday evening then went strong N NNW , crawling towards Stanley . Estimate Stanley late tonight <BR/>about 1 month  agoShow

52º 53.934' S60º 56.448' WSpailpinWind diminished enough around 10pm for us to start motor sailing close hauled towards the falklands. Still NE today, very unusual and not modeled. Hoping the wind back more north and can pick up some speed. I reckon Stanley late tomorrow night. <BR/>about 1 month  agoShow

53º 52.38' S62º 25.242' WSpailpinWind went Ne/ ene last night and continued to build . I’ve hove to until it veers East and will then lay for Stanley . <BR/>Looks like British beer and meat pies will have to wait until Friday. <BR/><BR/>I forgot to update the destination as Stanley and it seems these positions have been incorrect. Sorry <BR/>about 1 month  agoShow

61º 48.036' S62º 25.242' WSpailpinWind went Ne/ ene last night and continued to build . I’ve hove to until it veers East and will then lay for Stanley . <BR/>Looks like British beer and meat pies will have to wait until Friday. <BR/>about 1 month  agoShow

62º 47.118' S64º 15.624' WSpailpinTransited the straight of lemaire early this am, pretty uncomfortable , with lots of wind and lumpy . Views of Staten Island at sunrise . Wind died , now motoring. <BR/><BR/>Bk <BR/><BR/>about 1 month  agoShow

54º 54.912' S67º 25.722' WSpailpinDeparted pto Williams for the falklands at 8:30. 2 reefs in the trying to manage speed down the beagle. Pretty fresh . <BR/>. Need to time the north bound passage for the straights of lemaire early in the morning . <BR/><BR/>about 1 month  agoShow

54º 55.5' S67º 24.078' WSpailpinIn the beagle canal and hour form pto Williams . Lots of stories . Everyone is ready for some sleep and a whiskey drink . Amazing adventure .<BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

55º 58.998' S67º 12.438' WSpailpinCape Horn to port .....<BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

56º 56.652' S67º 51.444' WSpailpinStill very rough . Closing in on Cape Horn . Hopefully Williams tomorrow evening . Every one ready . <BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

58º 59.904' S67º 53.106' WSpailpinStill trying to pick up more west before laying for Cape Horn. Expect so strong NW this evening. Still slow going <BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

62º 43.938' S64º 56.52' WSpailpinUnpleasant evening . Much strong than forecasted with very very heavy steep seas. Finally subsiding . Slow going . Been the full value drake so far . Hope to make good time for next 24-48 before next cold front . Still hopefull for late Thursday / early Friday in Williams <BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

63º 49.77' S64º 17.346' WSpailpintoo much ice west and south of Palmer. Put up the drone and was a far as you could see. Had to back track up the gerlache to Melchior and out to the southern ocean this morning. Tons of whales again last night . Sa8ling nicely at 7 knots. trying to gain some west , anticipating a short but strong NE tonight. <BR/><BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

64º 46.524' S64º 3.228' WSpailpinFantastic display from humpback whales feeding when we arrived yesterday . A huge one came right up to the boat.<BR/><BR/>Brilliant visit to Palmer station this morning. station manager bob Farrell and crew went out of our way to show us the science projects and facilitates. Really interesting climate change projects . Stoked to finally see good use of my tax dollars. Tell you congressman or senator to keep funding the NSF . <BR/><BR/>Boat tidied up and prepared . Getting a late lunch and then plan on leaving this evening from Palmer for Cape Horn. <BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

64º 46.524' S64º 3.228' WSpailpinAnchored in hero inlet in front of US Palmer Station on Anvers island, <BR/><BR/>Will start preparing the boat for the drake and wait for a weather window for the drake. <BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

65º 6.498' S64º 5.184' WSpailpinLots of backgammon. Enjoying watching the pengunins<BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

65º 6.498' S64º 5.184' WSpailpinDealing with challenging ice conditions. Going to be a sit and wait game<BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

65º 6.498' S64º 5.184' WSpailpinBeautiful,day today, stash and I skied hovegard peak. Excellent view into the penola straight and towards verdansky. Verdansky is a no go for ice, it will be weeks before the passage south will be open . Many of the anchorages down here around pleaneau , booth and hovegard still have too much ice to be useable. Probably head back north towards Palmer station And start waiting for a weather window either at Palmer or Melchior. <BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

65º 6.498' S64º 5.184' WSpailpinSnowed last night , 5 inches on the deck this am. Whales blowing near the boat when I went out to deal with the snow this morning. We left around 9 and met up with Sir Ernst in the fereguson channel. More whales, heavy drift ice and growlers for a few hours and the we cut over Flanders bay south of menier island around Cape Renard across the top of the Lemaire . Stunning , there is a reason this area is called Kodak alley. Really nice sailingfor a good part of the day. We were shooting for Port Charcot, but concerns of the NE wind and drift ice moving in we continued around to an anchorage in between hovegard and Florence islands. Sir Ernst came in and rafted up to us and invited us over for dinner. Sash is excited as this means he doesn’t have to dishes tonight. sir Ernst said he is way more ice than last yea in Jan/feb. We are deffenitly dealing with lots of ice comping early. The NE wind over the last few days did blow out a lot of the drift ice, so it may be possible to make it Verdansky station. Stash and I plan to try and ski Hoevgard peak tomorrow . <BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

