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39º 32.172' N2º 35.436' EEllen IIAnchored close to Palma port, tucked away behind an island over 3 years  agoShow

39º 28.926' N2º 43.698' EEllen IIAnchored near Cala Brava in just a few metres. Expecting up to 30kts tonight but anchor well dug into sand. over 3 years  agoShow

39º 9.042' N2º 56.016' EEllen IIWe arrived at Cabrera island last night. Planning to stay tonight also. over 3 years  agoShow

39º 6.57' N1º 30.978' EEllen IIAnchored in Portinatx, Ibiza. Having a day off after the last few days of heavy weather or overnight crossings. over 3 years  agoShow

37º 35.832' N0º 58.74' WEllen IIArrived Cartegena, Spain for winter. Expect to depart March 2018.about 4 years  agoShow

38º 43.788' N1º 24.18' EEllen IILaid buoy at Cabrito due to grasses. From here crossed over to Cartegena. about 4 years  agoShow

38º 51.96' N1º 19.812' EEllen IIAnchored out of Swell. Previous to this we revisited Cala Longa from Talamanca. about 4 years  agoShow

38º 54.69' N1º 27.408' EEllen IIAnchored in Talamanca (next to Ibiza old town). Talamanca is a nice town/beach and a twenty minute walk into Ibiza town. about 4 years  agoShow

38º 51.96' N1º 18.792' EEllen IIAnchored in Es Jondal. Arrived here from Espalmador second timeabout 4 years  agoShow

38º 57.18' N1º 31.35' EEllen IIAnchored in Cala Longaabout 4 years  agoShow

39º 1.68' N1º 36.438' EEllen IISheltered anchorage from swell.about 4 years  agoShow

39º 4.44' N1º 35.622' EEllen IIAnchored Cala de San Vincentabout 4 years  agoShow

39º 6.612' N1º 30.852' EEllen IIAnchored Portinatxabout 4 years  agoShow

39º 5.01' N1º 26.31' EEllen IIAnchored Port de San Miquelabout 4 years  agoShow

38º 58.41' N1º 18.138' EEllen IIAnchored in San Antonio, Ibiza for two nightsabout 4 years  agoShow

38º 46.758' N1º 25.65' EEllen IIArrived Espalmador, small island south of Ibiza. about 4 years  agoShow

37º 33.342' N1º 10.428' WEllen IIAnchored in lovely bay at La Azohiaabout 4 years  agoShow

37º 32.448' N1º 9.222' WEllen IIOn mooring buoy in Cabo Cerrada. Three mooring buoys laid by local diving groups. Perhaps avoid weekends when they are likely to be using them.about 4 years  agoShow

37º 10.788' N1º 49.14' WEllen IIAnchored off Garucha Harbourabout 4 years  agoShow

36º 43.92' N2º 12.318' WEllen IIAnchored off Cabo de Gataabout 4 years  agoShow

36º 48.768' N2º 26.13' WEllen IIAnchored off the beach at Almeriaabout 4 years  agoShow

36º 8.952' N5º 31.392' WEllen IIBack into Gibraltarabout 4 years  agoShow

35º 53.412' N5º 18.858' WEllen IICeuta Marina.about 4 years  agoShow

35º 45.018' N5º 20.148' WEllen IIPort Smir, Moroccoabout 4 years  agoShow

36º 8.97' N5º 21.222' WEllen IIArrived Ocean Village Marina Gibraltar. about 4 years  agoShow

36º 0.438' N5º 36.738' WEllen IIArrived Tarifa after a hairy sail from Porta Sherry. Lively between Cabo Roche and Tarifa.about 4 years  agoShow

36º 32.7' N6º 7.116' WEllen IIAnchored in Porta Sherry, Cadiz so back in Spain. Log 85 in approx 11hrs. Anchorage quite rolly but wind due to die down and change direction. Pass the beer!about 4 years  agoShow

