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14º 44.598' N61º 10.698' WRamble / Ramble TooA boisterous bumpy sail from Dominica to Martinique, and we are anchored just off the town beach in St Pierre. It was the capital until 1902, when a nearby volcano erupted. about 2 months  agoShow

15º 34.998' N61º 27.798' WRamble / Ramble TooAfter checking out Ilse des Saintes beaches this morning, a lovely close-reach sail south 20nm to Dominica, where we’re moored in Rupert Bay, off Portsmouth. about 2 months  agoShow

15º 52.098' N61º 35.1' WRamble / Ramble TooMoored, Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe. Fluky wind from Sebastian, but we sailed down the west coast of Guadeloupe today, stopping to snorkel at Jacque Cousteau marine park, then stopped Bas Terre to take on water, and then sailed over to The Saints - wing on wing - arriving just after sunset. 2 months  agoShow

16º 18.402' N61º 47.802' WRamble / Ramble TooMoored, Deshaies, Guadeloupe. On land! 1600nm; 12 days. Lovely sailing; awesome shipmates who all excelled at pointing Ramble Too as we worked our way windward on a close reach over several days to make our Easting. 2 months  agoShow

18º 37.998' N61º 52.002' WRamble / Ramble TooOur last overnight at sea. We'll sail past Barbuda and Antigua shortly after dawn, and carry on the remaining 50nm to Deshaies, Guadeloupe. Weather/wind for this last 150nm is wonderful. 3 months  agoShow

21º 13.998' N62º 4.002' WRamble / Ramble TooThe "remove flying fish from the deck" squad busy today. Awesome Trades Wind sailing. Just completed a 150nm day. 3 months  agoShow

23º 31.998' N62º 48.0' WRamble / Ramble TooBounding along SSE in East Trades to take full advantage before they veer to SE at week's end. 400nm to Guadeloupe! 3 months  agoShow

26º 19.998' N64º 13.998' WRamble / Ramble TooMore wind, more squalls, we are solidly in the Trades. Close hauled on port tack from here on in. About 600nm. (Starting tomorrow, our position will likely be sent in the evening instead of morning.) 3 months  agoShow

27º 43.002' N65º 34.002' WRamble / Ramble TooGood morning from Atlantic Time. After an overnight of minor squalls, this morning we've turned the corner into the Trade Winds and are sailing SSE 700nm to Deshaies, Guadeloupe. 3 months  agoShow

28º 31.002' N67º 24.0' WRamble / Ramble TooHappy Sunday everyone. Another gorgeous day at sea. We heading mostly east now, to pick up the Trade Winds that will take us the rest of the way. 3 months  agoShow

30º 0.0' N69º 0.0' WRamble / Ramble TooGentle sailing in light breeze in which Ramble Too excels. Another sunny day. 3 months  agoShow

31º 0.0' N70º 4.002' WRamble / Ramble TooLovely sunrise at sea. Close reaching, and yesterday's screwy swell abating. Great weather thus far. As seagull flies (not including tacks), about 400nm since BeaufortNC. Lotta upwind sailing. 6.5 knots, 80T, wind SSE 15, seas 5'. 3 months  agoShow

32º 20.7' N73º 32.1' WRamble / Ramble TooFrom: "Ramble Too" <> <BR/>Subject: Ramble Too - Position Report <BR/>Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2019 07:26:28 -0400 <BR/> <BR/>212nm from BeaufortNC. Close reaching in relatively flat seas (3'), ESE 12. 5.8 knots, 142T. 3 months  agoShow

33º 42.702' N75º 23.4' WRamble / Ramble TooDeparted BeaufortNC inlet at 2200 UTC. Crossed Gulf Stream over night and just exiting. Sailing. 155T, 5.5knots. Apparent wind E about 12-15 knots. Seas calming down; 3-4 ft from E. 3 months  agoShow

34º 43.422' N76º 39.84' WRamble / Ramble TooThis is a test position report from Ramble Too. Docked, BeaufortNC, prepping for departure tomorrow. 3 months  agoShow

34º 43.422' N76º 39.84' WRamble / Ramble TooDocked, BeaufortNC Yacht Basin! Thus concludes our awesome fall<BR/> coastal sail from Maine. Now, all out prepping for Monday departure<BR/> for Guadeloupe. 3 months  agoShow