64º 54.156' S62º 51.816' WSpailpinI think we now hold the record for the furthest south toilet pump rebuild ; and somebody I know who’s reading this gives me a hard time for carrying too many spares...hmm. Would have been a shitty situation with out that spares kits<BR/>...... spent the day here , catching up on a few boat jobs and reading. The wind has died and the NE wind seems to have blown out lots of ice. We hope to head to port Charcot and the le Maire tomorrow. <BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

64º 54.156' S62º 51.816' WSpailpinVisited port lockroy this morning. Very interesting. The volunteers got us in before the cruise ships arrived. <BR/><BR/>Backtracked east to a spot for the next 24 hours. Very nice sail back accords the gerlache again. <BR/><BR/>. The NE in this last depression were under-forecasted, this next low they are forecasted much stronger but for only 18 hours or so , This anchorage looks very protected from that direction. Stash and I may try to go on a short ski tour later today, <BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

64º 49.434' S63º 29.208' WSpailpinIn port lockroy , the historic BAS station. The station is fully restored and a huge tourist attarticion for the cruise ship . They limit the visitors per day , we hope to visit in the morning if the weather permits <BR/><BR/>Wind came up stronger and earlier than expected and we moved around this morning. Sprit of Sydney and Mon Creur were already. We are pushed up on the ice with the anchors out on-the ice. Continued to snow and blow through the day , wind has been much stronger than forecasted from the NE .<BR/><BR/>I did get short ski tour in and the others a hike . gentoo penguins everywhere. <BR/><BR/>This afternoon the Pleagic Australis and sir Earnest have also shown up , I think we have the current Antarctic sailing fleet in this anchorage. <BR/><BR/>PA and Mon Cruer trued around yesterday due to heavy ice further south, Verdansky station has advised boats not to try coming south , as there is heavy ice in the le Maire <BR/><BR/>There is another low building to the south west that is close behind this depression. Early Friday looks windy as well . <BR/><BR/>I am starting to look at options for the weekend and next week . <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

64º 49.008' S63º 30.03' WSpailpin<BR/><BR/>Departed paradise harbor brown base this morning in blue bird conditions . The question was do we push south with the good weather or continue to work the upper section and head towards port lockroy and US Palmer station. I chose to backtrack up the gerlache to the neumayer channel and make for Dorian cove.the pelagic australis headed south and sounds like they ran into ice and had to back north .<BR/><BR/>Crossing the gerlache these conditions was awesome . Several times we cut the engine and drifted with humpback whales. The whales came right to the boat.<BR/><BR/>Arrive at Dorian bay to a huge cruise ship shuttering people back and forth. Picked our way through the ice to a very protect little bay. Looks like a coupe of penguin colonies, historic huts and possibly some skiing. <BR/><BR/>Probably spend one day here . <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

64º 53.898' S62º 51.936' WSpailpinBeautiful day today. Moved from Enterprise to the argentine Brown Base. lots of drift ice in the gerlache. <BR/><BR/><BR/>Lots of whales, several just off the front of the boat in The Gerlache straight <BR/><BR/>Passed SY Jonathan , who has skiers up on a peak. Stash and I watched in awe; burly line. We were too far away by the time they dropped it to watch. Props to those guys. <BR/><BR/>The scale and contrast of the landscapes is so grand it’s hard to explain. <BR/><BR/>Tried to get in to the station at water boat point; too much ice in the north anchorage , and too expose in the south. The Chileans were very friendly and invited us to visit any time. <BR/><BR/>Anchored in Brown Base rafted along side SY sir Ernst. Tricky and shallow in here. Grateful our French friends let us come alongside. <BR/><BR/>Next few days still ook good and may keep pushing further south. <BR/>All good aboard<BR/>BK<BR/><BR/><BR/>5 months  agoShow

64º 32.4' S61º 59.892' WSpailpin Arrived at the Enterprise island rafted up to Sir Ernst n the old wreck. Fantastic passage up though the Gerlache starlight. Whales, tons of penguins' , ice bergs, snow...... SUn finally came out when we arrived.5 months  agoShow

64º 19.236' S62º 54.966' WSpailpinArrived Melchior yesterday evening . Stunning . Chill day cleaning and organizing hope to move around to enterprise tomorrow . <BR/>5 months  agoShow

64º 5.226' S63º 12.48' WSpailpinLand ho....<BR/>5 days on the mark <BR/>Bk <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>6 months  agoShow

64º 2.172' S63º 26.298' WSpailpinBit wooly last 16 hours . 40-50 sustained;with gusts 60 + , big seas. Making forward progress with 3 reefs and a scrap of head sail. <BR/><BR/>Bit wet and disorganized inside. Looking forward to landfall in several hours and some sleep / drying out . <BR/><BR/>All good <BR/><BR/>Bk <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>6 months  agoShow