37º 0.324' N7º 49.32' WEllen IIHot day today, thought I was going to melt into a puddle! Arrived into the Faro lagoon, anchored off Ilha da Culatra amongst sand banks again! Spending a few days here relaxing and taking a look at the islands and maybe Faroabout 4 years  agoShow

37º 7.872' N8º 35.814' WEllen IIArrived Algarve. Anchored in 1m sand at Barry De Alvor. Beer, swims, relax in order ?about 4 years  agoShow

37º 0.918' N9º 1.524' WEllen IIJust rounding what was once the end of the known world! Cabo De Sao Vicente. Totally benign weather as the Portuguese trades have abondonded us. Like any 'cape' I'm sure this place can be ugly in bad weather. Onwards to a beach and swim for us!about 4 years  agoShow

38º 38.136' N9º 24.084' WEllen IISlight technical problem with fuel changover valve meaning we couldn't get to 200+ litres of fuel so made a pit stop for fuel into our working tank at a place called Cascais near Lisbon. There may have been a queue for the fuel but I seemed to have pulled something akin to a handbrake turn to put us next to the pump! We're in a rush to keep going, snooze you lose! Ironically after 30hrs or so on motor we now have wind to sail ?about 4 years  agoShow

41º 4.26' N8º 39.102' WEllen IIAll good onboard. Just coming to end of first night watch for mb @02.30 - fabulous phosphorescence and distant lightening occasionally lighting up the skies!about 4 years  agoShow

41º 4.26' N8º 39.102' WEllen IIHeading offshore so may not have internet for a couple of days. Heading to fur Algarve, Southern Portugalover 4 years  agoShow

41º 22.296' N8º 45.936' WEllen IIArrived Povoa de Varzim, Portugal. First marina since leaving Ardrossan on 30th July! over 4 years  agoShow

42º 15.546' N8º 51.306' WEllen IIHad a great week in the Spanish Ria's - heading to Portugal tomorrow over 4 years  agoShow

45º 5.58' N8º 38.25' WEllen IINoonsite: 24hr log 144.17nm, down on first 24hrs which was 177.37nm probably due to slow sailing overnight in dying wind and now been motoring for 12.4hrs. Eventful night, had to reef mainsail overnight twice due to slatting, then a water tank emptied into the bilge due a pipe that had come off the hot water tank! (all when I should have been asleep!) - Ho hum, all is very well onboard. LOVING night watches, glories moon light. Saw 2 whales earlier today! ETA arrival sometime Saturday evening hopefully. over 4 years  agoShow

47º 59.7' N7º 10.788' WEllen IIMorning has broken on the good ship DA. Lovely night last night with a full moon lighting up the seas. Progress has been good if not a little bumpy! Only 'problem ship' in the night was a huge Oil tanker that had basically parked itself and turned off it's AIS. Had it tracked in radar but it size hid it's identity, was it an oil platform, a platform with a tow, cluster of fishing boats.... nope just a sleeping oil giant! Wind starting to die now and the confused seas on top of the Atlantic roll are going. Another 35 miles or so and we will be across the continental shelf and in to deep water. over 4 years  agoShow

46º 28.23' N8º 7.812' WEllen IIHave a feeling that last position report was old. This is us at 21:42 UT over 4 years  agoShow

46º 50.28' N7º 56.772' WEllen IIAll is well on the good ship DA. Unfortunately the station we normally send through in Belgium is down so this message is going 2300 miles by radio to reach the internet! over 4 years  agoShow

49º 54.558' N6º 18.888' WEllen IIPorth Cressa, St Mary's, Scilly Isles over 4 years  agoShow

51º 12.06' N5º 54.462' WEllen IINoon position. Destination Scilly Isles over 4 years  agoShow

52º 39.342' N5º 17.022' WEllen IIMB just onto 1st night watch at 00.00. All good out here, traffic light. Heading towards traffic separation zone off St Davids Head. over 4 years  agoShow

