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47º 55.2' N122º 41.31' WS/V Grace16nm, 3 hours from Kingston to Port Ludlow. After a rolly anchorage in Kingston we were both ready to drop the hook in a beautiful, calm place, preferably protected due to higher winds and rain expected in the next week. We were thrilled to return to Port Ludlow, so far the prettiest anchorage we've experienced, well protected, and last time we were here (which was our first time) we only spent a few days as we had just entered Puget Sound from our trip up the coast and had a date to meet a friend in Port Orchard. We decided to spend a couple of weeks here to catch up on work before going to Seattle's Bell Harbor to celebrate our 11th anniversary. Deep anchorage, 50 feet at high tide. We have all 320 feet of our chain deployed, which is only 5:1 scope (we have to add 5 feet from waterline to bow roller when figuring scope). Looking forward to haul out in November when we'll replace our primary rode with 500 feet of acco galvanized high test chain which would be perfect right now! Still, 5:1 in this protected anchorage should get us through the predicted 30 knot gusts without a problem.3 days  agoShow

47º 47.604' N122º 30.09' WS/V Grace8nm, 1.5 hours from Port Madison to Kingston across from the ferry dock and marina, very exposed to the east and the strait. Many commenters don't like the ferry wake but we don't experience the ferries as a problem at all and they are fun to watch. First day was calm, no wind or waves, and comfortable conditions. 2nd and 3rd day windy and bumpy with cross swells entering from the strait. We like Kingston a lot when it's calm, but will get our packages and leave ASAP as Darlene is too seasick to work. Great market (with Amazon Locker) easy 1/2 mile walk next to the Post Office, a great hardware store, and our favorite used bookstore to date- owner is super helpful and chatty and we bought 7 books between us.5 days  agoShow

47º 41.844' N122º 32.16' WS/V Grace23 nm, 3.5 hours from Des Moines to anchor in Port Madison. Joined by Raven's Dance and we rafted up and had dinner and stayed overnight to leave in the morning. Beautiful, peaceful, a bit crowded with boat on bouys and homes with docks and boats lining both sides of the inner harbor, but fine for short scope anchoring in settled conditions. Very protected on all sides, but not enough room to be a hurricane hole. No shops, just residences and a couple of parks that look nice for walking, one with a small public dock good for dinghies or kayaks. NO CELL SERVICE! We would have liked to stay longer but need to work and there is no cell service (other than a very faint, unworkable signal) in the inner harbor for ATT or T-Mobile.5 days  agoShow

47º 24.084' N122º 19.8' WS/V Grace10 nm from Dockton to Des Moines Marina. Besides recharging batteries and filling water tanks, needed to pick up parts for watermaker. Met with Paul at CSR and will haul out and have them work on Grace before and during our visit to California. Walked the creek trail to the end (4 mile round trip) and took a side trip to Safeway to see how to use the trail to go most of the way there. Very helpful staff and will consider staying here annually while we return to CA for the holidays (very close to SeaTac).12 days  agoShow

47º 22.44' N122º 27.342' WS/V Grace27 nm from Bremerton to Dockton to anchor in Quartermaster Bay. Darlene was down with a cold and we didn't go to town in Vashon as planned.18 days  agoShow

47º 33.726' N122º 37.296' WS/V GraceMotored 1 mile across Sinclair Inlet to guest dock at Bremerton. We took the ferry to Seattle and played tourist visiting the Space Needle, Chahuly Glass Gardens, Pikes Market, and the big waterfront Ferris Wheel. Also visited the Navy Museum while here.18 days  agoShow

47º 32.562' N122º 39.258' WS/V GracePoulsbo to anchor out at Port Orchard, 13 nm.25 days  agoShow

47º 43.578' N122º 38.58' WS/V GraceEagle Harbor to Poulsbo, 18nm, to meet our friend Donn Lassila.about 1 month  agoShow

47º 37.278' N122º 31.29' WS/V Grace18 nm from Silverdale/Dyes Inlet to Eagle Harbor. Anchorage much smaller than we thought and not much room with all the mooring balls, all are private and most are empty. Contrary to guidebooks and info online, harbormaster (Tami) confirms there are NO available mooring balls for visitors. They have a public guest dock where boats are able to (required to) raft up to 4 deep.... nah, not going to do that. View of Seattle from here is incredible though.about 1 month  agoShow

