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38º 2.16' N121º 52.944' WGalapagosabout 20 hours  agoShow

38º 2.16' N121º 52.95' WGalapagos2 days  agoShow

38º 3.678' N122º 11.466' WGalapagos4 days  agoShow

37º 52.266' N122º 25.578' WGalapagosAfter a night in Sausalito in which the wind picked up considerably, forcing us to man the helm and motor away from a nearby boat, we decided that perhaps Angel Island would afford more comfort and protection. Eventually there was more protection but not much in the way of comfort. I don't know if the wind blows like this all the time, but I have been impressed with its strength. The fact that we see smallish boats and big racing cats out all the time leads me to suspect that this is just normal weather. At any rate, we got a little protection in China Cove from the westerly as the evening wore on. But there were unusual thunder and lightning storms in the area which prompted us to unplug all our electronics. The downside to this anchorage was the nearconstant parade of fast foot ferries, galloping from San Francisco to smaller cities north and east. They only let up after ten which gave some relief but come morning, we were rocking and rolling again. On Tuesday morning, we rowed to shore and visited the Angel Island immigration center and Fort McDowell. The immigration center in particular was interesting and touching. Many Chinese and Japanese immigrants passed through the center in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the stories of of success in spite of rampant xenophobia and racism were heartening.10 days  agoShow

37º 48.6' N122º 25.506' WGalapagosThis little man made bay is called the aquatic cove and it is part of the larger aquatic park, only non motorised vessel may anchor here, with a permit, for up to five days. They do allow sailboats to use their auxiliary engine to come in which is a good thing since the entrance is narrow and the wind and waves outside were stout. We are here for five days and hope to explore the city from here. As an anchorage it is quite protected and it is used by a number of people in small craft. Interestingly, there are quite a few swimmers in the water, some in wet suits some not, swimming laps around this half mile wide lagoon. These Bay area water rats are a hardy bunch.10 days  agoShow

37º 51.684' N122º 28.668' WGalapagosWith the weather looking mildly cooperative, i.e. a little less fog, we proceeded under the bridge from Balinas Bay to Sausalito. Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge was an emotional moment for us; all of our time and treasure has led us to this place and the view did not disappoint. Since we had been outside the gate for the last two days recovering from our passage, i thought the bay weather and scenery would be similar. I was very wrong about that. As we approached the bridge we could see sunshine and seemingly hundreds of sailboat flying all over th bay. There were ferries and yachts and every other manner of vessel going hither and yon in beautiful sunshine. I felt like Dorthy waking up in Oz. The weather inside was dramatically different from Drakes Bay. And very much for the better. We headed straight for Sausalito because that is the only place we really knew to anchor. It is a fine anchorage if a little rolly from boat traffic. Tomorrow we will go ashore and explore our first exotic landfall.12 days  agoShow

37º 53.916' N122º 40.764' WGalapagos13 days  agoShow

37º 53.904' N122º 40.746' WGalapagosMoved to Balinas bay in the hopes of finding some sweet, sweet cell service. The anchorage is a bit rolly but we can watch cat videos. 13 days  agoShow

37º 59.886' N122º 58.26' WGalapagos14 days  agoShow

37º 59.868' N122º 58.26' WGalapagosAfter almost six days at sea, we dropped anchor in Drakes Bay at about 10:30 am. After a respectful wait to ensure our anchor was secure, showers were taken followed quickly by collapsing into bed. Michael slept, Melissa could not. It takes a while to get back into a normal rhythm. 14 days  agoShow

38º 4.722' N123º 8.46' WGalapagos15 days  agoShow

38º 52.638' N123º 53.592' WGalapagosWe had good wind but from the wrong direction. Nevertheless, we sailed towards the point Arenas light house if only to see land for a while. Eventually we will have to motor south to make any kind of time to a reliable anchorage. Drake bay is looking good right now.15 days  agoShow

39º 27.102' N124º 12.306' WGalapagos16 days  agoShow

40º 26.904' N124º 42.522' WGalapagos16 days  agoShow

40º 56.28' N125º 0.786' WGalapagos17 days  agoShow

41º 50.7' N124º 38.466' WGalapagos17 days  agoShow

42º 49.032' N125º 21.324' WGalapagos18 days  agoShow

44º 0.594' N125º 7.956' WGalapagos18 days  agoShow

44º 55.59' N126º 5.1' WGalapagos19 days  agoShow

46º 9.318' N125º 51.666' WGalapagos19 days  agoShow

47º 13.092' N126º 17.958' WGalapagos20 days  agoShow

47º 13.248' N126º 16.848' WGalapagos20 days  agoShow

48º 0.45' N125º 20.028' WGalapagos20 days  agoShow

48º 9.672' N123º 43.302' WGalapagos22 days  agoShow

48º 9.672' N123º 43.314' WGalapagos22 days  agoShow

48º 32.502' N123º 0.93' WGalapagos23 days  agoShow

48º 32.484' N123º 0.924' WGalapagosBack in Friday harbor for one last mail run, fuel and water. We should be heading to neah bay on Wednesday. 24 days  agoShow

48º 40.434' N123º 12.0' WGalapagos26 days  agoShow

48º 40.368' N123º 11.592' WGalapagos26 days  agoShow

48º 32.166' N123º 0.618' WGalapagos<a href="" target="_blank>We&quotve Got Mail</a> about 1 month  agoShow

48º 38.49' N123º 20.538' WGalapagosabout 1 month  agoShow

48º 43.008' N123º 22.164' WGalapagosabout 1 month  agoShow

48º 43.008' N123º 22.14' WGalapagosabout 1 month  agoShow

48º 47.838' N123º 5.454' WGalapagos48° 47.8353′ N,123° 5.4539′ Wabout 1 month  agoShow

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