34º 58.002' N76º 34.65' WRamble / Ramble TooAnchored, South River. Lovely day of light-air<BR/> upwind tacking, then asymmetrical. Few sailboats sailing. :-) 25nm<BR/> Beaufort. 3 months  agoShow

35º 9.762' N76º 35.382' WRamble / Ramble TooAnchored, Bonner Bay, off Bay River. Motored down the canal, but<BR/> otherwise lovely sailing again. Very few sailboats sailing. :-) 40nm<BR/> Beaufort. 3 months  agoShow

35º 40.5' N76º 3.462' WRamble / Ramble TooAnchored, Alligator River. Lovely sailing. 3 months  agoShow

36º 18.222' N76º 12.948' WRamble / Ramble TooDocked, Mid Atlantic Christian University,<BR/> Elizabeth City. The university offers free dockage, hot showers<BR/> and breakfast for transiting boaters. Out of the Dismal Swamp<BR/> Canal, including at exit cranky bridge, the tender of which said<BR/> "go through as fast as you can and I'll try to hold it up." 3 months  agoShow

36º 30.402' N76º 21.36' WRamble / Ramble TooDocked, midway through Dismal Swamp Canal, at visitors center, where we'll sit out Nector remnants. 3 months  agoShow

36º 44.88' N76º 20.286' WRamble / Ramble TooAnchored, outside the northern locks to the Great Dismal Swamp Canal. We’ll be the first boat into the locks tomorrow morning, assuming we can get out of the mud. :-) Overnight sleigh ride down the Chesapeake on the tail of a N’reaster. 3 months  agoShow

38º 50.118' N76º 32.478' WRamble / Ramble TooMoored, Chalk Point, Maryland. And we’ll be here for a week visiting sister Sylvia, and Washington field trips for students of Starfish School! 4 months  agoShow

39º 22.362' N76º 2.85' WRamble / Ramble TooAnchored, Sassafras River, Chesapeake Bay. Lovely evening sail. 4 months  agoShow

39º 31.59' N75º 32.13' WRamble / Ramble TooAnchored, Black Ditch, Delaware River, after boisterous sail along the Jersey Shore and a slog up the Delaware. Waiting for current to turn to transit Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. 4 months  agoShow

40º 32.724' N74º 8.094' WRamble / Ramble TooMoored, Great Kills Harbor, Staten Iskand. Passed by Statue of Liberty in rain and fog, but we made the most of fresh Easterly. 4 months  agoShow

41º 5.238' N73º 23.778' WRamble / Ramble TooDocked, Norwalk Cove Marina. Old home day. 4 months  agoShow

41º 6.552' N73º 20.16' WRamble / Ramble TooAnchored, compo Beach, Westport. Spinnaker day. 4 months  agoShow

41º 15.678' N72º 28.698' WRamble / Ramble TooAnchored, Duck Islands Road. Great upwind sail. 4 months  agoShow

41º 21.798' N71º 57.9' WRamble / Ramble TooDocked, Mystic Seaport. Pleasant upwind sailing, thanks to dawn departure from Block. It’s been wonderful having friends Robyn & Ernest sailing with us.4 months  agoShow

41º 10.998' N71º 34.602' WRamble / Ramble TooDocked, Great Salt Pond, Block Island. Lotta upwind today.4 months  agoShow

41º 25.302' N70º 55.398' WRamble / Ramble TooMoored, Cuttyhunk Pond. An afternoon playing on the beach.4 months  agoShow

41º 40.302' N70º 45.498' WRamble / Ramble TooAnchored, Aucoot Cove, Buzzards Bay4 months  agoShow

42º 17.802' N70º 53.598' WRamble / Ramble TooAnchored, Hull Bay, Boston Harbor4 months  agoShow

42º 21.648' N71º 2.898' WRamble / Ramble TooDocked, Boston waterfront4 months  agoShow

42º 36.762' N70º 39.258' WRamble / Ramble TooMoored, Gloucester Inner Harbor. Kiddos had great first overnight sail.4 months  agoShow

43º 49.8' N69º 54.978' WRamble / Ramble TooDeparting, Great Island Boat Yard, Harpswell, Maine.4 months  agoShow

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