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38º 13.056' N121º 31.062' WS/V Endless SummerIt was decided it was too nice here and that we will stay another week and work from here. Why rush back to the Bay and the cold foggy days if we don't have too. We are really glad the Dry Lightning that came through with hundreds of lightning strikes did not start any major fires. One started but was put out right away. On a sad note, that same day our favorite Delta restaurant was burned to the ground due to a gas water heater malfunction. Hope they can rebuild, been there and family owned since around 1903.
Take care,
Dave and Michelle.
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38º 13.056' N121º 31.062' WS/V Endless SummerI have the coordinates fixed for Sacramento, but for here it does not show exactly in the right position. Sometimes close is good enough.
Another beautiful day in the delta on bow and stern anchors and a midship to the beach to keep us out of the middle. Water temp is 71.6.
Cheers from the Endless Summer crew.
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38º 13.56' N121º 31.614' WS/V Endless SummerI see that our location didn't update when we were up in Sacramento, Oh well. I'll try again now that we are in Walnut Grove...
Maybe I'll also edit the Coordinates to Sacramento. Its a beautiful day on the Georgiana Slough today.
Cheers from Endless Summer
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38º 36.246' N121º 31.548' WS/V Endless SummerBeen a long time since sending out something on Farqwar, All is well here on Endless Summer. Hoping the Delta Variant goes away soon, so we decided to head up the Sacramento Delta!

Sept. 1st, 2021 finds us anchored in the Sacramento River across from the Virgin Sturgeon restaurant where we will go for Brunch.
it was a motorboat ride all the way from Alameda, stopping at Decker island for 1 night. Then up the Steamboat slough where we anchored up by the bascule bridge at the Sacramento river for 2 nights. We put out a bow and stern anchor out towards the middle, then a bow and stern line to the trees to pull us over to the edge. Unfortunately it must have been harvest season (Apples?)and the trucks on that levee road were noisy all night long. So up anchors and a call to the Steamboat Slough bridge and we were on our way up river against about a 1kt current.

When we left Alameda we had 3/4 tank of fuel, now we had less than a quarter so we stopped at Sherwood resort for Diesel. The price was not as bad as it could have been these days at 4.75/gal. Seen that on land lately. We calculate we used about 28 gallons and went about 110 miles or so.

So far, we opened the Rio Vista bridge, Steamboat Slough bridge, Paintersville bridge, Freeport bridge, Tower Bridge and the "I"Street bridge and will now head back down till we get to Walnut Grove bridge and the Georgiana bridge on our way to our next anchorage. Probably leave tomorrow of Friday.

Dave and Michelle
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37º 51.03' N122º 25.014' WS/V Endless SummerWell it was not a bad night here at the East Garrison at Angel Island. The fog rolled in and the Horn started blowing every 10 seconds at around midnight. But its tone allowed some sleep to happen anyway. On the good side there is a lot of seals that call this spot home and they are very curious as to who is here to visit. One of them is a dark Red color that we have never seen before. This anchorage is also not very rolly compared to other anchorages around the bay even though large ships do pass day and night. A large car carrier went by in the rain at 22:00. We felt it but didn't roll us much. This morning is socked in with fog so may be Radar practice day. I wanted to send another note via Farkwar because I am not sure why last evenings position plot is showing us out in the SF Bay to the south of our actual location, so here it goes.
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37º 51.03' N122º 25.014' WS/V Endless SummerWell, 2020 is finally behind us as this is January 1st 2021, YAY. So the Endless Summer crew pulled the anchor up from our happy spot at Treasure island and went for a first of the year sail. It was light but we had a great day if not a bit cold. We sailed up the city front, passing aquatic park. We said, well we can anchor there for the night but we went across the bay to Sausalito. The Yacht club there has a bunch of mooring balls in front so we couldn't drop there. And the middle of Richardson bay is full of full timers and we've heard there was lots of wrecks that can snag your anchor so we pressed on to Racoon Straights and the north side of Angel island there is a little beach but it had some current and wind that didn't look inviting. We went around to the East side of Angel island where there is 3 or four nice little anchorages. We passed a few and ended at the last one called the East Garrison which looked the best. As of 21:30 when the tide changed all is good but still cold at 56F. We are anchored in 18' of water in sand. We will see what it looks like when we wake up. Happy New Years to all!
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37º 47.01' N122º 15.738' WS/V Endless SummerThis should be our actual location and not the one just south of here. Need to figure out the problem, Maybe using wrong coordinate format. 9 months  agoShow