62º 5.67' S64º 28.17' WSpailpinCrossed the Antarctic convergence yesterday afternoon around 16:00. Now in the treaty area .<BR/><BR/>Little lumpy, stiff shifting winds and Building seas . <BR/><BR/>Little blow coming tonight , hope to make landfall at Melchior tomorrow mid afternoon <BR/><BR/>All good <BR/><BR/>Bk <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>6 months  agoShow

59º 48.798' S64º 36.798' WSpailpinMaking ok time today . 25-30 on a beam Reach. 2. Reefs in , reefed headsail, hydrovane driving the boat . Wind veered around to the west at 3am . <BR/>Still lots of pelagic seabirds. The National Geographic Orion passes us going north, And passed on a very good report on the ice conditions . <BR/><BR/>BK<BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>6 months  agoShow

57º 44.76' S66º 54.888' WSpailpinYesterday was still cold with wind / snow and fairly good sized seas... welcome to the Souhern Ocean . Fairly slow going for the first two days . Winds should go west and possibly NW tomorrow for a fast reach we’d/ Thursday .<BR/>After the heater drama the previous day all is well with the heater for now, a balmy 20c inside .<BR/><BR/>Skies clear off and beautiful blue day with little wind . Many pelagic seabird around ; goat petrels and albatrosses . <BR/><BR/>All good aboard <BR/>BK<BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>6 months  agoShow

56º 3.756' S66º 37.692' WSpailpinVery strong winds yesterday evening , did not subside as quick as expected making slow progress. Good sailign now with e-ne winds making up some westing . Little rain and overcast and the temperature is starting to drop. All good aboard. <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>6 months  agoShow

54º 55.104' S67º 17.706' WSpailpinDeparted pto Williams in a fresh 30kts; 3 reefs in the main .Should be abeam Cape Horn around midnight as winds subside. <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>6 months  agoShow

54º 51.468' S68º 48.774' WSpailpinStrong winds and more snow today, spent the day in Yendegaia again. Baro up 10mb since noon hoping to move very early in the morning as soon as winds subsides for Puerto Williams . Looks like a short break between lows . <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>8 months  agoShow

54º 51.468' S68º 48.774' WSpailpinFinished the lap of isla gordon . Moved from Estero Fouque to the main channel of the beagle yesterday. Was a bit fresh for a bit in the afternoon . Currently in Yendegaia anchored in front of the old estancia. Heavy snow again this morning. Plan to spend today here and potential tomorrow before heading to Williams . <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>8 months  agoShow

55º 4.41' S69º 33.51' WSpailpinMoved to Estero Fouque today . Brilliant views of tidewater glaciers . Snow most of the day . Heading for yendagaia tomorrow . <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>8 months  agoShow

55º 5.73' S68º 48.558' WSpailpinLeft Cinco Estrella yesterday for the SE arm of the beagle . Made it around to Estero coloange. Spent the day here hiking . Able to hike right up a moraine to a glacier face. Hope to move to Fouque tomorrow weather permitting . <BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>8 months  agoShow

54º 56.682' S68º 46.08' WSpailpinSpent a day in Olla; fantastic walking. Pushed this morning up the beagle blue bird day . Unreal blue bird day with fantastic views of the Darwin range . Crazy amount of ice in seno Pia . Two weeks ago there was none... we elected to pass gogin into Seno Pia and headed to cinco Estrella’s in tres brazos. Plan on waiting out the low the next two days before moving around to the south east arm of the beagle <BR/><BR/><BR/>8 months  agoShow

54º 55.788' S68º 29.454' WSpailpinStone westerlies in the beagle again this morning. Unable to head west. Moved around corner to see another anchorage. Caletta Lewaia. <BR/><BR/>Hope to head west in the morning<BR/><BR/>8 months  agoShow

54º 56.544' S68º 26.736' WSpailpinLeft pto Williams at 4:30 am. Heavy snow! 8inches on the deck this morning and still snowing when we pulled out in light winds. Just abeam the entrance to canal Murray the wind went 30 on the nose from the west. Changed course for Caletta Letier on Isla Hoste. <BR/><BR/>Awesome protected anchorage. Dingy driving training with the Duncan girls and playing cards. <BR/><BR/>Hope to pull out fro Caletta Olla in the morning. <BR/><BR/>8 months  agoShow

54º 51.48' S68º 48.87' WSpailpinStunning weathe this morning in the Beagle. Left seno Pia early, awesome views of my Darwin and mt shipton. <BR/><BR/>Easterlies in the beagle most of the day . Anchored in front of the historic estancia in Caleta Ferrari , Bahia Yendigia. Cool old buildings and nice walk up the old glacial moraine. Probably hang out here for a couple of days . <BR/><BR/>8 months  agoShow

54º 47.784' S69º 37.758' WSpailpinStrong westerly’s the last few days. Stayed in Caleta Olla. yacht westerly serenade also holed up in Olla and was able to pick franks brain and local knowledge. great few days of hiking. We both left this morning . Motor/sailed up seno Pia. Made a good ways up the Western arm and was able to recon several anchorages before turning back for ice . Sailed up eastern arm fantastic tide water glaciers right out the sea. Anchored at calleta beaulieu with awesome view of glaciers . <BR/><BR/>8 months  agoShow

