Sailing with Kids


Boat NameCurrent PositionLast Report
Endless Playtime
Simeon 0º 0.0' N,0º 0.0' EStaying in Puerto de Santa Cruz in Tenerife, one of the 7 Canary Islands, until February. We have a 13 y/o daughter and a 10 y/o son. Would love to meet new people and make interesting friends.
Purrfect41º 42.024' N,70º 43.14' WWings Cove - On our way to Boston!
Monsoon37º 52.014' N,122º 29.682' WRichardson Bay, California
Poly - SailOceans5º 40.002' N,55º 3.3' WWe are parked in Waterland Marina. The only marina in Suriname. It's about 30 miles up the Suriname River ni the Amazon rain forrest. The nature and the people are beautiful here. We love it.
Mariposa23º 37.8' N,75º 54.828' WHanging out at the beautiful Emerald Bay Marina for a while, then meandering north back up through the Exumas to spend a week at Atlantis in late April.
Rondo25º 2.658' N,80º 27.75' W
Mobert47º 40.416' N,122º 12.504' WResting at home port
Summer Kai38º 56.934' N,76º 33.246' WPier 7, South River, Edgewater MD
Bloom48º 30.738' N,122º 36.414' W
NAKAMAKULA26º 49.686' N,80º 3.564' W
Monkey Island 28º 7.488' N,15º 25.548' WIn Las Palmas for Xmas and New Year. Crossing the Atlantic in early Jan.
Sargo44º 6.27' N,69º 6.3' WSargo is on the hard getting ready to set sail Summer 2019!
s/v Abeona44º 25.944' N,69º 0.606' W
s/v Convivia & s/v Eva16º 28.686' S,151º 47.94' WBBS Day 0
Nomi37º 46.332' N,122º 14.532' W
Yare37º 0.15' N,122º 15.702' W
Misty46º 46.362' N,92º 5.568' W
Penny Lane23º 6.198' N,74º 57.102' WFirst plot for Penny Lane on Farkwar, is at Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas. We'll see if we can put our previous positions in to show where we've been, still investigating this system at the moment. Biked to Deans Blue Hole yesterday. Deepest blue hole in the world at 206 metres. They hold a lot of free diving competitions here. Feels like the abyss when you swim over it. Pete and Sam did some cliff jumping.
Ceilydh27º 25.998' S,153º 6.0' EDown river
Sea Monkey 5º 27.474' N,100º 18.84' EStraits Quay
Laurin of Maldon51º 37.608' N,0º 48.378' EHome port. Will be back in the water hopefully before Easter
s/v Sail Pending19º 10.2' N,69º 20.508' WLocated at the Marina in Samana, DR watching the whales
Andrina30º 18.858' N,87º 34.248' W
Laoch27º 30.702' N,82º 34.506' WWhere we have lived since May, and are leaving on November 1st, 2018 to head south and around Florida, heading for Bimini.
Slingshot48º 58.638' N,123º 3.792' W
Shawnigan37º 52.152' N,122º 29.778' WRichardson Bay
Haddock 238º 50.004' N,20º 42.708' E
Lil' Explorers16º 45.45' N,179º 20.1' EJust arrived in Savusavu, Fiji
MarVyn26º 49.302' N,77º 22.098' W
Space Between25º 40.266' N,80º 9.798' WMy Location: N 25 40.2656' W 80 9.7975' Elev: 5 m Stationary
Chip-Chip53º 31.188' N,8º 43.872' EChip-Chip is on land for the winter season in Bremerhaven, Germany
Pakia tea11º 31.368' S,47º 22.2' E02.10.2015, 17:00 UTC: at anchor, Ile du Lys, Glorioso Islands
Epiphany27º 45.456' N,82º 37.962' W
Alesea39º 12.096' N,9º 7.608' E
S/V Freedom28º 37.122' N,80º 48.426' WFirst position in Farkwar, we are on the hard at Westland marina while we get a rebuilt engine installed, paint job, and various projects around the boat. Came in in mid/early February, hoping to leave in early April.
Yuana53º 3.3' N,5º 23.838' E
Utopia II34º 11.352' S,18º 26.1' ESimons Town <BR/>
s/v Dawn Treader24º 10.548' N,76º 26.91' WThe Dawn Treader arrived at Staniel Cay, Exuma, Bahamas on Monday, February 20, 2017. The sail from Rocky Dundas was pretty calm with favorable winds. This spot is unbelievable! We are anchored right in front of the Thunderball Grotto, which is an underwater cave that even our 6 year old can snorkel into. Today we go explore the island.
