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24º 15.036' N76º 30.09' WHelaciousquick change to shelter from west wind and front coming through.6 days  agoShow

24º 18.018' N76º 32.046' WHelaciousA couple of days back in the Exumas Land and Sea park to visit Sea Aquarium and Rocky Dundas. Too rough for RD.9 days  agoShow

24º 14.058' N76º 30.264' WHelaciousAnchored in the most beautiful bay in the world! Pipe Creek. We plan on spending the next week or so here, so much happening right now, we need to stay within internet range.15 days  agoShow

24º 10.092' N76º 27.072' WHelaciousTrying to resupply with fuel and diesel. No propane available. 16 days  agoShow

24º 6.132' N76º 24.138' WHelaciousLast minute change of plan to race down to Black Point and try to buy groceries. Covid-19 is running rampant and unsure what will happen. Surreal times. Supply boat due tomorrow, shelves pretty empty now.20 days  agoShow

24º 22.872' N76º 37.62' WHelaciousWarderwick Wells anchorage in Emerald Bay. We explored the many trails, and snorkelled the reefs . Saw a gaggle of spotted eagle rays, they are huge. 23 days  agoShow

24º 36.276' N76º 49.23' WHelaciousWe drift snorkelled Wax Cay cut then stayed overnight at Normans Cay.24 days  agoShow

24º 32.016' N76º 47.868' WHelaciousShroud Cay, nice to have new view outside the windows. Visited the well/cistern and day on beach. Took dinghy ride through mangroves at north of island to "secret" beach and Camp Driftwood. Great lookout.26 days  agoShow

24º 42.912' N76º 49.866' WHelaciousGreat beam reach to Highbourne Cay, average speed 6.8kt. Narrow cut, but deep. Looks beautiful.about 1 month  agoShow

24º 51.774' N76º 9.78' WHelaciousLovely downwind sail all day with just code zero sail. 5-13kt of wind, 2-5kt SOG. Anchored in Rock Sound Harbor. Plan to ride out a front passing through for a few days.about 1 month  agoShow

25º 20.994' N76º 29.658' WHelaciousBumpy slog into 17kt wind and steep choppy waves to get into the calm of Hatchet Bay. Do not want to repeat that kind of journey if possible. Not scary, just bashing into waves and bad for engine. Walked to Hatchet Cave and had great explore in the huge caverns.about 1 month  agoShow

25º 25.842' N76º 36.072' WHelaciousWent through Current Cut with 2kt current against us and 18kt east wind. Seas quite choppy. Rolly anchorage next to the Glass WIndow.about 1 month  agoShow

25º 32.538' N76º 44.922' WHelaciousOn working dock, right next to ferry in channel of Spanish Wells. Benny House found us space courtesy of friends. Dinner out and golf cart for wheels. Life is good.about 1 month  agoShow

25º 1.422' N77º 32.982' WHelaciousA bumpy passage through Alders Cay cut, but managed to point up to 35 and as wind shifted a little we sailed to New Providence West Bay anchorage. Arrived 1.30pm. about 2 months  agoShow

25º 29.49' N77º 43.908' WHelaciousManaged to leave Hoffmans on high tide, went south route across sand bar. Hit bottom a few times but manage to get out into rolly ocean. Moved south to Bond Cay for few days.about 2 months  agoShow

25º 37.44' N77º 44.592' WHelaciousMotored through very narrow and shallow channel, through shifting sand bars to anchorage west of Hoffmans Cay. Plan to explore here a few days to wait out notherly front expected. Will explore Hofmans Blue Hole and kayak the mangroves. Hope we can get back out!about 2 months  agoShow

25º 40.038' N77º 45.48' WHelacioussheltering from SE wind and swell until high tide tomorrow and inside passage to Hoffmans. about 2 months  agoShow

25º 44.52' N77º 49.962' WHelaciousGreat sail around the top of Stirrup Cay, turned into wind so slow tacking down to Petit Cay and Shell Beach. Anchorage a little rolly but beautiful. about 2 months  agoShow