54º 56.412' S69º 9.414' WSpailpinSitting in Caleta Olla juts past the split of the north east and south east arms of the beagle channel. Spectacular. He,led in by hanging glaciers. Will spend the next few days walking and working on projects . <BR/>8 months  agoShow

54º 56.412' S69º 9.414' WSpailpinSitting in Caleta Olla juts past the split of the north east and south east arms of the beagle channel. Spectacular. He,led in by hanging glaciers. Will spend the next few days walking and working on projects . <BR/>8 months  agoShow

54º 56.016' S67º 36.936' WSpailpinArrived in puerto Williams, Chile. Slow moving today, strong head winds, we were not going to arrive at an anchorage by dark so we decided to continue to Williams. <BR/><BR/>Time to sleep <BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

55º 1.56' S65º 33.534' WSpailpinTransited the straights of le Maire early this morning. Currently beating west up the beagle channel towards Isla Picton . Still planning for Williams tomorrow . about 1 year  agoShow

54º 37.914' S65º 13.956' WSpailpinTucked in waiting until winds veers nw in the early morning to transit the straights of Le Maire . Snow on the low liking hills as we approached the Tierra del Fuego coast . Currently raining and blowing from the Sw. Amazing amount of sea and bird life again todAdy . Flocks of Shags, albatross and petrels . More dolphins, seals and penguins than you can count . <BR/><BR/>Bk <BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

53º 22.002' S67º 39.366' WSpailpinTransited the eastern entrance of the Magellan straights about midnight; civilization, lights, boats, oil platforms. The rapid shoaling, huge tidal rage and strong westerly winds created an uncomfortable ride. Trying to get as close to the Tierra del Fuego coast and into a wind shadow for the next 24 hours expecting strong SW winds later today .<BR/>Huge pod of Commerson dolphins stayed with us for hours this morning. <BR/>Conditions still lining up for transit of the Le Maire early Friday morning. <BR/><BR/>Bk <BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

51º 15.18' S68º 38.208' WSpailpinYet another nice day of sailing down the argentine coast in the “furious fifties”.The coast is spectacular and harsh looking with towering sea cliffs that run for miles visible for 20 miles. The air is so clear here what you may think is 5 miles away is 20. Again lots of marine life; seals, penguins, dolphins, albatross , Petrels, etc. waiting for the big blow forecasted for tonight . Expecting to pass abeam the straights of Magellan after midnight. <BR/><BR/>Bk <BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

49º 20.97' S67º 2.67' WSpailpinAnother decent day yesterday. Again plenty of awesome marine life . Tons of dolphin, who stayed with us for hours. including a species only found in this area off the coast of argentine, the Tonia Overa (commersons dolphin) . <BR/>Headed closer inshore again this morning in anticipation of the the westerly wind shift and the next passing low . <BR/>All good aboard. <BR/><BR/>Bk <BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

47º 31.002' S65º 20.508' WSpailpinLight southerly winds this am . Would have had a good run yesterday but doglegged to the coast to be closer inshore for next system .<BR/><BR/>Lots of marine life including a few whales . Getting colder , was 9c last night . <BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

46º 31.53' S63º 41.106' WSpailpinStill enjoying pleasant sailing conditions .<BR/>All good aboard.<BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

44º 25.506' S62º 23.58' WSpailpinCurrently sailing in awesome beam reach conditions in north westerly winds towards pto Deseado . Hoping to keep more inshore for the next low and avoid the nasty fetch . Enjoy drinking tea and decent food after being wedged into the floor and lee cloths yesterday . <BR/><BR/>All good aboard. <BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

43º 17.202' S61º 56.94' WSpailpinVery strong last night and today. Sustained high 30s low 40s from the west and south west with 5m seas , pushing us a bit east . Forecast to go N and Nw for us later today. Boat pretty dry except for a few leaks . Only real causality so far were my Maui Jim Sunny’s . All good aboard <BR/>BK<BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

41º 57.39' S61º 52.764' WSpailpinSlow but steady , about 1/3 down. Fresh out of the NW , beam on NW swell, unpleasant. Should be abeam valdes peninsula around midnight <BR/><BR/>Expecting wind to increase for next 24 .<BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>BK<BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

40º 27.906' S59º 41.028' WSpailpinPosition correction<BR/><BR/>Continue to see lots of marine life . Can’t ever remember seeing dolphins who hang around for so long. Caught up on boat projects yesterday and good sailing over night. Into the roaring 40’s......<BR/><BR/>All good <BR/><BR/>BK<BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

40º 27.906' S65º 52.002' WSpailpinContinue to see lots of marine life . Can’t ever remember seeing dolphins who hang around for so long. Caught up on boat projects yesterday and good sailing over night. Into the roaring 40’s......<BR/><BR/>All good <BR/><BR/>BK<BR/>about 1 year  agoShow

