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43º 49.638' N69º 54.924' WRamble TooWe made Maine landfall at dawn, sailed into Quahog Bay then Orr's Cove, and are on R.T.'s home mooring at Great Island Boat Yard. 2100nm - not including tacks - since departing VIs three weeks ago. Lily is an awesome sailor and shipmate; I am one lucky uncle. almost 3 years  agoShow

41º 32.496' N70º 39.336' WRamble TooMoored, lovely and protected Quissett Harbor, which has best memories. We'll await for S-SW breeze in a few days to carry on to Maine. almost 3 years  agoShow

41º 25.464' N70º 54.648' WRamble TooNothing like rain and fog to welcome you back to home waters. We're anchored, Cuttyhunk outer harbor, to nap and see if fog lifts. Cavorting dolphins yesterday; Lily has video! almost 3 years  agoShow

39º 31.998' N73º 9.0' WRamble TooThe sun rises, and so does the spinnaker. The watch changes (one sailor says have a good watch, the other says have a good sleep). almost 3 years  agoShow

37º 45.0' N75º 6.0' WRamble TooWing to wing overnight. Lots of light from near-full moon. Pumpkin muffins in the oven. A lovely morning at sea. almost 3 years  agoShow

36º 58.998' N76º 4.002' WRamble TooLovely day transiting the Great Dismal Swamp Canal. Not so much the bridges of NorfolkVA, which were most down today. :-) Clearing Norfolk now, headed for Buzzards Bay/Cape Cod Canal, 380nm, 40T, 3 1/2 days. almost 3 years  agoShow

36º 30.414' N76º 21.36' WRamble TooAnother great day. Docked, Great Dismal Swamp Visitors Center. almost 3 years  agoShow

35º 40.5' N76º 3.3' WRamble TooWe had some of the loveliest sailing today. NE 15-25 breeze. Not so hot for rounding Hatteras; awesome for the lake-like sounds and rivers of tidal North Carolina. Lily and I sailed the dickens out of R.T., often at hull speed, beating northward. Didn't see another sailboat until sundown. Group chatter on the radio last night was that this should be a hunker down day. Sunny, pleasant temps, breezy. From sun up to sun down, distance made good today 66nm, not including tacks. What fun. At anchor, Newport News Point, Alligator River (which will have a familiar ring to last fall's southbound sailors). almost 3 years  agoShow

35º 3.702' N76º 37.098' WRamble TooAt anchor, Neuse River, North Carolina. Wind was so good we didn't stop when arriving Beaufort late morning. Niece Lily sailed us right up the harbor channels - through a tight railroad bridge - and up Adam Creek (the first leg of the ICW northward from Beaufort). We were quite surprising to other boats that were not sailing, hee, hee. Lily and I have sailed 1500nm since she arrived in St. John five weeks ago to sail RAMBLE TOO home. We left St. John May 15 for Culebra to clear into the U.S., then a 4-day passage to the Bahamas, an overnight sail there, and a 5-day passage to here. She's a great shipmate and sailor; we're having a good time.almost 3 years  agoShow

34º 15.0' N76º 34.002' WRamble TooLovely sailing our last night at sea. We exited the Gulf Stream early this morning, just came on soundings, are about 20nm from BeaufortNC, and shortly will cross our wake from when R.T. departed here last October. (And the odometer on the chart plotter - installed in 2013 - just turned 10,000nm!) almost 3 years  agoShow

31º 49.998' N77º 21.0' WRamble TooAbout 200nm east of Savannah, GA this morning. Since departing the Bahamas we've stayed offshore to avoid inclement weather in coastal waters (including remnants of Tropical Storm Bertha) which has worked out well.) Breeze picked up nicely overnight and that continues today/tomorrow, and we're making the most of it. And . . . Just entered the Gulf Stream (queue Woody Guthrie!). almost 3 years  agoShow

29º 25.998' N76º 33.0' WRamble TooGood morning! Dolphins yesterday. Today is wing on wing day. Last day off Florida; what a long state! almost 3 years  agoShow

27º 25.002' N75º 58.002' WRamble TooWe're about 300nm off Ft Pierce, FL this morning. Have gone a third of the way to BeaufortNC. Great sailing, great sailors! :-) almost 3 years  agoShow

25º 13.002' N75º 25.002' WRamble TooGreat breeze last night and we averaged 7 knots overnight. Now, sloppy seas. All's swell! almost 3 years  agoShow

23º 38.046' N75º 21.132' WRamble TooJust anchored Calabash Bay, Long Island. Hull speed (7.4 knots) for most of yesterday/last night in ideal spinnaker weather. almost 3 years  agoShow

22º 21.102' N73º 5.322' WRamble TooJust anchored, Start Bay, Mayaguana, Bahamas. Lovely sail! almost 3 years  agoShow

20º 55.998' N71º 54.0' WRamble TooAnother beautiful day at sea. Conditions continue to be about perfect; lovely breeze. A lot of wing on wing. We've gone 420nm, another 100nm to to Mayaguana. almost 3 years  agoShow

19º 57.0' N69º 39.0' WRamble TooGreat sailing. Great napping. Flying fish. All swell! :-)
almost 3 years  agoShow