Azul Angel32º 0.522' N,80º 59.862' WHeading south
Party of Five18º 30.522' N,64º 21.696' WBouncing around the BVI then off to St. Thomas for a while. We will be in St. Thomas getting some boat parts, then off to St. John.. Finally down to St. Croix before heading back down the chain.
Sophie36º 46.518' N,14º 32.478' EMarina di Ragusa, Sicily
s/v INDRA32º 37.656' N,117º 8.22' W
Elska29º 12.216' N,81º 0.882' WJust closed the deal on our boat! We are packing up and leaving CA to head to Daytona Beach, FL. Then on to the Caribbean!
S/V Jade21º 13.932' N,86º 44.046' W
Itchy Foot15º 17.46' N,61º 22.842' WCurrently in Dominica, heading to Antigua soon.
s/v Iron Will20º 15.0' S,148º 42.0' EAirlie Beach, The Whitsundays
Perry8º 18.0' S,157º 9.6' E
Allegro23º 31.518' N,75º 47.322' WHere for George Town Cruisers Regatta Week
S/V Margarita34º 49.998' N,76º 42.0' WOn the hard for Hurricane season! Our family is safe in Colorado.
SV Wild Child 46º 8.706' N,1º 10.086' W
Tortuga27º 43.5' N,82º 40.998' WManual approx
Medina27º 18.012' S,153º 23.652' E
Caminante19º 40.008' S,63º 25.818' EIn Rodrigues about to leave for Madagascar.
Yemaya15º 46.08' S,45º 1.458' ETest 1st position report
Forty Two38º 49.932' N,20º 42.582' E
Autonomy28º 7.344' N,80º 37.812' WDocked at Waterline Marina to work on upgrades; hoping to head south in a few weeks!
Kairos33º 47.922' S,151º 16.956' EWhen you live in a beautiful place it's hard to leave but we are finally getting really close to leave!
Boundless17º 3.582' N,61º 53.142' WJolly Harbour marina, heading for Falmouth Harbour next
Blue Pearl34º 1.77' N,6º 49.338' W
Zephyros37º 4.2' N,24º 41.136' E2 boys aboard ages are 11 & 9
Paikea41º 1.56' N,9º 31.524' ECurrently hiding from strong winds before crossimg to Corsica
Test Boat 243º 39.24' N,70º 15.018' Wtest test
Ponyo28º 12.348' N,15º 43.62' WStill here in the Canaries with our 2 boys (13 and 16)! Always happy about other teen boats :)
Patience 20º 0.702' N,75º 7.296' W
Jellyfish26º 55.002' N,82º 7.998' WS/V Jellyfish - Getting ready to spend November and December sailing around in the Bahamas - Next update early November
Gemelle48º 51.396' N,3º 9.258' E
Free Spirit43º 39.75' N,70º 14.238' W
Blue Bayou27º 4.998' S,152º 58.998' E
Honey22º 16.692' S,166º 26.334' EWe will be in New Caledonia for three months. Love to catch up with any kid boat. We have two kids, a boy age 14 and a girl age 12.
Gypsy Lady27º 44.478' N,82º 38.052' W
Alo Alo6º 44.244' S,147º 0.432' EAt the Lae Yacht Club. Nice place, one of only three sailing yachts and the only one that can actually sail right now. Mostly a game fishing place!
Selavi17º 35.472' S,149º 37.098' W
Lark18º 3.648' N,63º 6.702' WOur boat is in the Geminga yard outside of Marigot.
Gromit36º 55.284' N,76º 10.704' WSlipped in a marina in Little Creek until we return to move south.
Agnes Rose26º 46.002' N,77º 19.002' W----- <BR/>At 4/9/2017 6:48 PM (utc) our position was 26°46.00'N 077°19.00'W
Ketchy Shuby18º 3.912' N,63º 5.892' WSailing to st Kitts tomorrow
Venilia32º 36.3' S,115º 38.478' E
Robin23º 30.126' N,75º 46.146' WLeaving George Town and heading to the Jumentos Tuesday 2/14/7.
Brave Dragon32º 25.158' N,80º 39.486' WHanging out at Ladies Island Marina until the spring.
Embrace37º 32.7' S,143º 48.858' E
S/V Lady Mary
Luminesce24º 10.956' N,110º 18.204' W
Quasar8º 4.158' N,98º 26.688' E
SV Heavy Metal13º 18.072' N,88º 53.52' E
Flour Girl33º 48.03' S,151º 16.902' E
Aquabat26º 41.892' S,153º 7.572' E