38º 51.414' S58º 10.65' WSpailpinWind died mid morning, waiting for it to back N-NW. pleasant sea state. <BR/> <BR/>Lots of marine life, seals, dolphins, birds and a penguin. <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> about 1 year  agoShow

37º 2.064' S56º 20.274' WSpailpinFairly good progress overnight. Not so comfortable ,Very shallow with wind over tide . Currently south east of punta Medanos, seem to have lost the effect of the Plate river mouth . Hope to get into some deeper water tomorrow . <BR/>All good aboard <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> about 1 year  agoShow

35º 0.564' S55º 21.102' WSpailpinWe left Piriapolis, Uruguay, at 10h30 local time on 31 March. Conditions are very favorable for the next few days and we are currently making good progress across the mouth of the River Plate towards Mar del Plata in Argentina. about 1 year  agoShow

34º 52.5' S55º 16.878' WSpailpinCrazy few dAys. Splashed and sea trialed new motor today. All good, new rudder bushing seems to be working as well. Tore apart the headsail roller Furler this afternoon, commissioned watermaker, hauled 600 liters of fuel in 20l Jerry cAns in the little rental car. Jeremy arriving tonight form South Africa. hope to have sails up tomorrow and organize. Fresh food tomorrow as well. With luck could be out of here for pto Williams over the weekend if the weather holds. Will start reporting every 24 hours once under way . <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> about 1 year  agoShow

34º 52.5' S55º 16.878' WSpailpin <BR/> <BR/>Hella of a clobbering last night. Time for a whiskey drink and a steak <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Arrived Uruguay 4000 miles 30 days. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

35º 18.696' S53º 26.49' WSpailpinRainy, squally, lots of different bids, lots of shipping traffic. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Lost the wind, motoring. <BR/> <BR/>Expect landfall early am . <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/>35 18s <BR/>53 26 w <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

35º 18.6' S53º 18.102' WSpailpinRainy, squally, lots of different bids, lots of shipping traffic. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Lost the wind, motoring. <BR/> <BR/>Expect landfall early am . <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

35º 35.202' S50º 45.024' WSpailpinFinally out of sting Brazil current, now into wind over current on continental shelf, pretty rough <BR/> <BR/>Sailing with 2 reefs in fresh 20 knots. <BR/> <BR/>Lots of fishing boats and cargo ship traffic. Don't spect much sleep as I approach the coast <BR/> <BR/>Lots of different birds <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

35º 47.136' S48º 23.652' WSpailpinVery light wind. Sailed slowly over night <BR/> <BR/>ETA still Monday for piriaoplis. <BR/> <BR/>Project list growing <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

35º 59.526' S45º 47.502' WSpailpinNo wind. <BR/> <BR/>Motoring. <BR/> <BR/>Hoping for wind tonight . <BR/> <BR/>Headed to Piriaoplis to sort out a few things before heading south. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>ETA Monday <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

35º 58.158' S43º 14.004' WSpailpinNo wind. <BR/> <BR/>Motoring. <BR/> <BR/>Did some maintaince this morning. Up the mast changed the steaming light, a gas bottle, oil change. <BR/> <BR/>Went for a swim <BR/> <BR/>Nap time. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

35º 24.6' S40º 44.334' WSpailpinSailed SSW over night slowly in light winds. Now motoring sw, trying to manage fuel as I a cross through this high pressure. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Stack pack repair done, bit ghetto, I need to get the machine out when I hit land and fix proper Job. <BR/> <BR/>Couple new birds showing up . 1 white one, and a similar look petrel but it has a white breast and a brown upper body . Cool looking. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

34º 22.248' S39º 37.278' WSpailpinNo wind, no fish, some birds. They are my fiends......... <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Stack back off boom and in the middle of sewing repair inthe cockpit. The seam ripper is the enemy...... <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Hope to get done before wind picks up again. <BR/> <BR/>Looks like no wind for a day. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

34º 13.182' S37º 19.848' WSpailpinwinds have swapped to the S-sw. Very rough confused sea. Slow goging. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

33º 27.888' S35º 27.51' WSpailpin <BR/>Winds light NE-N, code zero up , don't know for how much longer I'll bother <BR/>Expect a small front to pass tomorrow. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

33º 0.78' S32º 48.012' WSpailpin <BR/> <BR/>Had to make NW till sunset then west again. Wind died at 3 am , motoring. Real light E/NE . May get the kite up this afternoon <BR/> <BR/>Have birds, no fish, found lone packet of bacon in freezer......mmmmmhhhhh good - gone.. <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

32º 56.01' S30º 43.788' WSpailpinBig seas and strong NW winds as cold front pushed through last night. Several hours sustained in the 40's G50+. Love me my new roller Furler with the staysail , good money spent. <BR/> <BR/>Wind has backed to WSW, hopefully gogin SW and S. Still large WNW swell. Sucks. <BR/> <BR/>Have birds, no fish, and instant soup for lunch . <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

32º 10.53' S29º 13.764' WSpailpinLight winds yesterday and this morning <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Birds. But no fish. <BR/> <BR/>All good. <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