25º 44.856' N77º 51.612' WHelacious25 hour sail/motor sail from Lake Worth to Bahamas. Check in easy. Hunkering down here for couple of days, storms are coming. 2 months  agoShow

26º 50.082' N80º 3.288' WHelaciousLeft marina in morning. Filled fuel tanks to capacity (180 gallons) and motored back up to anchorage by Palm Beach Gardens to wait for weather to cross gulf stream to Bahamas.2 months  agoShow

26º 46.398' N80º 3.102' WHelaciousEasy motor down ICW, light winds and finally sunny skies. Most bridges were bascule bridges, radio for an opening, and some only open on hour and half hour schedule. It took a while. Snug in Riviera Beach Marina for a few nights.2 months  agoShow

27º 14.922' N80º 13.338' WHelaciousShort trip to Jensen Beach. Sun finally came out. Had haircut.2 months  agoShow

27º 28.17' N80º 19.47' WHelaciousRainy motor down to Fort Pierce inlet. Nice quiet anchorage south of bascule bridge. Showered!2 months  agoShow

28º 20.988' N80º 43.14' WHelaciousBlowing like snot all day. Motored down ICW to get to Cocoa Beach. Anchored in lee of bridge, not much protection from 35kt northerly. 3 months  agoShow

29º 11.772' N81º 0.222' WHelaciousAnchored just south of Daytona Beach, blowing like snot (25-29kt). Anchored in 9.3 ft water, with a tide of 3.5ft. Hoping not to touch bottom tonight, but it will be close. We could not make it further south in daylight, so it will be early start tomorrow.3 months  agoShow

29º 53.052' N81º 18.312' WHelaciousWe spent 4 nights on a mooring in St Augustine. Had to move from the north field to the south field as the northerly winds made for a very bumpy night. Lovely old town, walking the back streets, off the beaten track. Visited fort and lighthouse. Time to move on.3 months  agoShow

29º 53.772' N81º 18.558' WHelaciousFoggy 6.30am start to the day as we left Cumberland Island and motored out to Atlantic. By 10am fog lifted, skies cleared and had brilliant beam reach all the way to St Augustine. will visit from the mooring here for few days.3 months  agoShow

30º 45.924' N81º 28.326' WHelaciousFirst anchorage after launching from St Mary's Boatyard. Plan on visiting Cumberland Island to see wild horses.3 months  agoShow

30º 44.61' N81º 31.836' WHelaciousArrived St Mary's River Boatyard where Helacious will be hauled Thursday, stored for the summer months and have a little TLC. Get her bottom cleaned and repainted, check and service some of the systems, and make a few minor modifications/ improvements. Hope she will be safe here. End of chapter 1 in Brian and Helen's Grand Adventure. Stay tuned, there will be more!11 months  agoShow

28º 24.438' N80º 37.776' WHelaciousMarina time in Port Canaveral. Hot showers and a trip to Kennedy Space Center.12 months  agoShow

27º 27.846' N80º 18.57' WHelaciousAnchored Fort PIerce inlet after overnight sail from Bahamas. Actually we otored the whole way. Involved in rescue of sinking boat, friends on Blue Swanee had unidentified leak and disabled engine about 5 miles out of Fort Pierce. All ended well.12 months  agoShow

26º 58.944' N78º 12.936' WHelaciousDownwind sail to Great Sale Cay, the jumping off spot for overnight trip back to Florida. We counted 25 boats in anchorage. Good weather for heading out tomorrow. Steak for dinner.12 months  agoShow

26º 59.346' N77º 41.37' WHelaciousFantastic close haul with main and code zero up to Allans/Pensacola Cay (2 cays joined together after hurricane). Begining of the trip home.12 months  agoShow