54º 13.62' N4º 41.538' WEllen IIFourth FB test (please ignore!) over 4 years  agoShow

54º 13.62' N4º 41.538' WEllen IIThird test of position reporting. over 4 years  agoShow

54º 13.62' N4º 41.538' WEllen IIPeel Isle of Man anchorage. over 4 years  agoShow

54º 55.2' N5º 2.172' WEllen IIAnchored at the head of Loch Ryan over 4 years  agoShow

55º 38.412' N4º 49.062' WEllen IIBack to nearly where we started from! over 4 years  agoShow

54º 19.41' N4º 22.062' WEllen IIAnchored in Ramsey bay for the evening over 4 years  agoShow

54º 8.838' N4º 28.62' WEllen IIIn Douglas harbour marina for TT 2017

over 4 years  agoShow

54º 11.646' N4º 13.08' WEllen IIArrived Isle of Man for TT 2017. Anchored off Ramsay beach for the night. Position is out but Ramsey is NW of this blob! over 4 years  agoShow

54º 36.318' N5º 54.93' WEllen IIArrived Belfast Abercorn basin

over 4 years  agoShow

55º 29.718' N5º 20.322' WEllen IIOvernight on anchor in Blackwaterfoot, West Arran. Heading towards Belfast today.

over 4 years  agoShow

55º 42.528' N5º 17.94' WEllen IINew batteries fitted, watermaker functioning, and a great evening in our favorite local pub.

At LochRanza, Arran, Scotland

over 4 years  agoShow

55º 45.018' N4º 55.122' WEllen IIHanging around awaiting our new batteries and watermaker spares to be delivered.

At anchor in Millport, Scotland

over 4 years  agoShow

55º 55.452' N5º 9.408' WEllen IIDay One - our position tonight 30/04/2017 is 55°55.45'N
All good at Colintraive, East Kyle, Scotland.

over 4 years  agoShow

55º 46.338' N4º 51.492' WEllen IITesting Position Reporting

over 4 years  agoShow

57º 52.89' N6º 47.13' WEllen II-----
This is our position at the time of sending this message: 30/05/2016 01:11 (utc) our position was 57°52.89'N 006°47.13'W
over 5 years  agoShow

57º 52.89' N6º 47.13' WEllen IIStornoway Marina for a week over 5 years  agoShow

57º 52.89' N6º 47.13' WEllen IIAnchored inside Stornoway harbour. Intend to move in to their marina tomorrow and stay until weekend. over 5 years  agoShow

57º 52.89' N6º 47.088' WEllen IIAt Anchor outside East Tarbert on Harriss. over 5 years  agoShow

56º 57.018' N7º 29.268' WEllen IIArrived CastleBay, Barra. Sail over from Coll. over 5 years  agoShow

56º 29.868' N6º 25.038' WEllen II over 5 years  agoShow

56º 23.052' N5º 42.792' WEllen IIAnchored in Loch Spelve over 5 years  agoShow

54º 36.312' N5º 54.93' WEllen IIThis blob should be in Belfast city at 56.36.32N 005.34.93W over 5 years  agoShow

55º 34.782' N5º 8.598' WEllen IIAnchored in Brodick Bay over 5 years  agoShow

55º 34.782' N5º 8.598' WEllen IINight One over 5 years  agoShow

55º 34.782' N5º 8.598' WEllen IIOn route Towards Belfast over 5 years  agoShow

55º 38.382' N4º 49.11' WEllen II-----
At 17/02/2016 17:48 (utc) our position was 55°38.38'N 004°49.11'W
almost 6 years  agoShow

55º 38.388' N4º 49.11' WEllen IImanual from web sitealmost 6 years  agoShow

55º 38.4' N4º 49.302' WEllen II5th Test
almost 6 years  agoShow

55º 42.15' N5º 17.37' WEllen II
2nd Test
almost 6 years  agoShow

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