19º 12.66' N67º 32.1' WRamble TooA great first day/overnight. Pretty much ideal sailing conditions, and certainly ideal shipmate! :-)
We've cleared Puerto Rico, now transiting the mouth of the Mona Passage between PR and Hispanola.
Looking good to arrive Mayaguana Fri22. Gone 140nm, have 380nm to go.
Cheers, UJ & Lily
almost 3 years  agoShow

18º 16.818' N65º 17.262' WRamble TooAfter Lily finished her two-day all-nighter final exam at 7a and we went for a last USVIs snorkel for this season at Booby Rock, we sailed from St. John to Culebra, PR, arriving this evening. Tomorrow we set sail for Mayaguana, Bahamans, 520nm, arriving Fri22. Forecast is great.

- After tonight, until you hear further, the way to reach us is through this email address ( Write any time, but text only please (no attachments; no signature cards).

- Reminder that our position reports (including where we are now) at:

We'll aim to do a position report about daily.


Uncle John & Lily
almost 3 years  agoShow

18º 18.498' N64º 42.402' WRamble TooWe're been sheltering in place the past weeks on my favorite mooring in the whole Virgin Islands National Park, at Salt Pond Bay. Grand kiddos and parents flew back to the mainland, and college senior niece Lily has flown in to sail back after her last (on line) final exam May 15. almost 3 years  agoShow

18º 21.858' N64º 44.82' WRamble TooBack in the U.S. of A. Moored for the Moores :-), Francis Bay, St. John, USVI. about 3 years  agoShow

18º 26.352' N64º 26.682' WRamble TooSo long to the awesome Windward/Leeward islands we visited! A quite salty overnight sail NNW from Nevis, and we are anchored at Valley Trunk Bay (next to The Baths), Virgin Gorda, BVIs. about 3 years  agoShow

17º 9.0' N62º 37.998' WRamble TooA gentle overnight sail north from lovely Barbuda, and now we’re moored at Nevis, also stunning. Our view include a ginormous (dormant) volcano. about 3 years  agoShow

17º 37.998' N61º 51.0' WRamble TooAn overnight sail north from Guadeloupe, and we’re anchored at Barbuda, just off long, beautiful, remote beach. Repaired centerboard finest kind! about 3 years  agoShow

14º 44.598' N61º 10.698' WRamble TooA boisterous bumpy sail from Dominica to Martinique, and we are anchored just off the town beach in St Pierre. It was the capital until 1902, when a nearby volcano erupted. over 3 years  agoShow

15º 34.998' N61º 27.798' WRamble TooAfter checking out Ilse des Saintes beaches this morning, a lovely close-reach sail south 20nm to Dominica, where we’re moored in Rupert Bay, off Portsmouth. over 3 years  agoShow

15º 52.098' N61º 35.1' WRamble TooMoored, Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe. Fluky wind from Sebastian, but we sailed down the west coast of Guadeloupe today, stopping to snorkel at Jacque Cousteau marine park, then stopped Bas Terre to take on water, and then sailed over to The Saints - wing on wing - arriving just after sunset. over 3 years  agoShow

16º 18.402' N61º 47.802' WRamble TooMoored, Deshaies, Guadeloupe. On land! 1600nm; 12 days. Lovely sailing; awesome shipmates who all excelled at pointing Ramble Too as we worked our way windward on a close reach over several days to make our Easting. over 3 years  agoShow

18º 37.998' N61º 52.002' WRamble TooOur last overnight at sea. We'll sail past Barbuda and Antigua shortly after dawn, and carry on the remaining 50nm to Deshaies, Guadeloupe. Weather/wind for this last 150nm is wonderful. over 3 years  agoShow

21º 13.998' N62º 4.002' WRamble TooThe "remove flying fish from the deck" squad busy today. Awesome Trades Wind sailing. Just completed a 150nm day. over 3 years  agoShow

23º 31.998' N62º 48.0' WRamble TooBounding along SSE in East Trades to take full advantage before they veer to SE at week's end. 400nm to Guadeloupe! over 3 years  agoShow

26º 19.998' N64º 13.998' WRamble TooMore wind, more squalls, we are solidly in the Trades. Close hauled on port tack from here on in. About 600nm. (Starting tomorrow, our position will likely be sent in the evening instead of morning.) over 3 years  agoShow

27º 43.002' N65º 34.002' WRamble TooGood morning from Atlantic Time. After an overnight of minor squalls, this morning we've turned the corner into the Trade Winds and are sailing SSE 700nm to Deshaies, Guadeloupe. over 3 years  agoShow

28º 31.002' N67º 24.0' WRamble TooHappy Sunday everyone. Another gorgeous day at sea. We heading mostly east now, to pick up the Trade Winds that will take us the rest of the way. over 3 years  agoShow

30º 0.0' N69º 0.0' WRamble TooGentle sailing in light breeze in which Ramble Too excels. Another sunny day. over 3 years  agoShow

