Sailing with Kids


Boat NameCurrent PositionLast Report
s/v Convivia14º 27.606' N,60º 52.296' WWe have moved in to the Le Marin anchorage. The kids have their own little mangrove island to play on and town is close. Life is easy these days. All is well.
Flour Girl33º 48.03' S,151º 16.902' E
Totem23º 31.116' N,75º 45.45' WGeorge Town, Bahamas! Anchored off Chat & Chill, making lists to provision for the weeks ahead.
Ceilydh20º 44.91' N,105º 22.788' WBack in La Cruz after departing April 9 2011. I guess we need to plan our next adventure now...
SV Heavy Metal8º 24.042' N,82º 26.568' WWe are leaving Bocas del Toro today. We will probably stop in San Andres or Providencia along the way to wait for the next weather window. Then its off to Isla Mujeres MX then Florida. All is well on Heavy Metal. Love Rigo, Deborah, Zyon and Hunter. (PS-Don't trust the Farkwar location)
Penny Lane12º 9.228' N,68º 16.758' W3 nights (465 miles) downwind from Bequia to Bonaire, one of the best dive spots in the world. This is a nice friendly, Dutch island, with a dive site on to the Coral Reef every few yards. Anna flew back to the UK for a few days leaving Sam and I here, catching up on school and work, and enjoying the occasional dive.
Shawnigan25º 19.866' N,110º 57.684' WNorth Punta San Telmo Anchorage
Nomi24º 9.408' N,110º 19.488' WFinally made La Paz, after a half-successful attempt landed us in Los Frailes waiting out rough weather for several days. We had the bad luck to beat upwind going north for a couple days out of Los Frailes, only to find the wind shifted when we turned south into Bahía de La Paz so we were *still* going upwind!
Yare48º 24.48' N,122º 39.138' W
Misty45º 19.014' N,85º 15.414' WCharlevoix, MI
Quasar8º 4.158' N,98º 26.688' E
Caminante38º 32.01' N,28º 37.398' WAt anchor in Horta, Azores after 34 days. Big celebration! <BR/>Plenty wind right now, in the middle of a coldfront..
Sea Monkey 6º 21.438' N,99º 40.614' EWell we arrived in Langkawi. I think we broke a record as well. We did a whopping 120nm ( approx. 230km) in 47 hours. That's an average of about 2.5kn or nearly 5 km/h. Don't worry we didn't get the speed wobbles. In fact at stages we where becalmed so out in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight the kids and I decided it was high time for a swim. We did plenty of jumping off the front of the boat and getting back on again at the back. With no engine it was very peaceful and relaxing but we did have to concentrate as when the boat was moving we needed to make sure it kept moving and in the right direction. When we where only 16 nm from getting to Langkawi we ran out of wind again and starting drifting backwards towards an island. We through out the anchor for a few hours until there was a bit more wind again and kept going. The final 16nm took us another 8.5 hours. We ended up hiring a car and going over to Kuah and doing our check in, this is the simplest and cheapest place to check in anywhere in Asia so far and can all be done in less than an hour. Today we took along walk up the hill to a fantastic waterfall with great rock pools and rock slides. We had a ball and then came back and chilled out.
S/V Lady Mary
Medina25º 17.856' S,152º 54.516' EMade it. We'll use Hervey Bay as our base for exploring over the next six months before we start to head north again.
Yemaya14º 35.97' N,61º 4.182' WHere's the latest: We spent about a week at St. Annes including a great beach birthday with friends for Ezra; next we went to Le Marin to see friends, get fuel, parts, work on the boat a little more, food, etc.; next back to St. Annes (phew! much more pleasant environment) for two more nights and goodbye for now to friends from Saltbreaker and Peregrine ; then two nights at the lovely Grande Anse, snorkeling, hiking, watching live music, soaking up the vibe; today, we dropped anchor at Fort de France. We are loving it so far. The small anchorage is right near the heart of the city (rolly when the ferries go by). Old, beautiful buildings, large and small; lovely, friendly people, great food, walk streets...we are loving it! Oh I said that already, huh? We hope to hike the volcano and take some drum lessons soon! <BR/>Lots of Love from Yemaya!
s/v Sail Pending21º 29.13' N,71º 32.328' WNice protected anchorage off of South Caicos
s/v INDRA32º 37.656' N,117º 8.22' W
Autonomy26º 42.246' N,78º 59.298' WFinally made it to the Bahamas! Anchored at West End.
