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25º 52.122' N142º 9.672' EPino5 days  agoShow

24º 14.016' N142º 14.754' EPino6 days  agoShow

23º 41.514' N142º 44.532' EPino7 days  agoShow

22º 11.772' N144º 58.698' EPino8 days  agoShow

21º 11.202' N145º 55.674' EPino9 days  agoShow

20º 5.778' N146º 51.912' EPino10 days  agoShow

18º 53.976' N147º 31.482' EPinoAnother calm and smooth day, soaking on flat seas at 5 knots in 15-20 knots out of the NE. Still encountering ships out here. We see targets on AIS that are 100nm away sometimes, and make a game of guessing it's name. Needless to say we're always wrong. Hard to guess a name like "Forestal Pacifico". One ship came by that wasn't on AIS, a reminder that it's important to remember to look around once in a while. <BR/>Tomorrow the winds are supposed to die completely, and will return shortly after from the north. This is good for us, we'll be close reaching and Pino handles that well enough. <BR/>Still skirting the Marianas, our target lying ahead, getting closer by the day. We're planning to wait for wind, and to motor at night if the wind isn't back by then.11 days  agoShow

17º 5.538' N148º 34.56' EPinoAhh what a lovely day! <BR/>Winds are down to a nice 15-18kts, sea is calm and after 5 days of rough weather we can relax a bit. We're pointing a bit more north today COG 330 at a comfortable 5 knots, following the Marianas. We're not the only ones out here, lots of traffic going both south and north to various destinations. Right now I have 5 targets on AIS, all cargo ships, different than from seeing fishing boats. Many have Japanese names. Did not expect this level of traffic here, but I guess it makes sense for boats to make their way along this island chain. Not much to say, we had mapo tofu for dinner and poked fun at a masked booby that we saw surfing the waves on an old plastic crate, earlier it was circling our boat looking for a perch and decided that it preferred the water logged crate. 12 days  agoShow

16º 7.428' N150º 29.502' EPinoWinds 22-25 kts, gusting 28-30. Pino's cockpit is so welcoming that waves are frequent visitors. We're nearing Saipan, and the northern Mariannas, as well as the end of what seems to be the NE tradewind area. Soon we'll turn the bow northward to Chichijima. <BR/>We reduced sail even further at night, adding a 3rd reef for peace of mind. The last few nights have been very squally, and with the strong trades the squalls too are made stronger. We also wanted to practice putting the 3rd reef in cause it isn't something we've used before, although we did practice it in calm seas. Today we made many mistakes and it look a lot longer than it was supposed to. In big seas it's not easy to set up, wrestling a billowy sail as the boat keeps trying to turn away from the wind, wth sea water licking at your heels, by the end of it we we're both terribly exhausted. We had bread and hummus for dinner, and because of the deliciousness of the meal we both felt better about our failures with the reef. Next time will be better. 13 days  agoShow

15º 24.42' N152º 55.512' EPinoToday was more pleasant,winds and seas calmed a little. Winds 18-22. We reached our halfway mark and had delicious pancakes with fizzy maple syrup, yup, our maple syrup fizzed when I opened it "tssst". <BR/>"Um" I wondered, putting my nose to it. "I think it's alcohol now." That's what happens when you try and ration a good thing. We had it anyway, and it was delicious.<BR/>The night was more boisterous, winds 25-33kts, high and fast seas. We're edging along a corridor of foul weather, hoping to get out of it today. All our foul weather gear is drenched in sea water, not very pleasant to slip into.14 days  agoShow

14º 12.492' N154º 41.55' EPinoWind still strong, 20-25kts. We're still stuck in a patch of not so fun squally weather. Haven't found out why tachometer (yes I know what it's called now) isn't working. Not a big deal tho. We'll have a look at the panel in calmer seas (if ever that happens), seems fine on the engine side. We're nearing the halfway point, will be having pancakes for dinner to celebrate! Yasss!<BR/>The night was rough, non-stop squalls and waves wetting us in the cockpit. Wind, too, was high, blowing consistently at 28-31kts. Hoping to reach the end of this bad patch of weather.15 days  agoShow

13º 25.488' N156º 56.46' EPinoWinds blowing 20-25 knots out of NE, gusting at 30-35 knots at times. Not super pleasant. The waves make it hard to do anything inside.<BR/>Today we were going to give our batteries a charge using the engine, but the alternator belt broke. Wanted to change it but sea is too bumpy and it will make me sick. To make things worse, the speed indicator for the engine doesn't work anymore. Sigh. Things always break in pairs. It's the original panel, may be time to change it. We think it's an electrical issue. Will have a look tomorrow. Cruising at 5-6 knots, sometimes 7-8, rain clouds in the horizon.<BR/>That night came a ballet of squalls, one after the other. Not a relaxing day that's for sure.16 days  agoShow

