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42º 2.856' N124º 16.122' WS/V GraceShort 3.5 hour hop 20 miles from Crescent City to Brookings, OR to wait at least a week for storms to pass. Much more affordable harbor and more close by resources than Crescent City.5 days  agoShow

41º 45.348' N124º 12.156' WS/V GraceShort stay in Crescent City. Leaving tomorrow morning for Brookings, Oregon. Easy 20 miles. Storms coming over the next week or more so we’ll be there awhile waiting for a weather window.6 days  agoShow

40º 48.15' N124º 10.698' WS/V GraceWe arrived in Eureka 9am after an overnighter from Fort Bragg. Best possible weather that can be expected for rounding Punta Gorda and Cape Mendicino. To catch this ideal weather window AND coordinate with having enough depth to leave Ft Bragg and arrive in favorable enough conditions to cross the bar into Eureka we had to slow down. What could have been an easy 15 hours at 7 knots became 20 hours at 5 knots. We'll relax in Eureka for a week or so and go to Crescent City from here.15 days  agoShow

39º 26.742' N123º 48.318' WS/V Grace15 hour overnight passage from Bodega Bay to Fort Bragg. Tried to leave a day earlier but turned back because our strategy of anchoring below Point Arena didn't work out. Great conditions for passage, Point Arena was pretty tame for us.18 days  agoShow

38º 19.992' N123º 2.886' WS/V Grace8.5 hours from Sausalito to Bodega Bay in ideal conditions. We caught the ebb tide out of the GG (9+ knots) and the flood into Bodega Bay. Wind and waves were the best we can expect going the “wrong way”.27 days  agoShow

37º 51.546' N122º 29.118' WS/V GraceFinally leaving SF Bay to cruise PNW! First stop is Bodega Bay.27 days  agoShow

36º 57.486' N122º 0.996' WS/V GraceSanta Cruz9 months  agoShow

37º 30.0' N122º 29.424' WS/V GraceHalf Moon Bay9 months  agoShow

37º 54.642' N122º 20.754' WS/V GraceMarina Bay Richmond 9 months  agoShow

37º 47.052' N122º 16.02' WS/V GraceMarina Village YHabout 1 year  agoShow

37º 52.218' N122º 29.898' WS/V GraceClipper yacht harborover 1 year  agoShow

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