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20º 44.796' N105º 22.02' WEurybiaAnchored in the La Cruz anchorage. A tad rolly!6 months  agoShow

20º 39.876' N105º 14.976' WEurybiaArrived Puerto Vallarta after a night at Punta Mita on the north shore of Banderas Bay.6 months  agoShow

20º 45.996' N105º 30.798' WEurybiaPunta Mita for a night's rest - Puerto Vallarta tomorrow. We arrived after dark, but it was an easy entry to the anchorage.6 months  agoShow

22º 52.836' N109º 54.414' WEurybiaCabo San Lucas has a spectacular waterfront!7 months  agoShow

24º 24.402' N112º 15.516' WEurybiaBeautiful Bahia Santa Maria. Our favorite place so far.7 months  agoShow

26º 42.642' N113º 34.23' WEurybiaPunta Abreojos to fix our steering and autopilot. 7 months  agoShow

27º 41.172' N114º 52.944' WEurybiaTurtle Bay with the Baja HaHa and our 100 closest friends. 7 months  agoShow

28º 19.068' N115º 11.232' WEurybiaTaking a night off at Isla Cedros. Got 4 lobster from the fishermen!7 months  agoShow

30º 15.618' N116º 8.436' WEurybiaNo wind, motoring.7 months  agoShow

31º 48.432' N116º 39.54' WEurybiaJust arriving7 months  agoShow

33º 47.064' N118º 30.066' WEurybia7 months  agoShow

33º 58.626' N118º 26.802' WEurybiaArrived at the Transient Dock Marina del Rey. The dock is in a lovely park which is being elaborately decorated for halloween!7 months  agoShow

33º 58.626' N118º 26.796' WEurybia7 months  agoShow

34º 10.8' N119º 34.602' WEurybiaNo wind, engine not charging Batteries, heading to marina del ray, 7 months  agoShow

34º 10.8' N0º 0.0' EEurybia7 months  agoShow

37º 29.892' N122º 29.37' WEurybiaWe are anchored in Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay.9 months  agoShow

37º 54.822' N122º 21.288' WEurybiaWe buy Eurybia where she sits in Richmond, CA at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor. over 2 years  agoShow

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