37º 53.73' N122º 27.444' WS/V Endless SummerWe made it back from the Delta yesterday, pulled the anchors at 9am and dropped it again at 5pm at McNears Beach in San Rafael. Not bad for beating against the current. The smoke of the California fires was hazy in the morning but we could not smell it. Then once in Benicia it was so bad we had to put on our masks, fire up the radar and even ran the new loud hailer fog horn. We left McNears this morning and pulled into Loch Lomond to pump out quick before heading to Paradise Park for the night. It was calm and quiet at 2pm but at 3:30 the wind came up to 20kts and its still honking now at 7:30. It would not be so bad but its gusty, the wind dies to nothing and the chain pulls the boat forward. Then the gust hits and swings the bow around till the cantenary of the chain is gone and the rest of the momentum is stoped by the snubber lines. Then it starts all over again. Oh well, it should stop by 10:00 or so. We figured we would go hit a few other stops before heading into the slip since we have plenty food and water to stay out the rest of the week.
More next time,
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38º 5.004' N121º 32.046' WS/V Endless Summer105 today in Bedroom 2 on the Sacramento Delta today, good thing we like the heat. Just wish the smoke would go away. Yuck. Its not too bad but hazy and makes it so the Solar panels can't keep up. We do have to keep the beers cold and the ice cream frozen. That Engel freezer is a miser but the Cold Machine is running a lot. 300 more watts are on the list.
Tomorrow is calling for some wind gusting 32 out of the north so that should be fun. we have a bow and stern anchor out now but we may move the stern to the bow also to keep the bow into the wind. Will see how it goes.
More next time.
D & M.
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38º 5.046' N121º 32.454' WS/V Endless SummerEven though the fires of California were keeping the sky's smoky and soot falling, we made it to the Delta finally! Friday, August 25th we woke up and smelled the smoke but decided to leave anyway with KN95 masks on which made it tolerable. We can brave the smoke either in Alameda or in the warm Delta so what the heck. 10 hours and 65 miles later, we averaged 6.4 knots with a max of 8.8 we dropped the hook off Mandeville tip. Smoke here has been minimal with haze but tolerable with temps in the upper 80's in the day with 60's at night. Wind in the evenings we see upper teens. We moved today to Bedroom 2 on Potato slough and it is quiet. We are the only boat. Perfect!
More next time.
Dave and Michelle
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37º 47.004' N122º 15.078' WS/V Endless SummerWell its been a while since my last entry. I just need to exercise the system, just sitting on the dock working from home.
Will be in the Delta in 2 weeks if all goes to plan. More then.
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37º 48.084' N122º 22.014' WS/V Endless SummerSo the world is pretty much shut down. California has been told to stay HOME with the threat of a misdemeanor, so here we are at HOME on the boat. Last week we stayed on the dock but on Saturday we said we will still be at home and away from people if we were on the hook in the Treasure Island anchorage, just as well if not better than being on the dock. And I'd bet we are more secluded than anyone in a house.
