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42º 34.098' N8º 58.692' WCeruleanRolly downwind sail then motoring into the wind into Ria de Arousa. Only boat anchored off a nice beach in 20kts.almost 2 years  agoShow

42º 46.968' N9º 3.336' WCeruleanAfter a quick trip to sleepy Noia, then a sloppy sail over the harbour we anchored off Muros and went into town for tapas. The sun even came out to play.almost 2 years  agoShow

42º 45.822' N8º 56.082' WCeruleanMotored all the way from Camarinas to Portosin, 41.7nm. Arrived at Portosin Marina and the marina gave us a bottle of local wine as a welcome, lovely. Will be here a couple days while some strongs winds blow over.almost 2 years  agoShow

43º 7.986' N9º 10.386' WCeruleanAfter a frisky sail from La Coruna we arrived in Camarinas which was a beautifully sheltered anchorage. La Coruna - Camarinas Distance 51.6 nm Time 8.5hrs Motoring 2hrs Wind 15kts gusting 30 NE Sea state 2+m @ 7seconds almost 2 years  agoShow

43º 25.314' N8º 13.278' WCeruleanLovely anchorage for a lunch stop. First swim of the season.almost 2 years  agoShow

43º 22.08' N8º 22.824' WCeruleanArrived in Spain, yeehaa. Passage details Falmouth(50 8.044N 5 2.129W) to La Coruna(43 22.808N 8 22.823W) Duration: 4 days 16 hours Distance travelled: 599.9 nm Average Speed 5.34 kts Max Speed 11.7 kts Motoring: 20 hrs Great first up multi day passage, some light and contrary winds but as was predicted. Lots of sun, lots of dolphins, no pirates, crusing chute deployed, noone fell off or drowned. Good times all round.almost 2 years  agoShow

45º 4.998' N6º 46.002' WCeruleanGreat sailing in cracking sunshine.
Welcomed to Spanish water by an armada(new collective noun) of dolphins.
almost 2 years  agoShow

45º 52.344' N4º 56.784' WCeruleanSo we turned the engine on, no wind, flat flat seas. almost 2 years  agoShow

46º 45.876' N5º 9.918' WCeruleanLovely days sailing, winds light,as predicted, but progress is good(better than predicted).
Have sighted dolphins, sunfish and had a swallow visit the cockpit, cute.
almost 2 years  agoShow

47º 48.39' N5º 24.132' WCeruleanAfter threading our way through the busy shipping lane last night, we are in the Bay of Biscay proper now.
Seas are calm, wind is light, all very pleasant.
almost 2 years  agoShow

49º 18.324' N5º 16.038' WCeruleanFirst night behind us. Not much darkness to worry about, light until 11pm then daylight at 4am.
Dodging a few fishing boats but all good.
almost 2 years  agoShow

50º 9.252' N5º 3.756' WCeruleanLeaving Falmouth for Spain.
Pip Pip Britain it's been a blast.
almost 2 years  agoShow

50º 3.756' N5º 0.06' WCeruleanBeautiful sailing to start our first major passage.
Traveling at 6 knots in 9 knots of wind, seas are dead calm, bloody easy this sailing lark.
almost 2 years  agoShow

50º 5.79' N5º 8.7' WCeruleanWaiting to depart to Spain at Helford River almost 2 years  agoShow

50º 9.234' N5º 0.99' WCeruleanSafely at anchor after a successful day drying out on the wall at the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club almost 2 years  agoShow

50º 9.6' N5º 4.182' WCeruleanGoing to the wall today!!! almost 2 years  agoShow

50º 13.986' N5º 1.152' WCeruleanAnchored at Church Creekalmost 2 years  agoShow

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