47º 38.322' N122º 41.388' WS/V Grace18nm from Poulsbo to Silverdale with a stop in Brownsville for diesel (amazing $2.19/gal). Tied up at Silverdale Waterfront Park dock, self pay station, $22.00 per night including electricity, a great deal, 3 consecutive nights/10 days per month max. Public park and dock with lots of boat and foot traffic, wouldn't want to stay more nights than necessary, we wanted to plug in to shore power for a day to fully charge the batteries, which we found out you can do during the day for a $2.00 charge (no charge for daytime use of docks). Had lunch at a cool, new place called Kettlefish, 2 blocks from the dock. Couple of pubs nearby but not much else. The real eating and shopping is 1.3 miles away at the largest mall on the Olympic peninsula as well as nearby Trader Joe's, Safeway, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Costco, etc. Grocery Outlet is closer at 1/2 mile with Walgreen's one block further. Huge, almost empty anchorage (1 other boat currently anchored), including an area protected from southerly storms across the inlet from Silverdale, near Anna Smith park. Biggest adventure getting here was a bit of nervousness going under two bridges up the Port Washington Narrows, 74 and 76 feet MHW, and our height is 65 feet, which challenged our tide calculation skills (bridge height is Mean High Water, chart depth is Mean Low Water, and if you go at high tide, how do you know what the Mean is to have enough clearance?) because the height was pretty close in this case. As it was, it appears we had 10 feet of clearance at a +5 high tide.about 1 month  agoShow

47º 43.578' N122º 38.58' WS/V Grace5 hours, 30 miles motoring from Gig Harbor to the Norwegian town of Poulsbo with no wind, flat water, surrounded by gorgeous, beautiful mountains, trees and small towns. Hottest day we've experienced so far in PNW. Anchored in 15 feet of water in Liberty Bay just across from the marina. Dinghy dock is next to shore and very shallow with large rocks at low tide. Waterfront area has a nice park and pavilion and the main street looks like a movie set of Norway. Lots of great shops, a market, an exceptional bakery, and a new/used marine store facing the waterfront. We're excited to be hosting our friends Tony and Diane who are taking a break from cruising Mexico and will be our first overnight guests on Grace.about 2 months  agoShow

47º 20.034' N122º 35.058' WS/V GraceMotored 30 miles, 5 hours from Port Orchard to Gig Harbor to anchor for a month or so. Spacious, busy anchorage that can get crowded on the weekend. At one point we were surrounded by rafts of huge, expensive power boats, two rafts of 3 powerboats, and one raft of 5 powerboats that were only 140 feet away from us. Very calm anchorage and the wind has been negligible for most of our stay. Great guest dock in town (Jerisich) for securing the dinghy and another one (Eddon), little used at the other side of town (closer to where we anchored, across from West Shore Marina), Great "Trolley" that runs during the summer, only 50 cents to ride uptown to Safeway or towards Purdy to Costco, Target etc. Made several trips to West Marine, a short walk from the guest dock. No laundry facilities. General Store and natural food store in town, and Finholm's Market on the west shore has basic groceries. We enjoyed visiting the two used bookstores, Ship to Shore Marine store, and Second Wave used/consignment marine store. Great Farmer's Market on Thursdays and summer concerts on Tuesdays. Entertained daily by the constant flow of kayakers, SUPs, competitive paddlers training, and lots of sailing camp kids with their instructors following them in skiffs.3 months  agoShow

47º 32.562' N122º 39.258' WS/V GraceMotored 6 hours from Port Ludlow and anchored in Port Orchard to visit a friend. Encountered a pod of young killer whales while passing Seattle and posted videos on our Instagram page. Port Orchard Marina has a nice guest dock open til 10pm with a 4 hour limit for tying up without registering and a new public dock as well. Cute small town with the nearest market more than a mile away. Great laundromat @1/2 mile away. Across Sinclair Inlet is Bremerton, and reportedly the nearest market is also more than a mile away, so Darlene and I don't consider this a long term anchorage. We were greeted at anchor by a large jellyfish swimming next to our boat while watching one of the PNW's beautiful sunsets. Recommended anchorage is West of the Yacht Club, across from Yacht Fish. Depth is 32 feet or so and away from ferries and other boat traffic, so it's nice and quiet. Good fuel dock at PO marina with good price that includes tax. 3 months  agoShow

47º 55.326' N122º 41.478' WS/V GraceEasy 42 nm, 7.5 hour motorsail up the strait and into south Puget Sound to Port Ludlow to anchor for a couple of days before going to Port Orchard to meet a friend. Anchored in 38-48 feet (tidal range) of mud with 300 feet of chain for 5.5:1 scope, the minimum for our anchor, but very calm anchorage with little wind.3 months  agoShow

