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9º 22.08' N79º 58.074' WUbuntu"Back on board Ubuntu in Shelter Bay Marina. All well on board, rig good and straight. Loaded provisions and settling ourselves on board. Lots of preparations during coming days and expecting to be ready to leave for Cartagena by the end of the week. Bread from Belgium is baking, fresh bread tomorrow morning.<BR/><BR/>Karen and Robert"<BR/>about 14 hours  agoShow

9º 22.08' N79º 58.074' WUbuntu"Not good news guys, sorry but everybody is safe and fine back in Shelterbay Marina.<BR/>15 miles out of Colon the starboard upper throud broke and disaster was avoided by quick action of the crew taking the sails down. We turned round immediately and motored back to Colon.<BR/>Wind at the time of the event was Easterly 15 knots, just nice for a good sail, but it was not to be unfortunately.<BR/><BR/>Savannah, Bart, Ludo n Robert"<BR/>2 months  agoShow

9º 22.11' N79º 57.102' WUbuntuThe last the ashore, the last day in Shelter Bay. After 7 years in Shelter Bay Marina finally Ubuntu will be going to the Eastern Caribbean. All is set, clearance on board, safety items reviewed, one more safety drill to go, all items on board, a Ton of food, Avena boy Ludo had his way, Peanut-butter girl Savannah will not be disappointed and IT wizard Bart will surely find his favourite dishes all around the cabin. El Capitano is very happy with the enthusiasm and hard work of his crew and will miss his daily pintjes Last special meal on board tonight before casting of tomorrow at 08:00, heading Easterly in predicted light winds. Tomorrow report from day 1 from offshore. Greetings from all on board, Savannah, Ludo, Bart n Robert 2 months  agoShow

9º 22.08' N79º 58.074' WUbuntu <BR/>Day -2 <BR/> <BR/>Ubuntu crew complete, Savannah turned up last night at 17:45, just while everybody started to wonder if she got lost in Colon. <BR/>Today we started with reinstalling the new blade hub on the wind generator, this one was good. <BR/>Thereafter we cast off for shake down trials n testing crew. In a 10-15 knot breeze we sailed around the buoys along the breakwater and everybody had a chance to take the helm. Several sail changes were done. <BR/>All went fine, it was concluded that the genoa would be replaced by the Yanky to reduce sail area. <BR/>Having the kotter jib in nack up or addition depending on circumstances. After another good lunch by our Chief Cook Ludo we could rest as heavy rain had set in. <BR/>Tomorrow shopping day, Friday immigration and Saturday 20 we should be underway to Eastern Caribbean. <BR/>All well on board <BR/>Savannah, Bart, Ludo, Robert <BR/>Shelter Bay Marina, Panama <BR/> 2 months  agoShow

9º 22.11' N79º 57.102' WUbuntu-4 days to go Preparations in full swing, today Savannah will join us! Unfortunately Ed will not be able to make it due to mile emergency. 18th May will be buying stores in Panama, 19th test sail in Bay of Colon and clearance formalities, 20 may we should be underway. cousin Bart, cousin Ludo and Robert Shelter Bay Marina, Panama2 months  agoShow

9º 22.176' N79º 57.096' EUbuntuDay -10 a Shelterbay Marina preparing for trip to Chaguarmas. Bart and Ludo joined, Ed is coming and Savannah is coming also. Great crew for this trip!3 months  agoShow

9º 22.098' N79º 57.084' WUbuntu3 months  agoShow

9º 22.086' N79º 57.066' WUbuntu3 months  agoShow

17º 1.428' N61º 46.602' WUbuntuShelter Bay Marina3 months  agoShow

17º 1.428' N61º 46.602' WUbuntu3 months  agoShow

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