31º 11.316' S27º 50.85' WSpailpin <BR/> <BR/>Sailing @ 6 knots. <BR/> 3 reefs and a partial headsail . <BR/> <BR/>Big seas, big gust spreads--- no sleep last night , <BR/> <BR/>All good. <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

30º 35.598' S25º 16.2' WSpailpinWind picked up last night about 21:00 <BR/> <BR/>Sailing @ 6 knots. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>All good. <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

30º 54.102' S22º 38.316' WSpailpinNo wind, no fish, no birds , it's hot. <BR/> <BR/>Wind starting to shift east <BR/> <BR/>All good. <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

30º 57.444' S19º 56.1' WSpailpinStill very little wind. Motoring west . <BR/> <BR/>Looks like a series of cold fronts mon-Thursday. Getting the boat tidied up for this next blow. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>All good. <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

31º 4.83' S17º 12.42' WSpailpinMotoring west no wind <BR/> <BR/>Changed the lure, caught a Dorado. <BR/> <BR/>All good. <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

31º 7.428' S14º 46.194' WSpailpinSailing in 15kts SSW <BR/> <BR/>8 hours of sustained 35 -40 yesterday, after the front passed was being pushed too far south by NW winds so tacked and sailed north over night , currently eased back west. <BR/> <BR/>Lots of sea birds this morning <BR/> <BR/>No fish - time for a lure change. <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

32º 1.302' S13º 45.3' WSpailpinSailed from 16:00 onwards. Light until 2am and sea and wind picked up. <BR/> Cold front passing though now <BR/>Sea very confused 2-3m , 25 gusting 40. <BR/> <BR/>Should ease in next 6 hours <BR/> <BR/>All good <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

31º 56.892' S11º 20.352' WSpailpin <BR/>Long day yesterday dealing with a bit of unscheduled maintainance <BR/> <BR/>All good. <BR/> <BR/>No wind, no fish, no birds, no clouds. Hot <BR/> <BR/>Motoring in no wind, expecting to pass through cold front this evening. May be a bit fresh. <BR/> <BR/>High seems to have push d further north than I'd like . <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

31º 58.086' S8º 6.672' WSpailpinWas feeling at little blah this morning so I had bacon. .. mmmmmhhh good <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> No birds, kinda cloudy , no wind . <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Changed to engine oil,gear box oil and the water maker filters.... <BR/> <BR/>Reading Tillmans 7th book of the eight sailing/ mountain exploration books . Those dudes were tough <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Motored unitl 20:00 and a light SE 6-10 came up and sailed all night with the COde Zero. Wind just dieing off now . <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

31º 56.178' S5º 44.064' WSpailpinWind light yesterday and lots of current. <BR/> <BR/>Wind died at 7am and started motoring just as I got the CCZ up and rigger. Go figure. <BR/> <BR/>Several of the Petrels back again today . <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

30º 50.706' S3º 13.518' WSpailpinMotored until 18:00, tacked sw. <BR/> <BR/>Very gusty, irriadtic over night with lots of squalls and confused seas <BR/> <BR/>Tacked back w-Nw at 6 am . Now headed just south of west. Sea Still very confused and squally . <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

37º 16.56' S9º 52.836' ESpailpinArrived in Bizerte, Tunisia. Welcomed by 40 knots of icy wind and hail! Welcome back to Africa? I suppose it is the Winter Solstice?<BR/>over 1 year  agoShow

30º 58.218' S1º 21.564' WSpailpinMotoring in glassy conditions. <BR/> <BR/>Wind died at 22:00 last night . Crossed the prime meridian @ 1am ish <BR/> <BR/>Stuck into the back hole trying to get more packing into the stuffing box while conditions allow . <BR/> <BR/>Big Black Sea bird been hanging around the boat last couple of days. Likes to fly real low skimming the water , has a big white rings around its eyes? Anyone know what it is? <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Wind just starting to swap NW-NNW-N . <BR/> <BR/>Looks like westerly this evening and on to the starboard tack for 12 -18 hours. <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

30º 58.206' S1º 27.198' ESpailpinWoops date screw up from yesterday on last position report <BR/> <BR/>Today Wednesday 20 <BR/> <BR/>Should be 150 mm run yesterday <BR/> <BR/>Very rough after midnight. Squally all morning. Dropped off for a bit and now back SE-ESE at 15-20. Don't think this will last. <BR/> <BR/>Cloudy and cool today. <BR/> <BR/>Probably cross Greenwich Meridian late tonight . <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

30º 45.534' S4º 15.942' ESpailpinSE swinging see -e. Seas starting to die down a bit. Anticipate losing the wind here in the next 24 hours. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>BK <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

30º 32.418' S7º 21.33' ESpailpinGood SSE still 20-25 <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>24 hour log was just under 150ish SE still holding in there . <BR/> <BR/>Rainy this morning, sun finally out . <BR/> <BR/>Swell big and uncomfortable from the SSE <BR/> <BR/>Just finished cleaning up the slaughter house in the cockpit. Caught a big yellow fin , freezer is full . <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