26º 45.522' N77º 20.034' WHelaciousPassaged the infamous Whale Passage today. wind died right on time. Swelly but nothing Helacious can't handle. Anchored at Green Turtle Cay, visited New Plymouth, lovely town, quaint and so many groceries! 12 months  agoShow

26º 33.024' N77º 5.22' WHelaciousFront approaching with gale force winds threatened. Moved out of Marsh Harbor, did not feel safe with all those other boats so close. Felt vindicated next morning as we listened to the alarmed posts on channel 16 for dragging boats.12 months  agoShow

26º 32.874' N77º 3.582' WHelaciousTucked into Marsh Harbor as strong winds and squalls expected Fri-Sat from S. Went ashore but too late to provision. Unfortunately then realized everything shut for Good Friday. Oh well, we need to clean out freezer and fridge anyway.12 months  agoShow

26º 28.17' N76º 59.58' WHelaciousAnchored in lee of Tiloo Cay. Nice smooth water. Went for kayak. Next morning ran watermaker before heading north. Generator cut off as overheated. The impeller had shattered. Brian fixed it, not easy to access.12 months  agoShow

26º 21.93' N76º 59.064' WHelaciousMoved across to Lynyard Cay to be sheltered from anticipated shift of wind from NE to E. Also nearer Sandy Cay where there is meant to be excellent snorkeling in the Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park. Pasta with artichoke tomato sauce for dinner. 12 months  agoShow

26º 20.91' N77º 0.132' WHelaciousDownwind sail from Eluthera to Abaco. Poled out jib and main to Stbd. Anchored in lee of Bridges Cay. Wind shifted 180 in 15 minutes, now from N. 12 months  agoShow

25º 32.46' N76º 45.366' WHelaciousNo room in mooring field so back to Yacht Haven. Need to be close as Jake and Emma fly out Sunday.12 months  agoShow

25º 30.336' N76º 46.578' WHelaciousReturned to Meeks Patch, south. Fantastic sail, all the way. Winds 15kt SE, average speed 5.5-6kt. In the morning quite windy, little kayaking then left to return to SPanish WElls.12 months  agoShow

25º 5.406' N77º 13.872' WHelaciousMotored back to Rose Island where there is a great snorkeling reef. Winds East and very light, smooth ride.12 months  agoShow

25º 30.99' N76º 46.734' WHelaciousWent on day sai then anchored east side of Meeks Patch in anticipation of west winds overnight. Paella with Grouper and crab claws from Spanish Wells :) 12 months  agoShow

25º 32.46' N76º 45.366' WHelaciousBooked into Yacht Haven Marina for 3 days, little R&R, poolside activity and provisioning. almost 1 year  agoShow

25º 30.828' N76º 46.932' WHelaciousChecking out Meeks Patch as good anchorage. Beach was nice, but full of pigs, ducks and a turkey! Not really somewhere I want to hang out, but each to their own. Sign directed us where to pay for this experience! Errr, no thank you. Safely back on boat now.about 1 year  agoShow

25º 30.84' N76º 50.922' WHelaciousGreat sail with Code Zero from Nassau up to Eluthera. Royal Island anchorage is all around protection, but nowhere to land. Did some boat chores and explored in dinghy the coast to south.about 1 year  agoShow

25º 5.37' N77º 14.028' WHelaciousRose Island anchorage. Beautiful coral reef just offshore, had it to ourselves, then had to share the beach with locals on their Sunday afternoon out.Very swelly anchorage despite little wind, would not want to stay another night.about 1 year  agoShow

25º 1.428' N77º 32.82' WHelaciousRipping sail to Nassau West End Bay. wind averaged 22kt, our speed with reef in main and two reef in genoa was still over 7kt. Very rolly anchorage as wind not shifted to north as predicted. It will be long night.about 1 year  agoShow

25º 39.996' N77º 45.57' WHelaciousSkipped around the top of Berry Islands to Market Fish Cay. Sailed and motor sailed in 10-15 it winds. Dodged squalls and possible waterspout. But maybe just nasty storm. Lovely anchorage to ourselves, until 3 more boats arrived.about 1 year  agoShow

