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24º 42.324' N81º 5.736' WSV Summer FridayBack on the ball in Boot Key Harbor. 4 days  agoShow

24º 34.068' N81º 48.99' WSV Summer FridayAnchored off Wisteria Island, just off Key West. 7 days  agoShow

24º 41.958' N81º 40.938' WSV Summer FridaySnipe Point. Super rolling anchorage but Bahamas like white sand beaches. Amazing!7 days  agoShow

24º 43.608' N81º 31.284' WSV Summer FridayTarpon Belly Key - it’s awesome here!9 days  agoShow

24º 46.17' N81º 22.476' WSV Summer FridayLittle Spanish Key. It’s nice & secluded. No one else here and the silence is beautiful. 11 days  agoShow

24º 40.05' N81º 16.164' WSV Summer FridayBahia Honda North. Great day of sailing Summer Friday for the first time. Light winds (7-10 knots) and she could definitely handle much more easily. Played with the autopilot on the way, still can’t get it to work right. 14 days  agoShow

24º 42.33' N81º 5.754' WSV Summer FridayBack to our mooring ball in Boot Key Harbor. Waiting for a good weather window to cross to the Bahamas. about 1 month  agoShow

24º 42.45' N81º 6.24' WSV Summer FridayWent into Marathon Boat Yard to have our diesel tank cleaned and fuel polished. about 1 month  agoShow

24º 42.33' N81º 5.754' WSV Summer FridayFinally made it to Boot Key Harbor by boat!!! 3 months  agoShow

24º 51.108' N80º 44.556' WSV Summer FridayMatecumbe Harbor Anchorage. 3 other boats made it a bit tight but it turned out to be a nice spot. 3 months  agoShow

25º 30.396' N80º 11.058' WSV Summer FridaySands Key Anchorage. Tried to enter Boca Chita Harbor but it was packed with the cuban navy. We promptly turned around and found this wonderful spot. Clear water to the bottom, great holding, and smooth water due to really good protection. 3 months  agoShow

25º 40.53' N80º 9.948' WSV Summer FridayNo Name Harbor is packed so we dropped the hook just outside. 3 months  agoShow

26º 44.802' N80º 2.676' WSV Summer Friday3 months  agoShow

26º 52.824' N80º 4.374' WSV Summer Friday4 months  agoShow

24º 42.414' N81º 5.37' WSV Summer Friday4 months  agoShow

26º 52.83' N80º 4.404' WSV Summer FridayStill at Loggerhead Marina. We’re waiting on a new motor to arrive. Once installed we’ll be headed south. So ready to move on. 4 months  agoShow

26º 52.806' N80º 4.368' WSV Summer FridayGreat day yesterday. Pulled into Loggerhead Marina about 5:00pm. It’s cold (for Florida) and we’re waiting for some help with our diesel motor.5 months  agoShow

27º 28.104' N80º 19.638' WSV Summer Friday5 months  agoShow

29º 32.898' N95º 1.41' WSV Summer FridaySplashdown! Moved from being on the hard at Watergate Marina to Portofino Harbour Marina. She's sure slick in the water with the new bottom job - feels great!7 months  agoShow

29º 32.766' N95º 2.406' WSV Summer FridayArrived in Kemah. Quixotic will be on the hard for the next week getting work done. 7 months  agoShow

32º 51.402' N96º 32.832' WSV Summer FridayCaptain's Cove Marina. Preparing for Haulout to blue water. The mast came off yesterday. Truck and larger crane come next Monday to send us on our way to Kemah. 8 months  agoShow

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