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19º 11.736' N104º 41.622' Ws/v Ravenalmost 5 years  agoShow

13º 9.96' N88º 32.22' Ws/v RavenArrived in Bahia Del Sol, El Salvadorabout 6 years  agoShow

14º 25.02' N92º 14.88' Ws/v RavenArrived in Puerto Chiapas, our last port in Mexicoabout 6 years  agoShow

15º 27.372' N96º 4.326' Ws/v RavenArrived in Huatulcoabout 6 years  agoShow

16º 29.118' N99º 30.426' Ws/v RavenAmazingly, it looks like we're anchored in the middle of the ocean, which either means the system is messed up or I'm just no good at this longitude/latitude thing. At any rate, we are currently anchored in Bahia de Puerto Marques, just south of Acapulco.about 6 years  agoShow

17º 38.076' N101º 33.27' Ws/v RavenArrived in Zihuantanejoabout 6 years  agoShow

19º 11.718' N104º 40.926' Ws/v RavenArrived at Barra de Navidadabout 7 years  agoShow

20º 41.508' N105º 17.592' Ws/v RavenArrived Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta! almost 8 years  agoShow

22º 52.992' N109º 54.588' Ws/v RavenArrived Cabo San Lucas! almost 8 years  agoShow

27º 41.22' N114º 53.304' Ws/v RavenArrived Bahia Tortuga...after a REALLY tough day! almost 8 years  agoShow

30º 23.304' N115º 54.642' Ws/v RavenArrived at Bahia San Quintin, Mexico almost 8 years  agoShow

31º 51.276' N116º 37.308' Ws/v RavenEstamos en Mexico! Finalmente! almost 8 years  agoShow

32º 42.606' N117º 14.04' Ws/v RavenIn preparation of a VERY early Thursday departure, we decided to move
the boat just a little closer the the Mexican border...haha!
almost 8 years  agoShow

32º 43.224' N117º 13.458' Ws/v RavenThis is the starting point for the second half of the journey to Arubaabout 8 years  agoShow

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