Michelle went out and provisioned the boat as if we were going on an off shore cruise to Hawaii with about 15+ dinner meals aboard. She filled all 4 water tanks and we also pumped out the holding tanks and took on diesel. The only thing that's missing is the 400 Watts of solar panels that are in storage for the winter. It would be nice to have a few more gallons of gas for the Honda generator too once we run out we will just use the main engine to heat water and charge batteries. Really wish we had our solar panels, they work that good.
So here we sit, I can work from HOME here as we have our Verizon Hot Spot that works great. We have no TV reception here but can see what we need on line (Some reports with a grain of salt of coarse).
We will stay put until one of 3 things happens: I get called into work, we run out of water or we run out of Toilet Paper. We have 5 rolls so that should not be first. We are still on the first tank of water which is only 23 gallons so we have been doing really well there too. I am hoping I don't get called in, No one is working so nothing should break. Hmm, Maybe if we run out of Booze? Yikes, I'd hate to imagine that. To that end though, this is really good practice for cruising full time although we are used to hanging out in the Delta for a couple weeks every season.
Anyway, all is good here and we hope anyone reading this is doing so as well.
Stay Safe, Stay Home.
Dave and Michelle
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37º 58.14' N122º 31.092' WS/V Endless SummerWe made it back to Treasure Island anchorage after not being out on the hook since last October. Just been doing too many other things.
The anchor Windlass worked as normal although it looks like the anchor to chain shackle has a bit more rust on it than I'd like. Will take a closer look to make sure its not just surface rust, it was a high quality shackle and hope its not shot after 4 or 5 years. I forget what brand but it did have a red pin.
anyway. Go niners. Super bowl tomorrow against the KC Chiefs. I'm racing first with some friends. Wind will be up in the high 20's gusting 30's so it will be exciting.. till next time.
D & M.
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37º 58.14' N122º 31.092' WS/V Endless SummerWe have been tied to the SRYC Guest dock for a week and a half while Michelle works for her old boss for the week.
Also enjoyed going to see family over Thanksgiving and my Moms 90th Birthday as well as Michelle's Moms Birthday the
wee before. Been raining here over the weekend pretty hard but we were able to sell the old RV in Petaluma before it
really started. Looks like more rain coming including Saturday when we intended to had home, Maybe Sunday instead.
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37º 54.57' N122º 22.968' WS/V Endless SummerEnless Summer Arrived after dark on Friday eve. after a long day at work but still left work early. Had a nice dinner with the OYC Cruisers as well as a lot of RYC members. We had the Filet Mignon. Great! We will be heading to SRYC tomorrow.
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37º 48.48' N122º 25.512' WS/V Endless SummerWe are in Aquatic park for Fleet Week again this year to see the air show featuring the Blue Angels. Another great performance by all the air teams involved with the show. This was the second year we instigated bringing the cruisers from OYC but most of them left on Saturday after the show. We will stay till tomorrow. Using both of our Flop-Stoppers really helps with the wakes from all the big boat traffic outside the break wall. We just set them off the midship cleats on each side. We are anchored in 10' of water in sand. Water temp is only 56.8 Yikes. D&M. almost 2 years  agoShow

