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24º 14.322' N76º 30.006' WMariposaHappy Mother’s Day! Found a really cool spot inside Pipe Creek.almost 5 years  agoShow

24º 11.364' N76º 27.522' WMariposaStopping at Staniel Cay for a few days to stock up on gas and propane, and for Mother’s Day brunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.almost 5 years  agoShow

24º 2.58' N76º 22.428' WMariposaFound this beautiful spot trying to escape the last rolly anchorage we were in.almost 5 years  agoShow

24º 1.644' N76º 21.624' WMariposaAnother stop at a cute little beach on Great Guana Cay.almost 5 years  agoShow

23º 57.66' N76º 19.728' WMariposaQuick stopover on our way north. Unfortunately a very rolly anchorage in a south east wind.almost 5 years  agoShow

23º 52.47' N76º 14.52' WMariposaQuick stop at Rudder Cut on our way north.almost 5 years  agoShow

23º 32.334' N75º 46.788' WMariposaHappy Easter! We’re trying out a new spot off of Flip Flop Beach away from the crowds. Beautiful!about 5 years  agoShow

23º 37.812' N75º 55.038' WMariposaChecking into a marina for the first time in months for some business travel.about 5 years  agoShow

23º 31.836' N75º 46.062' WMariposaHanging out at Monument Beach for a while.over 5 years  agoShow

23º 29.274' N75º 44.556' WMariposaHanging out in Redshanks for a few days waiting out a 30+ knot blow. Nice and calm in here.over 5 years  agoShow

23º 30.828' N75º 44.586' WMariposaBack in George Town for our third season!over 5 years  agoShow

23º 37.812' N75º 55.02' WMariposaStopping at Emerald Bay Marina to pick up guests, then it’s on to George Town for Xmas.over 5 years  agoShow

25º 42.582' N79º 17.976' WMariposaBrief stop at Bimini Sands and then on to Nassau.over 5 years  agoShow

26º 0.162' N80º 7.26' WMariposaAt our new favorite spot for hurricane season, prepping to jump across to the Bahamas with the next weather window.over 5 years  agoShow

29º 53.778' N81º 18.594' WMariposaOur furthest stop north for the season! Hanging here for a couple of weeks getting Mariposa ready for storage on the hard for hurricane season.almost 7 years  agoShow

29º 13.986' N81º 1.356' WMariposaAnother quick overnight stop in Daytona on our way to St Augustine.almost 7 years  agoShow

28º 32.118' N80º 45.258' WMariposaQuick overnight rest stop just north of the NASA causeway bridge.almost 7 years  agoShow

27º 39.594' N80º 22.242' WMariposaHanging in Vero Beach for a day or two.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 45.786' N80º 2.718' WMariposaQuick overnight just inside the inlet to stage for our jump to Ft Pierce tomorrow.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 43.344' N80º 2.718' WMariposaMoved a bit further south today to be closer to downtown West Palm Beach.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 44.784' N80º 2.724' WMariposaBack in the US of A! Probably here for a few days before making our way north to St Augustine.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 42.114' N78º 59.472' WMariposaLast stop in the Bahamas before crossing on Monday to West Palm Beach.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 59.13' N78º 12.84' WMariposaQuick stop at Great Sale Cay on our way to West End.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 59.298' N77º 41.166' WMariposaQuick stop at Allans Cay for the night, then on to Great Sale Cay.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 45.576' N77º 19.47' WMariposaIn Black Sound on Green Turtle Cay for a few days waiting out a blow.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 40.296' N77º 16.938' WMariposaAt Treasure Cay for Mother's Day.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 35.652' N77º 0.408' WMariposaHanging for a few days at Man-O-War Cay.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 32.268' N76º 57.546' WMariposaStopping for a few days in Hope Town.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 30.228' N76º 59.13' WMariposaHanging at beautiful Tahiti Beach for a day or two before checking out Hope Town.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 24.102' N76º 59.676' WMariposaQuick snorkel stop at Sandy Cay.almost 7 years  agoShow

26º 19.614' N76º 59.91' WMariposaHanging at Little Harbor for a few days to wait out some bad weather.almost 7 years  agoShow

25º 30.942' N76º 50.382' WMariposaStaging at Royal Island for the night before our crossing to the Abacos.almost 7 years  agoShow

25º 32.496' N76º 44.694' WMariposaIn the Spanish Wells mooring field for a few days while we wait to renew our visas.almost 7 years  agoShow

25º 5.352' N77º 14.16' WMariposaQuick overnight at Rose Island then off to Eleuthera.almost 7 years  agoShow

25º 4.902' N77º 19.428' WMariposaSpending a week at Atlantis for Heather's 10th birthday!about 7 years  agoShow

25º 5.028' N77º 12.426' WMariposaParked at Rose Island until we head to Atlantis Wednesday.about 7 years  agoShow

24º 43.044' N76º 49.836' WMariposaOur last stop in the Exumas before crossing to Nassau for a week at Atlantis. Then on to Eleuthera and the Abacos.about 7 years  agoShow

24º 32.904' N76º 47.352' WMariposaEnjoying beautiful Shroud Cay. Best beach we've seen yet on the other side of the north river through the mangroves.about 7 years  agoShow

24º 23.004' N76º 37.392' WMariposaEnjoying the Land and Sea Park and beautiful Loyalist Beach.about 7 years  agoShow

23º 52.86' N76º 15.09' WMariposaStoping for a night at Rudder Cut Cay.about 7 years  agoShow

23º 37.8' N75º 54.828' WMariposaHanging out at the beautiful Emerald Bay Marina for a while, then meandering north back up through the Exumas to spend a week at Atlantis in late April.about 7 years  agoShow

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