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36º 56.73' N25º 8.79' WHappy DayLeaving the boat behind for the winter...4 months  agoShow

36º 56.73' N25º 8.8' WHappy DayGrounded :-)5 months  agoShow

36º 56.69' N25º 8.89' WHappy DayArrived in our winter stay on Santa Maria. Leaving the water in one week. 5 months  agoShow

37º 14.12' N25º 19.08' WHappy DayWind is coming and going all the time; engine on and off as well sails up and down... 5 months  agoShow

37º 43.85' N25º 38.49' WHappy DayLeaving Ponta Delgada for Vila do Porto 5 months  agoShow

37º 49.95' N26º 7.21' WHappy DaySun, 20kn wind and 3m waves, bumpy sailing :-) 7h left to Ponta Delgada5 months  agoShow

37º 44.29' N25º 39.87' WHappy DayArrived in Ponta Delgada, biggeste marina of the Azores5 months  agoShow

38º 16.22' N27º 15.27' WHappy DayUnderway 5 months  agoShow

38º 37.84' N28º 10.15' WHappy DayLeaving Sao Jorge for Sao Miguel5 months  agoShow

38º 28.64' N27º 48.08' WHappy DayGusty and rotating winds until now...5 months  agoShow

38º 40.83' N28º 12.16' WHappy DayExploring and enjoying the island of Sao Jorge with a scooter / on hikes. Visited Mt. Pico on the neighborly island.5 months  agoShow

38º 40.82' N28º 12.17' WHappy DayArrived in Vila das Velas - squeezed in a small berth in the last corner (reached it with a lot of help and land-lines). 5 months  agoShow

38º 35.68' N27º 7.43' WHappy DayUnderway to Vila das Velas. Little wind but still bigger waves.5 months  agoShow

38º 31.65' N27º 25.97' WHappy DaySmooth downwind sailing :-)5 months  agoShow

38º 30.2' N27º 43.84' WHappy Day30nm to to. Wind dropped to 12kn; Sailing with engine support. Lots of birds - still looking out for whales and dolphins...5 months  agoShow

38º 32.59' N27º 57.89' WHappy Day4 hours to go - hope to arrive before dark. Groups of dolphins visiting every half hour :-)5 months  agoShow

38º 43.82' N27º 3.44' WHappy DayPraparing for departure in the next days to Sao Jorge or Faial - unusal, but nice easterly winds.5 months  agoShow

38º 43.82' N27º 3.44' WHappy DayEnjoying the volcanic landscape of Terceira, fighting the rust and struggling with the outboard engine...6 months  agoShow

38º 43.83' N27º 3.45' WHappy DayArriving in Praia da Vitoria on Terceira. 6 months  agoShow

38º 9.55' N26º 25.56' WHappy DayEasy night shifts with 4 crew members. Smooth sailing, 12kn of wind and no waves. Lost 3 fishes so far... 6 months  agoShow

37º 44.42' N25º 54.98' WHappy DayDeep dark night, wind is dropping. Almost halfway. 6 months  agoShow

37º 26.17' N25º 36.49' WHappy DayT'il 1500 under enginge. Now racing with 6kn towards the west tip of Sao Miguel :-) 6 months  agoShow

36º 59.19' N25º 13.67' WHappy DayLeaving Santa Maria for Terceira. Rain, little wind, no waves. 6 months  agoShow

36º 56.69' N25º 8.89' WHappy DayDiscovering the island, visiting a nice blues festival and keeping up with repairs every day. 6 months  agoShow

36º 17.94' N24º 9.06' WHappy DayWind is dropping, clear bright night with full moon6 months  agoShow

36º 34.97' N24º 39.89' WHappy DayEngine isnt' running smoth any more, less and less power...6 months  agoShow

36º 41.44' N24º 51.78' WHappy DayEngine not running any more. Changing main diesel filter with handicap (1m waves and 45°C in engine room)6 months  agoShow

36º 54.41' N25º 6.52' WHappy DayAlmost arrived, 1h to go :-) No more technical troubles, but lost all fishes today.6 months  agoShow

36º 56.7' N25º 8.89' WHappy DayAzore official Check-In done :-) Getting to catch up on sleep...6 months  agoShow

35º 36.13' N22º 55.19' WHappy DayFast sailing, wind from side 20kn, waves 2m. 140nm to Santa Maria.6 months  agoShow

35º 52.48' N23º 24.25' WHappy DayAnother 75cm Goldmakrel on the hook and D caught B´s knee with the gaff... (just scratches)6 months  agoShow

36º 2.84' N23º 42.53' WHappy Day87nm left :-) Calmer conditions, but slow progress.6 months  agoShow

36º 10.11' N23º 55.53' WHappy Day20h to go :-) and the ToDo List is still growing with repairs...6 months  agoShow

34º 53.93' N22º 2.26' WHappy DayImpossible to head northwest.6 months  agoShow

34º 58.63' N21º 45.96' WHappy DayZigzag the whole night hard on the wind without gaining north.6 months  agoShow