12º 52.152' N158º 58.542' EPinoToday the weather was perfect, wind between 10-15 knots NE, all was good, until I spotted a fishing vessel on AIS. We were heading toward it, so I decided to round it from the rear as it's speed was grander than ours. At this point I could see just one boat, but as tacked south, more and more came into view. As it turns out, this was a long line fishing boat, with an endless line of buoys and nets that extend far beyond what I thought possible. Each buoy had an AIS but were only visible up to 6NM, at first I saw 5 and figured that was all there was, and continue on south, but then came another.. and another... and another! 40-50 in all, forming a line nearly 40 nm long - i shit you not. We liked to think they weren't happy we were there either.<BR/>We spent the day finding the end of the buoy line so we could continue going west, it took us all day. We crossed paths at 9am, and passed the tail end at 9pm. Needless to say, we were in a shit mood. One thing happened though that lifted our spirits. 3 masked boobies spent the evening fighting for the spot atop our mast - prime real estate you see. After many failed attempts one succeeded, and also brought our faulty wind meter back to life...! Another bird landed up there a few days ago and we now think that it was responsible for getting the little propeller stuck in the first place. It seems a boobie (maybe the same one) returned to fix it :>. How kind.17 days  agoShow

12º 50.802' N160º 55.608' EPinoHad a very eventful night. Wind freshened, blowing 20 knot plus, gusting in the 30s at times. The wind wasn't a problem though, we had a good angle and were ready. We had 2 reefs in the main and reduced the size of the jib, we did this to help reduce our speed which was in the 8 knot range - kind of fast for Pino. The waves were large, it's been a long time since we've seen waves this big. The weather in the north is to blame we suspect. Even with a tiny jib and reefed main, we still moved at 5-6kts. <BR/>Woke this morning to a messy sea, it was un recognizable. The ocean like liquid mountains, angry peaks smashing into one another. Pino did well, and we, got wet. Large puffy clouds came in succession, keeping us thoroughly moistened.<BR/>The wind, seas and rain did lessen later in the day, the ocean returned to normal, moving in an organized fashion. 18 days  agoShow

12º 11.478' N162º 23.322' EPinoWinds returned in force, averaging 15-20kts from the NE. Pino is flying! In fact, we fear we'll be arriving very early if this keeps up. Arriving earlier just means it'll be much cooler in Japan. Oh well, once we start encountering NW winds it should slow us down a bit. The wind meter is still faulty, ever pointing right, <BR/>GFS model is not very accurate we've found, but we adapt. Devine's dad is also helping out, giving us the predictions of another model, <BR/>Our Majuro veggies did not fair so well, we ate most but did lose a potato. Looking forward to being somewhere with better veggies,19 days  agoShow

11º 21.39' N163º 51.288' EPinoSlow day today. Winds are very light, suffered the flogging of our main for some time. The wind never left, but is quite timid. Despite this, we're cruising at a good speed, averaging 3 knots. The current is helping us a lot. The bananas we bought have all conspired to brown on the same day, and so I baked a banana bread. I was reminded then of the transit between nuku Hiva and rangiroa, when we left with a great big stalk of bananas, and that they too, thought it a good idea to grow spotty all at once. Been in contact with the Ogasawara (Japanese) coastguard, sending them corrections to the pre-arrival documents I've sent. They are very polite, patient, and persistent. We don't usually get replies for advance arrival notices, it's kind of great that they are communicative like this. <BR/>Late in the evening, the wind left us, and we bobbed about for most of the night. The wind meter's needle also seems stuck, pointing north. This has never happened before, we've had trouble with the wind speed but never with wind direction. Hope this is a temporary thing. In the meantime, I've installed little ribbons to help us gauge wind direction without it.20 days  agoShow

10º 31.572' N165º 21.9' EPinoWinds did not lighten as forecasted, and were in the 15-25kts range. The wind is at our backs, making it a comfortable ride. Sky is unbelievably clear, and our seabird friends have not abandoned us yet. We're passing Bikini atoll at the moment, in darkness, and exiting the military zone soon too. We listened for broadcasts for announcements of possible military activity in the area, but heard nothing. Making good progress, cruising at 5-6 knots, a change from the slow passage from Fiji to Majuro. We started doing readings to each other in evenings after dinner, and rly enjoying it!21 days  agoShow

10º 7.698' N167º 18.408' EPinoWind lightened last night, but the current helped us along. Wind returned with the sun, convenient. Had a day of pleasant downwind sailing, terns followed us, catching the fish the bigger fish scared up to the surface. A frigate bird also showed up, stealing the catch of other birds. Quiet day, winds supposed lighten further tomorrow before picking up a lot the next day. I'm rereading box wine sailors, and missing Mexico and cheap margaritas.22 days  agoShow

8º 47.418' N169º 27.27' EPinoGood first day! We went real fast, helped by good wind averaging 15-20kts and fast seas. Sunny day. 24 days  agoShow

7º 7.44' N171º 18.318' EPinoTest. 26 days  agoShow

0º 0.0' N0º 0.0' EPinoThis is a test entry for Pino! We made a short sail away from downtown to a nearby anchorage. Very idyllic. We're going to dive under the boat today to give it a good clean before we head out tomorrow! 26 days  agoShow

7º 6.282' N171º 22.302' EPinoFigured we should try and keep this updated, we've arrived in Majuro , yet <BR/>another stop on our way to Japan. This is what Pino is up to :), we'll try <BR/>and update this more in the future, if only we stopped forgetting about it. 3 months  agoShow

16º 48.72' S150º 59.442' WPinoBeen anchored in Avea bay for 2 weeks now, it's wonderful here. The swimming is great, anchorage is quiet. Also, we can get wifi on the boat! over 1 year  agoShow

8º 54.528' S140º 4.44' WPinoDidn't update our route at all, sorry about that. We arrived safely in Nuku Hiva after spending 28 days at sea. almost 2 years  agoShow

24º 9.36' N110º 19.428' WPinoabout 2 years  agoShow

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