25º 45.39' N77º 52.62' WHelaciousArrived and had anchor down by 11pm. Fortunately nearly full moon to assist. Ripping sail with NW winds 20-25kt from Alice Town to Bullocks Harbor. Bay not very sheltered as wind not doing as expected and staying from NW. At least swells smaller by Friday. Grilled chicken with mango salsa, rice and black beans.about 1 year  agoShow

25º 43.332' N79º 17.958' WHelaciousArrived North Bimini at 10am. Checked into Brown's Marina for few days to wait out storm Tuesday and plan the next stage in the big Adventure. Monday bought Conch from fisherman as he was cleaning it, cant get much fresher than that, and fresh coconut bread still hot from oven from Nates bakery.about 1 year  agoShow

24º 51.396' N80º 32.844' WHelaciousHeading on overnight passage to Bahamas. Plan to check in on Bimini, north island in Alice Town. Dinner tonight sausage stuffed rigatoni, marinara sauce and salad.about 1 year  agoShow

24º 39.33' N81º 25.962' WHelaciousArrive Summerland Key to visit friends. Will stay a few days for maintenance and provisioning before the next big jump.about 1 year  agoShow

24º 34.074' N81º 48.972' WHelaciousArrived Key West and anchored far out in anchorage. No intention of staying. Moving on and up the chain.about 1 year  agoShow

24º 37.554' N82º 52.272' WHelaciousDry Tortugas for 3 nights. Amazing reef island, 60 miles from mainland with huge brick fort. lovely swimming in aquamarine clear water. Spotted sea turtle, Barracuda and nesting Frigate birds and Sooty Terns.about 1 year  agoShow

25º 49.02' N82º 17.67' WHelaciousovernight passage to Dry Tortugas from Fort Myers. Heated up vegetable curry in hot water (sous vide our vacuum packed leftovers) in place of microwave. Works really well.about 1 year  agoShow

26º 29.274' N82º 4.884' WHelaciousVisiting with Connell this afternoon just off St James City. Dinner on boat tonight as lots to prepare for tomorrows crossing to Dry Tortugas. Dinner will be last of the spaghetti bolognaise.about 1 year  agoShow

26º 39.288' N82º 12.978' WHelaciousAnchored at Cabbage Key where "Cheeseburger in Paradise" was written (or inspired). On the menu tonight..... Cheeseburgers!about 1 year  agoShow

26º 41.478' N82º 14.55' WHelaciousAnchored in Pelican pass just as the rain arrived. Big storm and high winds expected over next couple of days. Spaghetti bolognese will be served tonight, using up wrinkly green pepper.about 1 year  agoShow

27º 6.732' N82º 27.894' WHelaciousTied up at The Crows Nest in Venice. Guest Barry, a fellow Dix aluminum boat owner onboard for dinner to compare notes on boats. Serving pasta putanesca and salad with rum cocktails.about 1 year  agoShow

27º 31.362' N82º 38.232' WHelaciousAnchored at De Soto Point, entrance to Manatee River. Light winds today so played with the asymmetric code zero sail and tried to get windvane to work. Still a project. Dinner tonight Pasta Fagioli and salad.about 1 year  agoShow

27º 45.606' N82º 38.082' WHelaciousArrived St Petersburg. Ripping sail down coast and back up Tampa Bay. Grilled salmon, pesto pasta and salad. Have sea legs now, and appetite too.about 1 year  agoShow

27º 56.4' N82º 49.452' WHelaciousArrived Clearwater 8pm. Champagne with chicken and rice. Not a bad combination!about 1 year  agoShow

29º 10.05' N85º 11.904' WHelaciousCrackers, marmite on toast and electrolyte vitamin drink, oranges and kiwi. Not sick, but not hungry. 171 miles travelled. about 1 year  agoShow