35º 4.93' N21º 55.97' WHappy DayUnder engine against wind and waves to get nearer to the Azores.6 months  agoShow

35º 16.8' N22º 22.02' WHappy Day170nm against wind and waves to go. Still running with engine and 3 sails hard on the wind.6 months  agoShow

34º 23.22' N20º 54.94' WHappy DayTired after long night. Winds still changing between 10-20kn. Filling up the coffee machine with redbull... 6 months  agoShow

34º 39.17' N21º 19.92' WHappy Day12kn wind and 0,5 waves - nice calm sailing and lazzyyyy day (D almost vacuum cleaned the boat, because she feels kind of bored ;-)6 months  agoShow

34º 46.12' N21º 36.23' WHappy DaySunny evening, but wind is backing again - hard to head north.6 months  agoShow

33º 32.78' N19º 14.87' WHappy DayBright moon, clear sky. Winds in- and decreasing all the time. Still no fish.6 months  agoShow

33º 40.92' N19º 28.3' WHappy DayFinally wind from the right angle, making 4-5kn again :-) Cloudy sky and rain.6 months  agoShow

33º 49.58' N19º 42.77' WHappy DayRainy day with occasionally squalls -> adjusting sails all the time. Etmal only 88nm. Hash brown, eggs and beacon for breakfast :-)6 months  agoShow

33º 58.81' N20º 12.04' WHappy DayFinally fishes jumped in our fridge, a goldmarkrele70cm and a skipjack50cm :-) Sunny and quiet late afternoon with only 12kn of wind. But next rain front is just arriving.6 months  agoShow

34º 9.17' N20º 31.94' WHappy DayDark night. No other ships seen in 2 days.6 months  agoShow

33º 17.23' N18º 45.19' WHappy DayWind (17kn) and waves (1,5m) calmer. Seasickness over. Trying to head as much north as possible. Etmal only 89nm :-( 6 months  agoShow

32º 56.88' N17º 55.98' WHappy DayHard night, wind up to 35kn, speed only 3kn. D seasick. This morning better and calmer. 7 months  agoShow

32º 41.66' N17º 15.62' WHappy DayRounding Maderia and getting hit by 25kn northerly winds and 2 m waves. Big school of dolphins visited during the afternoon. 7 months  agoShow

32º 36.01' N17º 2.25' WHappy DaySmooth sailing, no waves, 12kn southerly winds :-) 7 months  agoShow

32º 38.33' N16º 44.78' WHappy DayFinally leaving Madeira. Little wind, occasionally rain clouds with wind gusts. 7 months  agoShow

32º 44.48' N16º 42.72' WHappy DayCleaning the underwater, propeller and fixing the loose(!) rudder in diving gear. Hoping to leave Wednesday.7 months  agoShow

32º 44.48' N16º 42.72' WHappy DayForestay repaired and learned how to rigg :-) Otherwise lot of snorkling in the near bays.7 months  agoShow

32º 44.48' N16º 42.72' WHappy DayMissing the good weather window to the azores cause of a braken rig plate (forestay) - working hard all day...7 months  agoShow

32º 44.48' N16º 42.72' WHappy DayArriving at Quinta do Lorde on Madeira after 7h sailing hard on the wind (25kn). Tired... 7 months  agoShow

32º 33.47' N16º 36.04' WHappy DayLeaving the bay of Ihla Desertas due to strong down drafts, heading for Madeira7 months  agoShow

32º 30.68' N16º 30.52' WHappy DayArriving at Ilha Deserta Grande, Enseada da Doca, with 35kn of wind gusts. Well protected. 7 months  agoShow

33º 2.31' N16º 19.65' WHappy DayLeaving Porto Santo after 3 exfhausting days with boat work7 months  agoShow

32º 38.6' N16º 31.05' WHappy DaySmooth upwind sailing - islands in sight7 months  agoShow

33º 3.73' N16º 18.94' WHappy DayStill a lot of work on the boat to do and preparing for the Illha Desertas (next monday)7 months  agoShow

33º 3.73' N16º 18.94' WHappy DayLot of painting and sewing work / servicing the winches7 months  agoShow

33º 3.73' N16º 18.93' WHappy DayDiving in a war ship wreck. Tomorrow traveling to Madeira. 7 months  agoShow

33º 3.73' N16º 18.94' WHappy DayEnjoying the beautiful little island on a small scooter with a lot of hikes and snorkeling. 7 months  agoShow

33º 3.73' N16º 18.94' WHappy DayArrived in Porto Santo. Nice, quiet and small marina. 8 months  agoShow

33º 7.99' N16º 3.87' WHappy DayRain and no more wind. Island of Porto Santo in view. 8 months  agoShow

33º 24.67' N15º 21.3' WHappy DayBeautiful clear night with half moon. 56nm left to Porto Santo :-) 8 months  agoShow

