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9º 22.062' N79º 57.03' WL'ChaimGetting satellite system going again. Planning to leave Panama tomorrow late afternoon for crossing Caribbean Sea upwind to Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico. 6 months  agoShow

7º 16.428' N80º 55.53' WL'ChaimOur second stop in Panama, first was Bahia Honda. Here we hiked with cows, and monkeys. Drier and some grassland with the jungle, plus lemon trees. Nice to hike. Panama City in 150 miles. about 1 year  agoShow

8º 37.356' N83º 9.132' WL'ChaimIn Golfino, last stop in Costa Rica. The most protected anchorage in months and a great cruiser club with dingy dock, less tourists and hopefully some good hiking. Still hot but starting to rain in afternoons and that is a plus as long as you don't leave the hatches open. Panama next week.about 1 year  agoShow

9º 52.878' N85º 31.608' WL'ChaimSamara Costa Rica, a surf, yoga, vegetarian kind of town. Will hang out here for a couple days, still too hot but that is the new normal. On sail here we had 15-24 knots of wind from NW, E, and S all within 45 minutes. Not the trade winds.about 1 year  agoShow

10º 26.43' N85º 46.932' WL'ChaimGot to Costa Rica after a crazy 6 day passage. Lots of motoring, super hot, lightning storms at night, wind from all directions. Sat phone stopped working. Checked in and working our way south. All is good. about 1 year  agoShow

15º 3.66' N94º 13.242' WL'ChaimOn passage to Costa Rica, dreaded gulf of tehuantepec a non-issue. 12 hours of sailing and now a long motor, not much wind along here. Had rain last night for first time in months, short squall line. about 1 year  agoShow

15º 45.186' N96º 8.124' WL'ChaimLast stop in Mexico, leaving to Costa Rica on Monday if all works out. Hot here but a nice half built resort town, less crazy than Acapulco and such.about 1 year  agoShow

17º 40.758' N101º 39.42' WL'ChaimJust outside Zihuatanejo. 30 hour passage from Manzanillo with limited wind. We will stay in Z for a few days,then the last section of Mexico! about 1 year  agoShow

19º 17.022' N104º 52.29' WL'ChaimTenacatita Bay. More remote but still a palapa restaurant. Snorkeling and hiking. about 1 year  agoShow

19º 34.998' N105º 7.878' WL'ChaimChamela Bay. A nice stop with group of social cruisers after a 50 mile downwind run. about 1 year  agoShow

20º 41.304' N105º 17.328' WL'ChaimThis will be our home base in PV while family visits and we get prepared for the passage into the South Pacific.over 1 year  agoShow

20º 44.916' N105º 22.938' WL'ChaimIn La Cruz, many anchored cruisers, incredible farmers market, last stop before Vallerta. Seeing more boats that we know including friends from Seattle on Small World.over 1 year  agoShow

21º 30.942' N105º 14.58' WL'ChaimSan Blas. Beach covered with palapa restaurants, a working class Mexican's beach getaway. Also neat old Town.Jungle everywhere, crocodiles! over 1 year  agoShow

21º 50.532' N105º 52.908' WL'ChaimIsland Isabela. The location for a low budget nature show. iguanas, blue footed boobies, frigate birds, all nesting within arms reach. over 1 year  agoShow

23º 11.91' N106º 25.452' WL'ChaimMade it to Mazalan with a 30 hour sail on a broad reach, waves were steep at times but angle okay. Mazalan has beautiful old town, leaving tomorrow for San Blas.over 1 year  agoShow

24º 9.78' N110º 18.78' WL'ChaimBack in coffee shop in La Paz for resupply and weather wait and then sailing across to Mazalanover 1 year  agoShow

26º 0.6' N111º 20.562' WL'ChaimIN Loreto coffee shop. No good spot to anchor here so rented a car from Marina to the south. Really nice town.over 1 year  agoShow

25º 18.252' N110º 56.73' WL'ChaimPuerto Los Gatos. Looks like Utah red rocks, great hiking in the desert, no-one here for two days. North wind has kept us here but hopefully leaving tomorrow. over 1 year  agoShow

