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30º 18.24' S153º 8.802' ESaltheartThis is a test post. We’ll be letting you know our position by satellite phone when we are out of service. about 5 years  agoShow

27º 11.922' S153º 21.576' ESaltheartReplaced the seal in the raw water pump today and are now spending the night off Tangalooma. Heading for Cato Reef in the morning almost 6 years  agoShow

27º 28.308' S153º 1.83' ESaltheartMade it to Brisbane in time for Amy’s birthday. Heading to Tangalooma tomorrow for mine(Ian)almost 6 years  agoShow

27º 54.756' S153º 24.966' ESaltheartBig day in light variable winds. Motor sailed for about 11 hours to make the Gold Coast. Everyone feeling a little queasy except for Amy, but we all done well for the first day. Going ashore at Straddie before heading towards Brisvegas.almost 6 years  agoShow

28º 52.032' S153º 32.652' ESaltheartTesting almost 6 years  agoShow

28º 52.026' S153º 32.688' ESaltheartTest upload from Ballina by Email to test fb pages link. Mast is up and soon heading to Brisbane. almost 6 years  agoShow

29º 3.588' S153º 18.726' ESaltheartCurrently on the hard waiting to put her toes back in the brinyalmost 8 years  agoShow

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