33º 31.62' N15º 3.29' WHappy Day70nm left to Porto Santo. 8 months  agoShow

33º 36.65' N14º 52.68' WHappy DaySunny and warm afternoon. Calm sailing with 20kn wind and waves from aft. 8 months  agoShow

33º 50.54' N14º 56.67' WHappy DayRunning on Redbull and ACDC ;-) 8 months  agoShow

34º 6.96' N14º 36.3' WHappy DayHard night with shifting winds. Lots of dolphins visiting :-) Etmal 125nm 8 months  agoShow

34º 18.56' N13º 32.22' WHappy DaySmaller waves :-) and sunny weather - 160nm to go. 8 months  agoShow

34º 28.35' N12º 48.46' WHappy DayWind and waves are calming down. Still no fish caught... 8 months  agoShow

34º 37.17' N12º 19.19' WHappy DayBergfest passed :-) Etmal 116nm, 240nm miles left to Madeira. Got used to little sleep an long nights. 8 months  agoShow

35º 6.58' N11º 29.63' WHappy DayEnjoying fast sailing around 6kn, 25kn wind and 2m waves. Fun but tiring. 8 months  agoShow

35º 29.48' N10º 23.67' WHappy DaySunrise and still steep short waves. 8 months  agoShow

35º 43.76' N9º 59.66' WHappy DayDark night, plankton around, Etmal 107nm :-) 8 months  agoShow

36º 1.04' N9º 36.71' WHappy DayFast sailing, 30kn wind and short steep waves from the side. Are ok. 8 months  agoShow

36º 36.6' N8º 40.85' WHappy DayA lot of big ships around, 20kn wind, 3m waves 8 months  agoShow

36º 58.5' N8º 12.13' WHappy DayHeading for Porto Santo, many fishing vessels around 8 months  agoShow

37º 4.58' N8º 7.24' WHappy DayStill waiting for the northerly Portuguese trade winds (start aprox. monday evening) 8 months  agoShow

37º 4.58' N8º 7.24' WHappy DayArriving in Vilamoura 8 months  agoShow

36º 53.34' N8º 3.11' WHappy DaySailing Butterfly :-) 8 months  agoShow

37º 0.03' N7º 50.2' WHappy DayWaiting for the northerly Portuguese trade winds to sail to Madeira next week 8 months  agoShow

37º 0.03' N7º 50.16' WHappy DayAnchor at Culatra (Faro) 8 months  agoShow

37º 5.06' N8º 16.0' WHappy DayArriving in Albufeira 8 months  agoShow

36º 50.43' N7º 55.48' WHappy Day20nm left to todays destination Albufeira 8 months  agoShow

36º 37.48' N7º 32.73' WHappy DaySunrise - calm sailing with 20kn aft - hard night, lost navigation lights for 1/2h (short circuit, smoldering cable) 8 months  agoShow

36º 17.0' N7º 7.61' WHappy DayMidnight shift, dark night - waiting for easterly winds. 8 months  agoShow

36º 11.14' N6º 55.18' WHappy DaySunset and calm weather 8 months  agoShow

36º 6.54' N6º 41.47' WHappy DayNortherly winds 20kn, steep short waves, feeding the atlantic fishes 8 months  agoShow

36º 7.6' N5º 57.3' WHappy DayLeaving Barbate for the Algarve 8 months  agoShow

36º 11.04' N5º 55.97' WHappy DayArriving in Barbate 8 months  agoShow

36º 4.29' N5º 50.92' WHappy DaySpanish warship excercising in the entrance of Barbate. We have to wait 2h. 8 months  agoShow

35º 59.8' N5º 39.39' WHappy Day40kn wind aft, 2m waves, Tarifa passed 8 months  agoShow

36º 0.71' N5º 33.16' WHappy Day30kn wind, 1m wave, Tarifa almost passed 8 months  agoShow

36º 9.47' N5º 21.41' WHappy DayWaiting for the Levante 8 months  agoShow

36º 9.47' N5º 21.41' WHappy DayArriving La Linea de la Concepcion 8 months  agoShow

36º 8.95' N5º 21.22' WHappy DayArriving in Gibraltar 8 months  agoShow

36º 7.6' N5º 14.31' WHappy DayCurrent 3kn 8 months  agoShow

36º 14.36' N4º 54.16' WHappy DayLots of dolphins 8 months  agoShow

36º 20.2' N4º 26.44' WHappy DaySailing 8 months  agoShow

36º 24.06' N4º 9.76' WHappy DayLittle trafic 8 months  agoShow

36º 27.5' N3º 53.38' WHappy DayAlmost full moon 8 months  agoShow

36º 32.92' N3º 25.06' WHappy DayBeautiful weather 8 months  agoShow

36º 37.84' N3º 5.14' WHappy DayNo wind, no waves 8 months  agoShow

36º 41.77' N2º 47.42' WHappy DayJust started :-) 8 months  agoShow

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