24º 54.558' N110º 42.36' WL'ChaimFishing village of San Evaristo, a restaurant and a store but both closed for some reason. But they are catching lots of fish! And they have a cute little school with one class going. over 1 year  agoShow

24º 49.188' N110º 34.062' WL'ChaimIsla San Francisco, this is where they take the photos for the Sea of Cortez ads. When we do our next blog post you will see what I mean. Calm sunny weather. over 1 year  agoShow

24º 33.642' N110º 23.82' WL'ChaimSecond night out of La Paz. first anchorage was El Cardoncito, just room for us and stars so bright. Tonight Ensenada Grande with 7 other boats, stars still bright. Beautiful here. over 1 year  agoShow

24º 9.792' N110º 18.78' WL'ChaimBest coffee shop in La Paz. Been here for a couple days to shop and deep charge batteries before heading north again for 10-12 days. over 1 year  agoShow

24º 18.018' N110º 20.13' WL'ChaimGetting out if la Paz for some snorkeling and hiking around, very quiet <BR/>here just a few miles away. over 1 year  agoShow

24º 25.662' N110º 21.138' WL'Chaim�IPIsla Espírito Santo, this is a marine park with great snorkeling and white sand beaches. Saw all kinds of cool fish and snuck B to shore, no dogs. over 1 year  agoShow

24º 18.018' N110º 20.13' WL'ChaimGetting out of La Paz for some snorkeling and hiking. Very quiet here just a few miles away. over 1 year  agoShow

24º 9.672' N110º 18.96' WL'ChaimIn LaPaz having great coffee. Nice town, big and busy without being totally tourist driven. Will be based here for a while, heading out to places north periodically. Happy solstice!over 1 year  agoShow

23º 59.592' N109º 49.548' WL'ChaimSecond day here, finally feels like something other than the Pacific Ocean. Warmer, clear water, no swell. Rolly last night when wind died but flat by morning. Beautiful!over 1 year  agoShow

23º 3.3' N109º 40.38' WL'ChaimAnchored just outside of a fancy new marina 17 miles from Cabo. A bit rolly <BR/>from small waves, no wind. Vary quiet, nice change! over 1 year  agoShow

22º 53.112' N109º 54.612' WL'ChaimIn Cabo for a couple of days. Crazy change after remote fishing villages, tourist central! Heading into sea of Cortez this afternoon, all good.over 1 year  agoShow

24º 37.932' N112º 8.148' WL'ChaimSpending a couple days in little fishing village after a 44 hour run with mostly sailing. Finshed with winds way above forcast and crazy seas, nice to be relaxing here. Holly ran 10 miles down a beautiful empty beach. over 1 year  agoShow

27º 41.4' N114º 53.61' WL'ChaimIn Turtle Bay, first real harbor and town since Ensenata. Just had first fish tacos. Heading to Mag Bay tomorrow for long 250 mile run, no great stops before then. over 1 year  agoShow

28º 15.06' N115º 9.912' WL'ChaimGreat stop, hiked up a beautiful arroyo with various cactus and desert plants. Also little pools of water with tadpoles. Quiet anchorage.over 1 year  agoShow

30º 22.782' N115º 58.098' WL'ChaimBad stop here, huge current and big waves going though bay. Did not go to shore, rested and left.over 1 year  agoShow

31º 48.18' N116º 47.208' WL'ChaimIsland with large nesting bird population during that season, nice walk, no evidence of recent people.over 1 year  agoShow

31º 51.282' N116º 37.32' WL'ChaimMade it to Ensenada. Great to be here, still need to check in but Marina is helping us with paperwork. Very light winds (less than 5 mostly) so motor all but 1 hour from San Diego. Heading to Todos Santo Islands tonight.over 1 year  agoShow

32º 42.558' N117º 14.052' WL'ChaimHere in San Diego for almost a week getting things done but leaving for Mexico tomorrow morning at 3am. over 1 year  agoShow

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