30º 53.298' S10º 25.086' ESpailpinGood SSE still 20-25 <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>24 hour log was just under 160nm. Will start westing now . <BR/> <BR/>Still some south swell / current . Little bumpy. <BR/> <BR/>Caught a small yellow fin this morning. <BR/> <BR/>25. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

31º 25.746' S13º 20.166' ESpailpinSaturday mid day : <BR/> <BR/>Light with nds from the SSE, 12-15. Current.y tracking 320t with headsail,poled out , wing and wing. Will start easing west again soon around 30S <BR/> <BR/>Last night was very rough . 3 reefs in . Side on the south swell, very uncomfortable. <BR/> <BR/>Re packed the suffing box for the rudder tube. Seems to not be leaking now. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

32º 25.224' S15º 39.12' ESpailpinBreezy and fairly large S swell through the night. Rolly. Averaged 7 knots with 2 reefs and partially furled genoa. <BR/> <BR/>Shifted for SE through the morning and wind has eased , to 12-15 just aft of the beam . <BR/> <BR/>300T at 6 knots . Trying to making some NW to about 30s <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

33º 4.86' S17º 55.572' ESpailpinDeparted Saldanha at 15:20. Breezy . Thanks to all the yacht port guys , Alan , Chrissy , Donna , Bert ,Michelle , Alan W and everyone else for helping and seeing me off <BR/> <BR/>Saldanha harbor ina strong Se is hectic. <BR/> <BR/>Once outside the bay , nice conditions . 20-24 s-se, bra, reach. Little south swell. Comfortable. 2 reefs in main, Hydrovane steering the boat , making 6-7. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

32º 46.71' S18º 8.994' ESpailpinLong couple of days . Scrapped along yesterday with a scrap of headsail in 40-50 SE. Only carnage was one bent stanchion . <BR/> <BR/>Arrived st Helena bay early morning ? Sailed to and anchored at the entrance to port Owen , while Bert arranged to tow me in. <BR/> <BR/>Will dive in to the motor tomorrow . Time to sleep <BR/> <BR/>Thanks Bert , Jeremy and Ian for all the logistic and moral support . <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

32º 52.974' S17º 10.92' ESpailpin40 miles fromSaldana bay for repair on motor. Hove to last night in 45 kts (g52)with 4m seas. Currently making me for Cape columbine to seek shelter in st Helena bay while SE winds drop Tuesday evening . <BR/> <BR/>Wind currently 35-40 with big seas (4m) over 1 year  agoShow

34º 23.37' S18º 27.558' ESpailpinCape point and the Cape of Good Hope to Starboard over 1 year  agoShow

34º 11.43' S18º 26.028' ESpailpinIn Simon's Town. <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

34º 46.728' S18º 39.45' ESpailpinAiming for Simon's Town at last after 2 days hove to and trying to get around Cape Hangklip in up to 65knots! <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

34º 50.22' S20º 34.176' ESpailpinApproaching Cape Agulhas with a strong E blowing. <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

34º 38.622' S22º 34.002' ESpailpinEnjoying some good following breeze. Not enjoy large beam swell! <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

33º 57.126' S25º 42.384' ESpailpinAs at 10h30 we are underway from Port Elizabeth towards Simon's Town <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

33º 57.126' S25º 42.384' ESpailpinStill in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

33º 57.126' S25º 42.384' ESpailpinArrived in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

33º 28.416' S28º 11.556' ESpailpinPicked up the Agulhas current but almost no wind! Motoring the rest of the way? <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

33º 1.998' S30º 50.97' ESpailpinSlow going as we beat into light SW. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

32º 33.972' S33º 7.284' ESpailpinGood fast power reaching in 20-25 knot NNW breeze. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

31º 36.69' S35º 13.95' ESpailpinAfter motoring through the night, conditions are perfect for relaxed sailing today. 12 knots NE. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

31º 9.246' S37º 15.186' ESpailpinAfter a lively night, conditions are more pleasant today. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

30º 46.086' S39º 25.026' ESpailpinClose reaching into very unruly sea! Strong S wind, going SSE. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

30º 44.622' S41º 31.362' ESpailpinMotor Sailing into very lumpy sea. Very light Easterly wind. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

29º 30.642' S42º 52.608' ESpailpinRunning before a light N wind, into a huge SW swell from the southern ocean. Not so comfortable. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

28º 45.732' S44º 20.13' ESpailpinModerate W wind nudging us S. Waiting for SW front to head W again. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

27º 0.546' S45º 28.572' ESpailpinVery fresh NE wind and strong W current. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

25º 33.246' S47º 41.928' ESpailpinFresh NE wind and SW current. Mountains of SE Madagascar visible on starboard quarter. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

24º 43.938' S49º 13.482' ESpailpinStill sailing slowly. Being affected by current going N. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

23º 28.902' S50º 33.54' ESpailpinSlowish sailing but very pleasant. No motoring for more than 30 hrs! How it's supposed to be! <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

23º 4.146' S52º 23.1' ESpailpinWind variable but sea state nice and flat. Close hauled with a southerly wind. <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

22º 35.022' S54º 14.424' ESpailpinAfter a night of decent wind, it's deserting us now! Back to iron headsail? <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