29º 52.158' N86º 42.282' WHelaciousNot eating today! about 1 year  agoShow

29º 52.158' N86º 42.282' EHelaciousNot eating today! about 1 year  agoShow

30º 19.662' N87º 19.206' WHelaciousAnchored in one of our favorite spots, Fort McRee off Big Lagoon next to the Pensacola inlet. Dinner tonight is Chili and rice.about 1 year  agoShow

30º 19.788' N87º 22.14' WHelaciousAnchored in one of our favorite spots, Fort McRee off Big Lagoon next to the Pensacola inlet. Dinner tonight is Chili and rice.about 1 year  agoShow

30º 19.254' N87º 20.022' WHelaciousExhausting day! Sailed Dauphin Island to Pensacola inlet, anchored at Redfish point. Winds started stronger 15-19 SSE but faded during day. Very roily, machine washer feeling. Glad to be back on calm water. Seafood dinner with Ken and Becky.about 2 years  agoShow

30º 14.628' N88º 6.972' WHelaciousFirst anchorage on our circumnavigation of Orange Beach. Tucked in behind sandbar at Dauphin Island. Steak to celebrate tonight.about 2 years  agoShow

30º 19.65' N87º 19.314' WHelaciousBusy anchorage at 4.30, hoping everyone will leave by 6pm. Beautiful day, light wind but finally after 10 years if dreaming, Helacious sailed on the open ocean. Tortellini for dinner.about 2 years  agoShow

30º 19.08' N87º 20.61' WHelaciousabout 2 years  agoShow

30º 19.116' N87º 20.61' EHelaciousAnchored at Redfish point. Wonderful daysail on Perdido Bay then along Big Lagoon. Grilled salmon with pesto rice and peas for dinner.about 2 years  agoShow

30º 18.81' N87º 34.188' WHelaciousOur new home for a while, slip B13, Barber Marina.over 2 years  agoShow

30º 33.99' N88º 5.34' WHelaciousHelacious has arrived and is secure in skinniest slip at Turner marina, at entrance to The Dog River. Steak and a Helacious bottle of red planned for dinner.over 2 years  agoShow

30º 51.96' N87º 59.28' WHelacious40.3 miles today. Sun is out, shorts back on. Anchorage in Big Zbiyou Canit at mile marker 17, staging for Mobile bay tomorrow. Poached salmon and salad for dinner with mango ice cream.over 2 years  agoShow

31º 23.148' N87º 54.0' WHelacious57.9 miles today. Last lock so now in tidal waters. Anchorage sounded pretty, Upper Sunflower, maybe looks better on a sunny day. For dinner we will be serving Pasta Fagioli and salad.over 2 years  agoShow

31º 57.39' N88º 4.512' WHelaciousPulled up to the side of river next to Bashi creek. Stern anchor out to stop us swinging into the channel. Only one more lock to go tomorrow, then we will be in tidal waters. Ikea meatballs, mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy for dinner.over 2 years  agoShow

32º 31.83' N87º 50.52' WHelaciousMarathon day, 62 miles to reach half way point, Demopolis marina. Thai chicken curry and onboard made naan.over 2 years  agoShow

32º 56.658' N88º 10.5' WHelaciousBeautiful anchorage in oxbow river after chilly ride today. Hamburgers, beans and slaw for dinner.over 2 years  agoShow

33º 29.43' N88º 25.992' WHelacious4 more locks today. Rain overnight but clear today, cold north wind. Sausage and tortellini for dinner.over 2 years  agoShow

34º 3.918' N88º 25.002' WHelaciousStorm coming so tied up in Smithville marina. 4 locks today. Chilli for dinner.over 2 years  agoShow

34º 29.46' N88º 15.162' WHelaciousGreat first day, lovely weather. Off to good start. Anchored right by lock for early start tomorrow. Pasta puttanesca and salad for dinner.over 2 years  agoShow

34º 59.808' N88º 15.0' WHelaciousAqua Marina. starting point.over 2 years  agoShow

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