Little Minx32º 25.158' N,80º 39.486' WHanging out at Ladies Island Marina until the spring.
Itchy Foot14º 32.958' N,61º 3.12' WSafely anchored near Fort de France waiting for family to fly out for a visit in Martinique.
Robin23º 30.126' N,75º 46.146' WLeaving George Town and heading to the Jumentos Tuesday 2/14/7.
Venilia32º 36.3' S,115º 38.478' E
Gromit25º 32.586' N,76º 45.504' W
s/v Dawn Treader26º 42.582' N,80º 1.794' WMooring Ball - West of Breakers Hotel - West Palm Beach, Florida - May 11, 2017 - Fun day on the water. Still can't exactly call ourselves fishermen and women. We caught 3 trigger fish and one pregnant snapper. All were released and swam happily away. No fish for dinner tonight. We did have a successful day of Man Overboard Drills (well, really kid and dog overboard drills). Snorkeling was fun with colorful fish and a moray eel sighting. Mooring ball was well maintained.
Party of Five18º 30.522' N,64º 21.696' WBouncing around the BVI then off to St. Thomas for a while. We will be in St. Thomas getting some boat parts, then off to St. John.. Finally down to St. Croix before heading back down the chain.
Allegro25º 25.362' N,76º 35.862' WHanging here with Nana. The water is calm and clear. Getting chores done, diving and cleaning the bottom.
Mobert47º 40.41' N,122º 12.504' WBack at Home Port
Pakia tea23º 7.032' S,134º 57.96' W13.05.2017 18:00 LT: Wind: NE, 5 kts; safely at anchor at Port Rikitea, Mangareva, Gambier, French Polynesia; wohooooo, we made it :-) It's incredibly quiet - looking forward to a good night's sleep ... <BR/>
Utopia II21º 21.798' S,9º 36.402' EEnd of Day 2 to St Helena <BR/><BR/> <BR/> 25+kn on the BEAM. Thought<BR/> this was supposed to be an easy downwind sail! Sea is sloppy<BR/> & confused and the forecast is the same for the next 5<BR/> days.Fun Fun,not.
Bloom24º 13.008' N,110º 18.198' W
Ketchy Shuby18º 3.912' N,63º 5.892' WSailing to st Kitts tomorrow
Alesea38º 25.074' N,14º 57.732' EParked up in Volcano - smells just like Rotovegas
Laurin of Maldon51º 37.608' N,0º 48.378' EHome port. Will be back in the water hopefully before Easter
Mariposa26º 43.344' N,80º 2.718' WMoved a bit further south today to be closer to downtown West Palm Beach.
Agnes Rose26º 46.002' N,77º 19.002' W----- <BR/>At 4/9/2017 6:48 PM (utc) our position was 26°46.00'N 077°19.00'W
S/V Jade34º 12.48' N,77º 47.928' WJade is hanging in our home port of Wrightsville Beach, NC for the summer.
Lark18º 3.648' N,63º 6.702' WOur boat is in the Geminga yard outside of Marigot.
Andrina30º 18.858' N,87º 34.248' W
Selavi17º 35.472' S,149º 37.098' W
NAKAMAKULA25º 32.46' N,76º 45.366' WFarkwar Position Update
Alo Alo5º 32.7' S,150º 4.8' EWe are now out of the water at a local wharf. New bottom paint and chasing rust.
ABACO REAL45º 10.662' N,013º 35.856' E
Sophie41º 11.244' N,9º 26.994' EWe're snug at anchor after an uneventful crossing from Napoli. Looking forward to the next week exploring the Maddalenas while my parents are visiting.
Luminesce48º 47.262' N,122º 42.492' WSeptember 25, 2015 Day of Our Departure from our home port of Sandy Point Ferndale, WA
Summer Kai37º 1.032' N,76º 20.592' WSummer Kai had an uneventful rounding of Cape Hatteras (YAY!). We caught a few fish (Black Fin Tuna and a Mahi) and had a nice 20 knot breeze with a following sea to push us into the Chesapeake. Tonight we are tucked into Bluewater Marina in Hampton. It's cold here! Looking forward to making our way toward Cape May via the C&D canal.