20º 56.4' S55º 17.268' ESpailpinDeparted Le Port des Galets, Réunion. Gentle westerly until we get out of the island's wind shadow. <BR/>about 2 years  agoShow

20º 56.4' S55º 17.268' ESpailpinDocked in Le Port des Galets, Réunion. Heck of a night at sea to get here!<BR/>about 2 years  agoShow

20º 44.292' S57º 23.67' ESpailpinWind and sea picked up. Making storming progress again. Sailing past southern end of Mauritius. <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

20º 15.762' S59º 39.432' ESpailpinSlow day and night yesterday. Gentle following breeze so motoring to get to Réunion by Saturday. <BR/>about 2 years  agoShow

20º 13.554' S61º 17.586' ESpailpinMiserable sea and rain. Like sailing in a washing machine! <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

19º 40.728' S63º 25.17' ESpailpinDeparted Rodrigues Island <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

19º 40.728' S63º 25.17' ESpailpinAt anchor at Rodrigues Island <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

19º 6.3' S64º 24.708' ESpailpinLast night at sea before landfall on Rodrigues Island tomorrow morning. about 2 years  agoShow

18º 5.598' S66º 27.69' ESpailpinFlat seas, no wind and motoring! Dorado dinner! about 2 years  agoShow

16º 27.072' S67º 42.81' ESpailpinLight winds overnight. about 2 years  agoShow

14º 20.91' S68º 46.668' ESpailpinClear skies, fresh ESE and large seas = great sailing! about 2 years  agoShow

12º 26.292' S70º 23.91' ESpailpinLots of rain and a boisterous sea! about 2 years  agoShow

10º 33.024' S71º 44.862' ESpailpinCompleted minor engine repairs. The sailing conditions are excellent! about 2 years  agoShow

8º 44.286' S73º 34.062' ESpailpinApart from an unruly sea, great sailing in the right direction! about 2 years  agoShow

6º 25.392' S74º 51.978' ESpailpinFound some Easterly wind of 15-20 knots! Great sailing. 210°Tabout 2 years  agoShow

4º 32.112' S75º 39.234' ESpailpinStill no wind! Motoring along on a flat sea. about 2 years  agoShow

2º 48.486' S75º 28.902' ESpailpinNo wind so we're motoring into a rather lumpy sea. Hot and humid with rain everywhere but where we are! about 2 years  agoShow

1º 33.414' S74º 36.912' ESpailpinBeautiful first afternoon and night of sailing in near perfect W and SW winds. Now motoring in nothing! about 2 years  agoShow

0º 41.148' S70º 8.664' ESpailpinUnderway from Gan about 2 years  agoShow

0º 41.148' N70º 8.664' ESpailpinIn Gan, prepping for trip to SA about 2 years  agoShow

0º 41.4' N73º 9.18' ESpailpinIn Gan prepping for Rodrigues about 2 years  agoShow

0º 14.574' S73º 6.81' ESpailpin26 miles to Gan about 2 years  agoShow

3º 11.868' N72º 59.574' ESpailpinabout 2 years  agoShow

3º 32.166' N72º 55.536' ESpailpinChilling with more manta ........ <BR/>Moving on tomorrow about 2 years  agoShow

3º 52.038' N72º 43.278' ESpailpinChilling with manta about 2 years  agoShow

4º 7.5' N73º 36.768' ESpailpinIn sight about 2 years  agoShow

3º 44.154' N74º 39.882' ESpailpin <BR/>Landfall in morning ! about 2 years  agoShow

3º 38.79' N75º 7.614' ESpailpin <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

2º 46.59' N78º 0.444' ESpailpinBound for Male <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

2º 7.536' N79º 48.57' ESpailpinBound for Male <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

1º 32.34' N81º 37.332' ESpailpin <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

2º 26.67' N84º 16.038' ESpailpin <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

3º 34.848' N86º 26.688' ESpailpin <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

3º 45.42' N87º 58.428' ESpailpinStill sailing <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

4º 11.358' N89º 22.962' ESpailpin <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

4º 32.43' N90º 28.65' ESpailpin <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

4º 40.53' N91º 7.878' ESpailpinWindless <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

4º 58.458' N92º 29.85' ESpailpin <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

5º 7.782' N93º 6.312' ESpailpinStill in the shipping channel <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

5º 29.82' N94º 43.92' ESpailpinRolling downwind ........... <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

5º 43.08' N95º 25.74' ESpailpin <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

5º 40.14' N96º 43.128' ESpailpinIn the shipping channel <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

5º 51.072' N97º 52.638' ESpailpin <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

6º 16.38' N99º 10.5' ESpailpinSailing @ 5 knots <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

6º 36.792' N100º 8.1' ESpailpinTelaga Harbor cleared out <BR/> about 2 years  agoShow

6º 36.792' N100º 8.178' ESpailpinabout 2 years  agoShow

6º 34.998' N100º 19.998' ESpailpinabout 2 years  agoShow

8º 0.66' N98º 57.744' ESpailpinover 2 years  agoShow

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