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44º 6.504' N69º 6.024' WRocinanteAnchored in Rockland again!5 months  agoShow

42º 23.058' N70º 7.518' WRocinanteOff Cape Cod, lots of whales!over 1 year  agoShow

32º 22.8' N64º 40.404' WRocinanteAnchored in St. Georges for a bit.over 4 years  agoShow

35º 58.002' N75º 4.302' WRocinanteCrossing the Gulf Stream this evening. All is flat and happy. over 4 years  agoShow

37º 32.208' N76º 20.124' WRocinanteFishing Bay, Deltavilleover 4 years  agoShow

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