37º 48.81' N122º 22.056' WS/V Endless SummerWe are back in SF Bay after a 9 hour motor all the back from the Bedrooms in Potato Slough. No wind and what there was of it was on the nose until "the Slot" which is notorious for afternoon winds. Its also known as Hurricane Alley. Well the boat got all full of salt spray after being so clean all week in the fresh water of the Delta. Anyway, We couldn't bring ourselves to go straight into the marina today so we pulled into the Treasure Island anchorage for the night where a bunch of boats already are. The Washed Up Yacht Club is here with about 20+ boats rafted up. We found our spot out of the wind so we are happy. Its still 81 degrees out here at 18:30 and anchored in 8' of water. May drag the keel a bit at midnight at low tide. Till next time.
Dave and Michelle
Endless Summer.
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38º 5.022' N121º 32.448' WS/V Endless SummerWe pulled the anchors and the lines to trees this morning at 11:30am and meandered down the Georgiana Slough pulling into Bedroom 2 on Potato Slough around 2pm. Tied to a tree with a stern anchor out. The wind was up around 15kts. About 1/2 hour later the rest of the OYC cruisers arrived, dropping anchor behind us. We all met at a dinghy raft up in the anchorage sharing horsderves and stories in the evening.. Bosun the Cat is having a ball catching and eating bugs. We plan to be here a couple of days.
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38º 12.39' N121º 32.478' WS/V Endless SummerWe are anchor down in 25' of 68 degree fresh water, tied to a couple trees to keep us out of the middle of the slough. We are a couple miles further down river because our usual spot is no longer good. There is a 50+ foot sunken houseboat on what used to be the beach and an anchor out in a crappy house boat still there from last year and we just didn't want to look at all that crap let alone what crap he puts in the water, YUCK!!! So down river we went. Found a nice little spot and watched a great full moon in silence for some "US TIME" for a change. The ships cat Bosun was out in the cockpit and up on deck in the beginning of the trip and then slept the rest of the way, missing the opening of 3 bridges. We quickly stopped for fuel at Rio Vista Marina and got back on our way. As we approached the Rio Vista bridge, the tender said because of painting work the bridge was only opening with 4 hours advanced notice through January 1st!!! UHHHHHHH WHHHHAAATTTTT Dave said!!!!! Notification was in the notice to mariners. Oops, didn't read that today... Then one of the Brusco tugs came on VHF 09 and said the 3 mile slough bridge was also out of service and that we would need to go all the way back to Pittsburgh which would be more than a 4 hour setback. WOW!!! The bridge tender said to call him on the land line where he then let us know he could open in 15 mins if we waited, he said he understood we came a distance and didn't want to ruin our day. Wow, THATS GREAT!!! Not much of that helpful attitude around these days. He wouldn't even take the $20 we offered him for his kindness. Told him if he see us out and about to come by for a beer!!! Thank your bridge tender! Anyway, we are here in beautiful 85 degree weather, Michelle is outside using the bucket to rinse down the deck. We've already been in the water to cool off. Dinghy is down, and ready to roll for Guisti's dinner tonight. More tomorrow when we depart this spot and head down to the Bedrooms in Potato slough to meet the rest of the OYC cruise out attendees...
Dave and Michelle O.
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38º 1.098' N122º 24.372' WS/V Endless SummerIts Friday, September 13th 2019 and being such a superstitious day we can say we left yesterday evening after work. We are not superstitious though and we just left after work to get farther along. Anyway we spent the night at McNears Beach along with 9 other anchor-outs, not one with an anchor light on. anyway, there was no wind all night and there was a beautiful sunset. we rocked very little, until we didn't! We suspect a ship went by but WOW, we rocked what felt like gunnel to gunnel for about 20 minutes. This was around midnight. Yuck. Other ships went by but nothing rocked us like this one.
Anyway, we pulled anchor at 9am and are headed east in 70 degree air, a light breeze out of the north so we put up both sails and are motor sailing at 6 kts. Will updated again at our anticipated destination of Georgiana Slough tonight.
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37º 29.922' N122º 29.37' WS/V Endless SummerWe made it to HMB for another Labor Day cruise out with OYC to the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club. Light wind out of the WNW around 10 or less had us motor sailing once we droped down to 2kts over ground. The only wild life we saw was 1 baby Sun fish. We also had our Chart Plotter die 1/4 mile from the GGB, Nice timing. Used the Garmin hand held but didn't really need it as the fog layer was high. We are hanging on our anchor in 15' of water. Temps will be in the 70's today.
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37º 30.15' N122º 12.708' WS/V Endless SummerWe made it from OYC to Redwood City Sequoia YC. Hit 8.3kts on the nice beam reach. Then wing/wing through the bridge before a couple Jibes into the channel at 8kts again. Nice trip, Hot weekend. Dinghy trip around Bair Island was fun with the club, had 6 boats, the Torqedo's died or broke down. :-)~ about 2 years  agoShow

37º 48.798' N122º 22.152' WS/V Endless Summerfor the weekend. about 2 years  agoShow

37º 58.32' N122º 29.922' WS/V Endless SummerThis is where we really are, over 2 years  agoShow

37º 58.152' N122º 31.08' WS/V Endless SummerAfter Angel Island we are up the creek for a couple days. over 2 years  agoShow

37º 47.01' N122º 15.768' WS/V Endless SummerHad a great trip to CPYC, time to get ready for Angel Island. over 2 years  agoShow

37º 39.42' N122º 19.32' WS/V Endless Summer----We sailed across the bay at 9.5kts to Coyote Point YC. Weather is cool and breezy. -
At 5/27/2019 5:15 PM (utc) our position was 37°39.42'N 122°19.32'W
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37º 35.22' N122º 18.942' WS/V Endless Summertesting again. over 2 years  agoShow

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