48º 7.578' N123º 27.3' WS/V GraceEasy 50 nm mile motorsail downwind and waves through the strait of San Juan De Fuca to Port Angeles. 2 knot ebb current slowed us for the first half of the trip. Darlene decided she was ready for a break from traveling and wants to spend her birthday here, which is in 3 days. Tentative plan to depart the 24th.3 months  agoShow

48º 22.086' N124º 37.5' WS/V GraceWE DID IT! 2 months and 800 nm from San Francisco Bay to Neah Bay at the entrance to Puget Sound. 135 total hours in 9 legs. Final leg was the longest, 27 hours from Astoria to Neah Bay. 6 of the legs were overnight passages to time bar crossings. This is a big deal for us because Darlene gets very seasick and any medication knocks her out, which means she was sleeping most of the time while I singlehanded, but we chose our weather windows carefully, had a great trip as comfy as possible, and made it to our cruising grounds and new adopted home! Here's a recap of our trip- months  agoShow

46º 11.292' N123º 51.288' WS/V GraceMade it to Astoria, OR on the Columbia River after a 22 hour overnight passage, 113 nm, great conditions for a long but comfy ride. Could have been a few hours shorter but had to time crossing the bar in Newport and crossing the infamous Columbia River bar. We'll be here for at least a couple of weeks to catch up on mail, business, etc.3 months  agoShow

44º 37.44' N124º 3.126' WS/V GraceChallenging 15.5 hour slog, 80nm from Brookings to South Beach Harbor, Newport. 3-5 foot short period mixed swells made for a bumpy, wet ride. Refueled in Newport, took the bus over the bridge to Englund's for some needed boat supplies, visited OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center, but have to leave to catch our weather window before we could make it to the Aquarium, supposedly one of the 10 best in the U.S.4 months  agoShow

43º 20.406' N124º 19.806' WS/V GraceQuick stop in Coos Bay at Charleston Harbor, after easy 15 hour overnight passage from Brookings (we’re getting good at choosing weather windows). Leaving tomorrow for another overnight passage to Newport, also should be 15 hours.4 months  agoShow

42º 2.856' N124º 16.122' WS/V GraceShort 3.5 hour hop 20 miles from Crescent City to Brookings, OR to wait at least a week for storms to pass. Much more affordable harbor and more close by resources than Crescent City.4 months  agoShow

41º 45.348' N124º 12.156' WS/V GraceShort stay in Crescent City. Leaving tomorrow morning for Brookings, Oregon. Easy 20 miles. Storms coming over the next week or more so we’ll be there awhile waiting for a weather window.4 months  agoShow

40º 48.15' N124º 10.698' WS/V GraceWe arrived in Eureka 9am after an overnighter from Fort Bragg. Best possible weather that can be expected for rounding Punta Gorda and Cape Mendicino. To catch this ideal weather window AND coordinate with having enough depth to leave Ft Bragg and arrive in favorable enough conditions to cross the bar into Eureka we had to slow down. What could have been an easy 15 hours at 7 knots became 20 hours at 5 knots. We'll relax in Eureka for a week or so and go to Crescent City from here.4 months  agoShow

39º 26.742' N123º 48.318' WS/V Grace15 hour overnight passage from Bodega Bay to Fort Bragg. Tried to leave a day earlier but turned back because our strategy of anchoring below Point Arena didn't work out. Great conditions for passage, Point Arena was pretty tame for us.5 months  agoShow

38º 19.992' N123º 2.886' WS/V Grace8.5 hours from Sausalito to Bodega Bay in ideal conditions. We caught the ebb tide out of the GG (9+ knots) and the flood into Bodega Bay. Wind and waves were the best we can expect going the “wrong way”.5 months  agoShow

37º 51.546' N122º 29.118' WS/V GraceFinally leaving SF Bay to cruise PNW! First stop is Bodega Bay.5 months  agoShow

36º 57.486' N122º 0.996' WS/V GraceSanta Cruzabout 1 year  agoShow

37º 30.0' N122º 29.424' WS/V GraceHalf Moon Bayabout 1 year  agoShow

37º 54.642' N122º 20.754' WS/V GraceMarina Bay Richmond about 1 year  agoShow

37º 47.052' N122º 16.02' WS/V GraceMarina Village YHover 1 year  agoShow

37º 52.218' N122º 29.898' WS/V GraceClipper yacht harborover 1 year  agoShow

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