31º 0.0' N70º 4.002' WRamble TooLovely sunrise at sea. Close reaching, and yesterday's screwy swell abating. Great weather thus far. As seagull flies (not including tacks), about 400nm since BeaufortNC. Lotta upwind sailing. 6.5 knots, 80T, wind SSE 15, seas 5'. over 3 years  agoShow

32º 20.7' N73º 32.1' WRamble TooFrom: "Ramble Too"
Subject: Ramble Too - Position Report
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2019 07:26:28 -0400

212nm from BeaufortNC. Close reaching in relatively flat seas (3'), ESE 12. 5.8 knots, 142T.
over 3 years  agoShow

33º 42.702' N75º 23.4' WRamble TooDeparted BeaufortNC inlet at 2200 UTC. Crossed Gulf Stream over night and just exiting. Sailing. 155T, 5.5knots. Apparent wind E about 12-15 knots. Seas calming down; 3-4 ft from E. over 3 years  agoShow

34º 43.422' N76º 39.84' WRamble TooThis is a test position report from Ramble Too. Docked, BeaufortNC, prepping for departure tomorrow. over 3 years  agoShow

34º 43.422' N76º 39.84' WRamble TooDocked, BeaufortNC Yacht Basin! Thus concludes our awesome fall
coastal sail from Maine. Now, all out prepping for Monday departure
for Guadeloupe.
over 3 years  agoShow

34º 58.002' N76º 34.65' WRamble TooAnchored, South River. Lovely day of light-air
upwind tacking, then asymmetrical. Few sailboats sailing. :-) 25nm
over 3 years  agoShow

35º 9.762' N76º 35.382' WRamble TooAnchored, Bonner Bay, off Bay River. Motored down the canal, but
otherwise lovely sailing again. Very few sailboats sailing. :-) 40nm
over 3 years  agoShow

35º 40.5' N76º 3.462' WRamble TooAnchored, Alligator River. Lovely sailing. over 3 years  agoShow

36º 18.222' N76º 12.948' WRamble TooDocked, Mid Atlantic Christian University,
Elizabeth City. The university offers free dockage, hot showers
and breakfast for transiting boaters. Out of the Dismal Swamp
Canal, including at exit cranky bridge, the tender of which said
"go through as fast as you can and I'll try to hold it up."
over 3 years  agoShow

36º 30.402' N76º 21.36' WRamble TooDocked, midway through Dismal Swamp Canal, at visitors center, where we'll sit out Nector remnants. over 3 years  agoShow

36º 44.88' N76º 20.286' WRamble TooAnchored, outside the northern locks to the Great Dismal Swamp Canal. We’ll be the first boat into the locks tomorrow morning, assuming we can get out of the mud. :-) Overnight sleigh ride down the Chesapeake on the tail of a N’reaster. over 3 years  agoShow

38º 50.118' N76º 32.478' WRamble TooMoored, Chalk Point, Maryland. And we’ll be here for a week visiting sister Sylvia, and Washington field trips for students of Starfish School! over 3 years  agoShow

39º 22.362' N76º 2.85' WRamble TooAnchored, Sassafras River, Chesapeake Bay. Lovely evening sail. over 3 years  agoShow

39º 31.59' N75º 32.13' WRamble TooAnchored, Black Ditch, Delaware River, after boisterous sail along the Jersey Shore and a slog up the Delaware. Waiting for current to turn to transit Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. over 3 years  agoShow

40º 32.724' N74º 8.094' WRamble TooMoored, Great Kills Harbor, Staten Iskand. Passed by Statue of Liberty in rain and fog, but we made the most of fresh Easterly. over 3 years  agoShow

41º 5.238' N73º 23.778' WRamble TooDocked, Norwalk Cove Marina. Old home day. over 3 years  agoShow

41º 6.552' N73º 20.16' WRamble TooAnchored, compo Beach, Westport. Spinnaker day. over 3 years  agoShow

41º 15.678' N72º 28.698' WRamble TooAnchored, Duck Islands Road. Great upwind sail. over 3 years  agoShow

41º 21.798' N71º 57.9' WRamble TooDocked, Mystic Seaport. Pleasant upwind sailing, thanks to dawn departure from Block. It’s been wonderful having friends Robyn & Ernest sailing with us.over 3 years  agoShow

41º 10.998' N71º 34.602' WRamble TooDocked, Great Salt Pond, Block Island. Lotta upwind today.over 3 years  agoShow

41º 25.302' N70º 55.398' WRamble TooMoored, Cuttyhunk Pond. An afternoon playing on the beach.over 3 years  agoShow

41º 40.302' N70º 45.498' WRamble TooAnchored, Aucoot Cove, Buzzards Bayover 3 years  agoShow

42º 17.802' N70º 53.598' WRamble TooAnchored, Hull Bay, Boston Harborover 3 years  agoShow

42º 21.648' N71º 2.898' WRamble TooDocked, Boston waterfrontover 3 years  agoShow

42º 36.762' N70º 39.258' WRamble TooMoored, Gloucester Inner Harbor. Kiddos had great first overnight sail.over 3 years  agoShow

43º 49.8' N69º 54.978' WRamble TooDeparting, Great Island Boat Yard, Harpswell, Maine.over 3 years  agoShow

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